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Oh hai!  Time to update this shizzle.  Errr...

Right oh then, here's where you can go to see my crazy fangirl mind things... Mah  tumblr

And then there's MediAvengers, where I make fake news and gossip for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I'm a childless married twenty something who writes subtext filled, angsty stories that most people don't like very much.  Check your fluff expectations at the door, if there's any in my fics it's entirely by accident.  Either that or you're misinterpreting the intention of the scene.

Other than that, I do think I'm pretty okay, so please do give my fics a go.  Don't ask for sequels, there's little that will irritate me more than reviews that do little more than complain about any loose ends that haven't been tied up.  I usually leave you to make your own conclusions.

Despite my reasonably low profile, I've been knocking around the HP fandom since the late nineties.  All my stories from back then are LOOOONG deleted and forgotten (and my sn changed).  I also often get distracted by other fandoms, and write regularly in Dark Angel, Plum, and Marvel (Mostly MCU).

I'm a dedicated multishipper.  Chances are if you actually like my stuff to add me to your favourites (of which every one of you are treasured, you're a rare breed), the next story I upload won't be for the ship you followed me for, and I do apologise.  I'm incredibly fickle and flaky when it comes to what moves my furniture at any specific point in time.


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