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I've avidly read fanfiction for more than a decade, starting with Lois & Clark, moving on to JAG, NCIS, Alias, and finally Harry Potter. I've found that it's quite common for fanfic writers to do more justice to characters than the original creators, and I enjoy the broad range of ideas and situations that are usually untouched by conventional media.

I'm a writer by profession, a teacher by passion, and a reader by compulsion. I've authored seven stories, five of them posted at this website, and (literally) hundreds of thousands of pages of educational, technical and organizational documentation. I proudly serve as a Validator for a well-known Dramione website. Because I'm lazy that way, I tend to give feedback only to authors who've done exceptionally good or incredibly awful work. My number one pet punctuation peeve is poorly done dialogue marking, and I will not read a story in which it's done incorrectly, no matter how tempted I might be by a compelling plot. Now and then, I mentor writers who have great story-telling talent but need help with grammar and punctuation and who are willing to accept brutally honest criticism in the pursuit of learning.

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