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Hi there!

 I'm a sucker for sappy/fluffy fics as well as having a morbid like for depressing, dark and/or disturbing endings/stories.

I have an unhealthy obession with Sirius; I love Harry to death and I'm very posessesive of him. Which means that if he's not with Hermione, then damn, he's not allowed to be with anyone else. I adore Hermione, because I can really relate to her in every aspect, except liking Ron. Wtf? Did I mention that I hate Ron since the fourth book? And Ginny since the second. The only Weasleys that rock are Fred and George.

Most hated book of the series? Half Blood Prince. Most loved? The Order of the Phoenix.

Shipper? Die hard H/Hr (yes, they are my OTP); heated follower of D/Hr, and passionate SB/Hr.

I will delete my stories ("Drug" and "Remember Me") from here, but if you're interested you can find them on (I go by esmeraldtears) and on Portkey (emerald tears). 


Gender: female

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