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Hi guys! I started this archive when overwhelming demand required it. Lots of people had sent me emails asking if I knew of an archive that had Hermione as the centric character. Readers were sick of having to search through thousands of fics to find ones with just Hermione as the lead. And I had to agree, alot of the larger archives house fics with other characters as the main and it takes forever to find what you really want to read. So Granger Enchanted was born.

So a little about my self. I am a self confessed squealing/knicker changing fangirl. I love Hermione (fanon) and I think she is fantastic. I love almost all pairings with her as the lead except Ron Weasley. I adore ships where the male isn't the most normal. Like the lestranges, or Voldemort and I even love abit of Harry :D


Like alot of others I began writing because the fics I wanted to read just weren't there. I would read a fic that I thought was what I wanted then it would go completely arse up and I would end up disappointed. I love happy endings hehe but not too much sap. And I love a good long fic with a bit of smut in it.

I hate Twilight, with a passion, so don't expect me to talk to you about it lol.

Feel free to friend me on live journal :D or email me because I always love a chat!


Love MM xoxo

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