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Bio: I was first introduced to the magical world of Harry Potter when I received a battered second-hand, paperback copy of the "Sorcerer's Stone" for my 11th birthday. I read it cover to cover, in a single day, twice; I then decided to buy and read "Chamber of Secrets", and "Prisoner of Azkaban" while waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter, and fell under the charms of a certain werewolf professor. I began writing fan-fiction at thirteen, when my first literary love was entirely absent in "Goblet of Fire".

[I am a long-time reader of Granger Enchanted, but only recently published. I primarily write Remus Lupin & Hermione Granger fics, but have been known to pen the occasional Sirius/Hermione or Snape/Hermione fics.]

I personally reply to any comments or feedback left for my stories, and would like to take the opportunity here to thank all my readers who have done so: you help me to be a better writer. I hope you continue to enjoy my works as they are published. Until then...happy reading! :)

Your Sincerely,
Amanda Lupin

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