The Disguised Affections Challenge!

Valentine's Day (blech lol) is just around the corner so we thought to put on a little challenge to entice, excite and ensnare! :D

The Disguised Affections challenge!

Polyjuice Glamours and Masques oh my!!!

The rules:

They are simple, pick a prompt and disguise it! Glamours, Polyuice Potion, Masques and Transfiguration!!

  • Sent on a 'dream' holiday by her meddling friends, Hermione is equally horrified and excited to find herself at Polyjuice Paradiso, the premiere holiday spot for the wealthy, elite and influential. Leave your identity at the door it's time for fun!

  • Masque your magic at the annual Potter Valentine's Ball!!

  • She was painfully familiar, the witch astride a gigantic martini glass, naked except for a tiny paid of green lace knickers...

  • She would find the masked man who kept throwing exploding roses into her office.

  • It was exciting to think that the man across from her could be anyone, friend, enemy or ex lover. Hermione Granger was sick of being the good girl and decides that only the bad girls have fun.

  • Mirror Mirror on the wall who has the best glamour of all?

  • No one would think that Hermione Granger was the creator of (insert your own) when her investors demand a meeting, she's faced with friends and foe from her past and bluffs her way with glamours/polyjuice/transfiguration

  • Losing a bet to Ginny Weasley was never going to end in happiness and laughter, but taking beauty lessons from Draco Malfoy? She must be in an alternate universe (Draco teaches Hermione the use of glamours and charms)

  • She'll get her only chance to make fantasy a reality on the eve of his wedding (Polyjuiced Hermione as the soon to be wife)

  • He'd seen her lush, barely covered arse and was in he just had to find out who she was!


  • Fics must have a happy ending for Hermione

  • Must be 2000 words or more

  • No WIPS

  • All ratings

  • All pairings

  • Fics in by February 14th

  • Category will be 'Vday Disguised Affections 2012'

Questions...? Ask them here!!

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The Big Reveal!!


Hello my loves!!

First let me say I am ever so pleased with the amount of fics we turned out for our little Christmas exchange and I am thankful to each and every one of you for participating.

My heartfelt thanks to LaurieLove and DHlane my beautifully orgasmic pinch hitters, I truly adore both of you xoxo thank you so much for helping me at the last minute when I was let down xox

To all our readers and authors, thanks for making the exchange fun and I hope we managed to bring you some wonderful stories!!!

Now the COMP winner!! Who will receive a one shot by me (lol not sure if that's a prize or a lemon haha!)

Scores are in order from lowest to highest...

Ginny lv Harry 1/16

AleysiaSnape 3/16

Audrey414 5/16

blueartemis 5/16

Nathaniel 7/16

LaurieLove 7/16

DHLane 7/16

LMAO!!! We have three winners!! Nathaniel, Laurielove and DHLane (oh dear hahaah)

Each of you win a one shot of your pairing choice with a prompt (as descriptive as possible please!!) Either comment here or email me at my mistress email xoxo

NOW ONTO THE REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Bunnyhops wrote  Forward Motion

  2. DarkRiverTempest wrote Where the winter sunshine crept in

  3. NocturnalWriter777 wrote A Gift for Lucius

  4. AnneM wrote Through the chimney

  5. ImTrouble wrote  Christmas Scheming

  6. BlueArtemis wrote Silver Bells, Wedding

  7. DHLane wrote  Hidden Worlds and Insubordination

  8. nottonyharrison wrote How we operate

  9. LaurieLove wrote  Carrying on the Malfoy way and Of Gifts and Giving

  10. AleysiaSnape wrote All I want for Christmas

  11. Kathryn Conrath wrote A Christmas wish fulfilled

  12. Nathaniel Cardeu wrote Isn't it obvious?

  13. MizSphinx wrote Snow Flurries

  14. Mihnn wrote Blood for Blood



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So all the fics are now up!! (Sorry to the last two fics which were posted on Christmas Eve/Day)

But before the big reveal we have a little game going on Live Journal for all the authors who particpated and the readers as well if they'd like to join in!!

Instructions are at the live journal account :D simply join the authors to the fics and the closest guess wins a one shot fic! <---- click me! :D <3



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Merry Christmas and a safe New Year

From all of us here at Granger Enchanted, we would like to wish all our readers, authors and admin a very very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Thank you again for supporting my little archive and for all our authors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to publish your stories here.

Stay Safe !!!

p.s The staff will be on holidays until the 28th of December~~

p.p.s check out the secret santa fics!!!

--MistressMalfoy on 23/12/2011 - 10:10 pm 10 Comments--

ho ho ho *coughs* fruit mince pies?

I think the best part about my alter ego (SecretSantaGifts) is that I get to read them all before anyone else *rubs hands together greedily!*

Now I hope everyone is enjoying the stories so far and we have a few left to go, some real corkers! :D

Remember when reading to review! I can see how many of you are reading, so show the author some love, review, even if it's just a simple I love it! Etc :)

Thanks to all the authors for participating and before the big reveal, I'm going to have two days of a little poll running on eljay, on who everyone thinks wrote the fics, and whoever gets the most guesses right will win a fic by my boss MistressMalfoy (pssst we're the same person!) lol

Enjoy and happy reading!!!

--SecretSantaGifts on 20/12/2011 - 05:35 am 4 Comments--

Secret Santa!!

I am still waiting for five fics, one person may have dropped out and I am waiting to hear back from them one final time before I beg, plead and cry for a pinch hitter :(

One of our author's also needs a Beta so if you could post your availability here that would be wonderful!!

Secret Santa gifts can be found in the Featured Enchant list and under the Pen Name, SecretSantaGifts!


--MistressMalfoy on 15/12/2011 - 03:54 am 14 Comments--

Secret Santa Update!!

So far we have 7 fics in, waiting for 7 fics on extension and one person who I've yet to hear from at all!!

If you are on extension or that ONE person who should have received a strongly worded email from me by now, please check your inboxes and reply ASAP!!

We cannot start the exchange without ALL fics in, in case someone drops out last minute!!


--MistressMalfoy on 10/12/2011 - 09:05 pm 24 Comments--

Secret Santa!!

I have only received requests by two authors for extensions and have yet to hear back from anyone else regarding their fics. There are only five days to get your fic into me, beta read, formatted and ready to be posted.

If you have committed to writing a fic for the Secret Santa exchange, the time has passed to drop out or request a pinch hit take your assignment.

Let me tell you I will be very very very ANGRY if anyone drops out at this stage, so close to Christmas and you can be assured that you probably won't be published here ever again.

To some I know this sounds incredibly harsh but I take promises very seriously and someone has written a gift for you in good faith of receiving one in return.

Please alert me to any problems you are having, because if I do not know about them then I cannot help you!!



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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the GE members who celebrate this holiday!!!  If you don't, please join us in being thankful for all we have including all of the wonderful people who brighten our days, especially when we have met them here and have become dear friends!



From the admins at GE

--sirsevchick on 24/11/2011 - 11:57 am 5 Comments--

November/December Challenge!!

For all those who missed out on the Secret Santa challenge, we are running a second challenge just for you!! (All can still participate!)

*drum roll*

Is she really going out with him!? Challenge!

The inspiration...

The requirements...


  • Minimum of 1000 words

  • The first half of your fic MUST be written in another characters POV (not first or second person) whilst the second half MUST be written in Hermione's POV

  • You must include five lines from the above song (a selection is below)

  • Fics in no later than December 15th

  • All stories must revolve around the above song but SHOULD NOT be a song fic, IE: do not include random lyrics throughout your story.

(lines to be chosen from)

  • 1. Look over there (Where?) There! Here comes Hermione with her new boyfriend

  • 2. Is she really going out with him?

  • 3. Is she really going to take him home tonight?

  • 4. There's a man whose marked down as dead!

  • 5. There's something going wrong around here

  • 6. I  get so mean around this scene

  • 7. I wash my hair and I kid myself I look really smooth

This challenge is meant to be fun and lighthearted and should hopefully be amusing... :D
lol Have fun!! any questions...write them here!


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Mistress Malfoy's Birthday!!!!

One day not very long ago, November 20 to be exact, a beautiful baby girl was born who later became the beloved Mistress Malfoy. You could tell this because of her precocious ability with a whip and her fondness for arrogant blonde men. Without this love, we would not have this site. So without further ado, let us all wish our wonderful site founder and administrator a very Happy Happy Birthday and a wonderful day full of surprises and love!!!

We love you! xoxoxo

--sirsevchick, lupinswolfie, DHLane and all of the admins on 18/11/2011 - 07:17 pm 33 Comments--

Samhain and Hermione Smut!

Hello my loves!!

Samhain fics are piling up and are fantastic!! I have put an extension to the tenth of November if anyone still wants to add chapters/participate since we aren't having a November challenge xoxo

For those on Livejournal, pop to the amazingly naughty Hermione_Smut Exchange and check out the wonderful entries so far!! xoxo (See if you can pick mine lol!)

--MistressMalfoy on 31/10/2011 - 12:58 am 14 Comments--

BETA, BETA and more BETA

To all authors

You may not see me, but I am still around, so I would like to remind everyone that your submission MUST be beta'd.  I would also like to remind you that if the submission is beta'd and there are several mistakes, we WILL reject the submission.  Submission rules are in place for a reason and that is to make the submission and validation process run smoothly; however, if people continue to submit unbeta'd or poorly beta'd submissions, it delays the process. 

This is an ONGOING problem, and there have been several news articles regarding this matter, you are all mature, intelligent adults and I should not have to do this on a regular basis.   

If you have any questions, please re-read the submission rules, which also include the consequences or you can contact any site admin.

I thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. 

--sirsevchick on 29/10/2011 - 10:32 am 18 Comments--

Secret Santa Information!!!

Everyone who signed up for the Secret Santa gift exchange should have now received their prompts, pairings and recipient!

All gifts must be in by December 9th for posting with the big reveal on December 24th AEST.

Email fics to :

Email questions/worries/concerns to :

Need a cheerleader or beta? Head to our PomPoms and Beta pages!!

Authors: Check out this page for more info about the Secret Santa!! CLICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ME!

--MistressMalfoy on 20/10/2011 - 03:35 am 5 Comments--

Samhain and Secret Santa!!

Hello my dears!!

Samhain fics are going splendidly, I have had the honour of reading a few drafts already and I cannot wait to see them published!

When submitting Samhain fics- Challenges Samhain :)

Now onto our December Challenge! (we won't be having a November challenge so those signing up to the Secret Santa have more time to prepare)

For those that wish to sign up, sign ups will be held over at the live journal Granger Enchant

The rules are quite simple...

  • Sign up at the exchange post (link above)

  • Your giftee will be matched by your pairings/squicks/likes etc

  • You will receive your assignment

  • Write your fic

  • Send it in

  • Sit back and wait for the christmas presents!

All fics will be uploaded via our Secret Santa Witch and will remain anonymous until after December 25th.

At that time (possibly a few days later) all stories will be edited with the author and the story will then appear in your profile.

Any questions, concerns, please ask them here or over at the Eljay post...






--MistressMalfoy on 02/10/2011 - 01:20 am 30 Comments--

October 31st Challenge


Samhain!! *dances about with flowers and bonfires* lol

Traditionally in the HP world October is for Halloween, but since there are only approximately three countries in the world that are active participants in Halloween, we have decided (like every year) to snub our noses at the silly begging for lollies holiday and showcase Samhain instead!

The challenge will be simple...

Samhain is a time to honour the dead, to celebrate the connection between this world and the next.

Pick from the following prompts...

1. Hermione has always scoffed at the divining magics, until Luna Lovegood informs her that Apple/Water/Food Divination has been a Samhain tradition for centuries...and who is she to snub tradition?  (LINK TO SAMHAIN DIVINATON)

2. Every year she lays an offering of sweets and mulled mead to the former Headmaster Dumbledore, except this year she isn't alone.

3. Surrounded by friends and family, Hermione joins those closest to her, to honour the harvest - and the cinders will erupt into flames when he arrives, the wizard who is a rival for her husband's affections. (LINK TO HONOUR THE HARVEST)

4. The gods have chosen Hermione Granger as the handmaiden to continue the most noble line of (Choose a deceased wizard of any era). When the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, he will emerge from the mists and take the witch as his own. (Your choice whether he returns to the living permanently)

5. The three day festival of the Samhain, draws Hermione into a world of earth magic, nighttime hedonistic worshipping of the body,  paganistic rituals and a celebration of life. Take Hermione on a journey of self discovery and open her eyes to the real magic at her fingertips (day time rituals can include, broom making, rune tattooing, food gathering etc)


The boring rules!

  • Fic must be in by November 1st at the latest

  • Multi Chapters are encouraged but all chapters must be complete by November first to prevent abandonment of fic.

  • Fic must be at least 3000 words.

  • Any pairings/rating/Genre welcome

  • Fics MUST centre around Samhain and not Halloween.

  • No trick or treating allowed

  • No Pumpkin carving unless it relates directly to Samhain or a ritual

  • Happy endings please! :D

  • No whining lol <--- my personal favourite rule


--MistressMalfoy on 21/09/2011 - 07:15 am 66 Comments--

Happppppy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to two amazing witches!

The first is our own lovely, delectable and sometimes high DHLane who is not only a dear, cherished friend but my long suffering beta and one of our submissions witches :D Please join me in wishing her the best for her birthday!!

And secondly the witch that makes this entire site possible, the lovely enchanting bookworm Miss Hermione Granger who turns 32 today!!! Happy Birthday to our dear insufferable know it all xoxox

Please make sure to check out the Hermione Hat Challenge entries, I am so terribly proud of all of you for the wonderful stories and being so open to try something new, different and definitely out of your comfort zone.

Much Love,


p.s Octobers Samhain/Beltane challenge information will be posted in the next couple of days, there will be a general theme and pairings are open to all <3

--MistressMalfoy on 18/09/2011 - 08:20 am 20 Comments--

Update to Submission Rules


(this news post is being edited for the following addition)

Summaries will now be restricted to, at the most, four sentences of text. A new code is slowly being introduced to reduce the size of summaries, any new fic submitted with more than four lines summary will be asked to edit to a smaller summary.)

Hello my loves! Just a few changes to our lovely submission rules!

1. We now have a pending section - Pending is for fics that require minor adjustments, disclaimers, and have less than five errors, etc.

2. You will now receive a pending letter with three days to fix your story before it's deleted.

3. Authors will be required to alert admin when their story has been fixed and your story will then go back into the submission queue for review.

4. We realise how time consuming it is to upload a story and are taking it seriously, hence the new pending section.

5. After three days if you haven't contacted admin or made any effort to change your story, it shall be deleted without an email contact.

We receive a lot of complaints about which stories we let in and which ones we don't (mostly from the people who are rejected) and all I can say is, try the other two quality controlled archives and see how far you get. It won't be far I promise you that :)

--MistressMalfoy on 10/09/2011 - 09:19 pm 19 Comments--

Staff wanted for Incendio!


What an exciting month of September for Granger Enchanted. Rather than falling to the death of fandom after the final movie was released, we are busier and more popular than ever!

With frequent requests for something a little different, I've bowed to peer pressure (lol) and in the coming weeks we will be opening Incendio! A general pairing adult fan fiction archive. Any pairing goes as long as Hermione isn't the main, so Harry/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Narcissa/Lucius etc

Staff vacancies:


Your roles include,

  • Validating fics

  • Petting Authors

  • Organising Challenges

  • Pimping Archive (or hiring people to do it for you)

  • Maintaining our high quality of fiction

  • Frontline with requests, emails etc

  • Liaise with MistressMalfoy


  • 100% pass on a GE beta exam or a PI certified beta badge

  • Known to admin already (we will not be hiring strangers so don't bother applying unless I know you)

  • Be an author already (this is not a deal breaker but we would prefer an established author)

  • be kind and patient (again not a deal breaker lol)

  • Preferably someone already in the non hermione pairing fandoms

So how do you apply? Well first you will need to fill out the following application form:

Name: (Pen name)


Email Address:

Fandom Experience:

Beta cert:

Years active in fandom:

Why do you want this job?

How many free hours per week do you have?

From the initial application we will have three stages- if you pass the email app, you will move onto a simple test, passing the test you move onto a trial submissions witch to test your mettle against the world- passing this you will move onto admin position.

Once I have appointed the new admin we will then be searching for submission witches, twitter posters and pimpers, so watch this space.


--MistressMalfoy on 24/08/2011 - 09:40 pm 11 Comments--

Hermione's Birthday Challenge Update

Hello my loves! By now all those who have emailed me wishing to participate in the Hermione's Birthday Challenge have now received an email in reply with their prompt, pairing and additional information.

Each author was given a pairing based on the random number generator at, if the pairing they received was a do not write, I randomly generated another pairing, and the same goes for the prompt.

Here are some facts...

Participants: 24


  • Charlie

  • Remus

  • Cedric

  • Anthony (2)

  • Lee

  • Adrian (3)

  • Fred

  • Theo (2)

  • Viktor (2)

  • Rabastan

  • Terry

  • Kingsley

  • Bill (2)

  • Terrence

  • Severus

  • Cormac

  • Harry

  • Draco

Out of the 24 prompts there are ten inspired by songs (NOT SONG FICS LOL) and 14 structured prompts.


  • Marry You- Bruno Mars

  • Grenade- Bruno Mars

  • Love is a drug – Eskimo Joe

  • Rolling in the Deep – Adele

  • Fall at your feet – crowded house

  • Michael Buble save the last dance

  • Gives you hell all American rejects

  • Dirty Little Secret All American Rejects

  • Not Fair by Lily Allen

  • All my Life Foo Fighters

ALL fics must be in by the 18th of September in time for Hermione's birthday and if you have a complete lack of faith in your pairing and I mean it's so hard you cannot breathe (don't just give up because it's a different or rare pair) please email me!

Good luck to all our authors! :D

Amended to add: the MINIMUM for this challenge is 3000 words and the maximum is 15000 words!

--MistressMalfoy on 21/08/2011 - 04:29 am 36 Comments--

Hermione's Birthday Challenge Update and new Genre!

Hello my loves! Just a quick note, if there is a warning, genre or category you wish added to the archive please do not hesitate to ask me. I am very willing to add anything you need as long as it's not Twatlight whoops I mean Twilight related :D (I only get cross with review emails, lost username/password emails lol)

New Genre : Adultery

New Category: Hermione/Ollivander

Hermione in a Hat Challenge!!

This weekend I shall start pairing up the author's with prompts and erm pairings lol if anyone has a prompt they'd like to add to the ever growing (zero lol) list please comment here with the prompt.

Please be aware due to time constraints we are allowing fics of up to 15 000 words or a long one shot. To allow the ramblers, babblers and wafflers plenty of space for words lol

Again here are the conditions!!


Hermione's Pick a Pairing from the HAT Birthday Challenge!!

Q. What is different about this challenge?

A. This challenge is a pick a pairing from the hat challenge and that means, we pick your pairing, prompt and rating!

Q. How do you pick a pairing from the hat?

A. Fill out the information at the bottom of the news, we put the numbered prompts/pairings into a random number generator and voilà instant pairng prompt!

Q. How can I be guaranteed my favourite pairing?

A. You can't and that is what makes it fun! The whole point of this challenge is to think outside the box we write in and live a little dangerously!

Q. What size fic should we write?

A. One shots only! AMENDED to allow for long one shots - up to 15 000 words

Q. How long do we have to write the fic?

A. Right up until September 18th (posting has to be before Hermione's Birthday)

Q. Once I receive my pairing/prompt do I have to write a fic?

A. Well yes, that is the entire point :)

Q. Can I switch with someone else?

A. No

Q. Is this an anonymous challenge?

A. No! :) You can share, get help, whine all you like about it to anyone!

Q. Will there will multiples of the same pairing?

A. There very well could be, all the pairings will be numbered and used for every prompt. Only the prompts will be removed after each random generated choice.

Q. Will all the fics be birthday themed?

A. Although we hope all the prompts will be, unfortunately we cannot guarantee all themes will be bday related.


What do we have to fill out?


Pen Name:

Email Address:

Pairings you just cannot write:

Ratings you do not feel comfortable with:

Squicks: Eg: threesomes, adultery etc

email to with the subject heading of Hermione's Hat Challenge!!

--MistressMalfoy on 18/08/2011 - 03:15 am 16 Comments--

Hermione's Birthday Challenge, PomPoms, Betas and Reviews

Hello my darlings!! First let's get some boring old business out of the way with some updates and then we'll move onto the Hermione Birthday Challenge!



We have eight new cheerleaders to add to our ever growing list of avid readers who want to cheer on our authors!! Welcome to Shinigamioni, Draceline, SerpentQueen, PhawkesBaby, BookishBird, AlexMills, Quilter and peppermint-j!

If you want to become a cheerleader, or want to request a pompom FOLLOW THIS LINK!


Welcome also to our new betas! RSoS, Rusty Weasley, Genevieve and Queen of Stars!!

Just a quick note- if you have a GE or PI beta this does not guarantee you entry into our archive but it is a good start!

If you would like to become a beta, need a beta or want to check out our betas FOLLOW THIS LINK!!



I know I said last time THIS IS THE LAST TIME! But this time I actually mean it!

1. I don't give a flying fig if you have reviews missing- I know this sounds terribly nasty, but honestly they are just reviews. You shouldn't need to be petted or drowned in praise for your writing. THEY ARE JUST REVIEWS! You will not die because they are not there! The world isn't going to end and I am just going to delete your emails because I no longer care about this issue.

2. I CANNOT RETRIEVE LOST REVIEWS! If they mean that much to you go on a review whore hunt and beg for those reviews back.

3. IE no longer works for GE 100% if you try to leave a review using IE it will not work!


Hermione's Pick a Pairing from the HAT Birthday Challenge!!

Q. What is different about this challenge?

A. This challenge is a pick a pairing from the hat challenge and that means, we pick your pairing, prompt and rating!

Q. How do you pick a pairing from the hat?

A. Fill out the information at the bottom of the news, we put the numbered prompts/pairings into a random number generator and voilà instant pairng prompt!

Q. How can I be guaranteed my favourite pairing?

A. You can't and that is what makes it fun! The whole point of this challenge is to think outside the box we write in and live a little dangerously!

Q. What size fic should we write?

A. One shots only!

Q. How long do we have to write the fic?

A. Right up until September 18th (posting has to be before Hermione's Birthday)

Q. Once I receive my pairing/prompt do I have to write a fic?

A. Well yes, that is the entire point :)

Q. Can I switch with someone else?

A. No

Q. Is this an anonymous challenge?

A. No! :) You can share, get help, whine all you like about it to anyone!

Q. Will there will multiples of the same pairing?

A. There very well could be, all the pairings will be numbered and used for every prompt. Only the prompts will be removed after each random generated choice.

Q. Will all the fics be birthday themed?

A. Although we hope all the prompts will be, unfortunately we cannot guarantee all themes will be bday related.


What do we have to fill out?


Pen Name:

Email Address:

Pairings you just cannot write:

Ratings you do not feel comfortable with:

Squicks: Eg: threesomes, adultery etc

email to with the subject heading of Hermione's Hat Challenge!!



--MistressMalfoy on 14/08/2011 - 12:02 am 16 Comments--

Challenges, New Categories!

Hello loves!! :) THe two challenges for August have been extended to the end of the month and we will begin our September Challenge in the final week of August.

New categories:

Challenges: The 8th Year Itch

Challenges: Time Turning the Future


Malfoy Manor News:

Time Turner challenge has been extended to the 15th of August

August Challenge link is here :D ENJOY


Thanks to everyone for behaving the past week, I've had to yell at NO ONE lol I feel a bit lost and bereft, someone annoy me quick! hahaha :D

We are thinking of instead of reopening Pure Arrogance which hadn't a new fic in weeks and the majority of files were destroyed in the server rubbish, of opening a Slash Archive, if there is any interest I'd love to hear about it!


Love MistressMalfoy xoxo

--MistressMalfoy on 05/08/2011 - 01:09 am 11 Comments--

Happy birthday to my gorgeous witch sirsevchick, we would like to wish her all the lovely presenty, cakey goodness in the world!!

--MistressMalfoy on 27/07/2011 - 09:42 am 10 Comments--

The 8th Year Itch and Time Turning the Future!

Because the poll was such a close result at the time of penning the challenges, I have decided to let them both run at the same time and you can choose which (or both) you'd like to attempt.

  • The 8th Year Itch (where the young adults are forced back for Newts)
  • Time Turning the Future (in which Hermione winds up in the future with the next generation)

The Eighth Year Itch Challenge!

Forced back to Hogwarts to complete their NEWTS we welcome the 8th years!! Five months after the war has ended all witches and wizards that missed their seventh year are forced back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, even our golden trio is not exempt, with Kingsley Shacklebolt unwilling to show favouritism, even to their world’s saviour!

Join us as we take a journey through the 8th year, with their own tower, barely any rules and house loyalties skewed...we’re about to have a bumpy ride!


Canon Facts that MUST be included!

  • Voldemort’s death
  • The Trio’s Horcrux Quest
  • Malfoy Manor Capture
  • Ron/Hermione’s kiss
  • Harry/Ginny relationship (you can have them break up or keep them together it’s up to you!)

Non Canon Facts that MUST be included.

  • Ginny Weasley is Headgirl
  • The 8th years have no delegated houses
  • They all live together in one tower, sharing a common room, kitchen, bathroom (which should resemble the Prefect bathroom)
  • They are required to attend at least two meals per day in the Great Hall where they have their own designated 8th year table
  • One illicit teacher/student Student/Older male not at Hogwarts relationship(this student must be in the 8th year class and can be Hermione or a minor pairing)
  • One slash pairing
  • Hogsmeade/Diagon Alley visits whenever they like, not limited to weekends (again this can just be mentioned to set the scene)
  • Tension between Hermione/Ginny Weasley (eg: Ginny thinks she can waltz about the 8th year dorm when no one wants her there)
  • A voyeur
  • A couple caught in flagrante delicto
  • Hermione defending someone (can be anyone you choose)
  • Whoever is dead can be alive again (WITH valid explanation)

Boring Rules

  • Multi chapter encouraged
  • Mature + ratings
  • 17th August due by
  • All pairings

Time Turning the Future!

Caught by a long forgotten, obscure spell, Hermione Granger awakens at 12 Grimmauld Place, confused, cold and alone in the dark. Upon investigation she finds the house empty of anything resembling life. Without a wand and no one answering her calls, Hermione ventures to Diagon Alley to find a very different world than she left.

  • Hermione is touched by a spell that sends her forward in time to 2020
  • Grimmauld Place has been boardered up, long since abandoned by Harry after Hermione’s supposed death there
  • A magical tattoo that links Hermione, Harry and Ron and allows them to communicate
  • A past sordid relationship between Hermione and one of the following : Draco, Harry, Blaise, Severus, Remus, Dean, Lucius (if you have another please let me know so I can list it)
  • A love affair with one of the next generation: Teddy, Scorpius, James or Albus Severus
  • Angst with Harry/Ron
  • A guided tour of the future and what she could have achieved
  • What happened after she left and who was blamed for her disappearance
  • A jealous Ginny, who should resemble her mother and whom Harry refers to as Molly Junior behind her back
  • A balding Draco who was hexed by Ron to lose his hair which Hermione fixes
  • An odd friendship with Teddy, Scorpius, James or Albus reminiscent of the golden trio much to Harry and Ron’s displeasure
  • To save the squicks, please call any children from Ronald something other than Hugo and Rose, I have purposefully left Hugo off the romantic list for a reason (it’s a little gross!) lol
  • Hermione should be 19 or older and must not be more than five years older than her new lover
  • A happy ending in which Hermione finally finds a sense of peace and her place in the world


  • Maximum Five Chapters!
  • Minimum  2000 words
  • Due date: August 5th
  • Ratings: Mature +
  • Categories/Pairings: any and all as long as it’s believable and Hermione ends up/loves a new generation wizard

Any questions? Please leave them here! xoxox

--MistressMalfoy on 17/07/2011 - 05:47 am 10 Comments--

Server Upgrade - please be patient!

Over the next 72 hours we will be experiencing some minor site outages as our webhost attempts to move everything from our server to the new, faster and more secure server.

This means we hope to never have downtime again as we will be free of the lacklustre server performance our shared hosting brought.

There might be a slight amount of information lost during the transfer but I will do my best to limit this from happening. Any stories uploaded from today will not be validated until the new site is up and running, this leaves us without any recent updates from non validated authors for up to 72 hours.

We ask for your continued patience and understanding in this matter and will restore (cross fingers) all files within a couple of days.

Stories can still be read and reviewed during this time as I will transfer the databases containing these images to the new server personally.


--MistressMalfoy on 14/07/2011 - 01:41 am 7 Comments--

Downtime and Magical Inheritance Challenge Information

Due to a minor hacking issue on the website, GE had some down time but our fearless leader, Mistress Malfoy, is currently working with tech support to bring everything up to speed, making the site more secure.

After many requests, the Magical Inheritance Challenge due date has been extended to July 12th. If you are still working and were thinking that you could not be done in time, you have a reprieve. So keep writing, send it to your trusty beta and submit by the 12th to participate.

--DHLane on 09/07/2011 - 12:27 am 9 Comments--

Hermione Smut Exchange Sign ups!!!

Thanks to the beautiful Scifichick774 we are pleased to announce another round of Hermione_smut exchange on livejournal!!!

Sign-ups: July 1st - 22nd
Assignments Out: August 1st
Fics Due: October 15th


SIGN UP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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An Inheritance of Magic Challenge

Thanks to all the wonderful entries in the Twisted Wish Challenge!! :D Now rather than let the grass grow under our feet, it's straight into the next!!

The Inheritance of Magic

The war is over and lives are being rebuilt, love is found in the strangest of places. For Hermione Granger it's with a wizard she never expected to speak to again, let alone fall in love with.

Requirements as follows: (These are MUST HAVES, not maybes)

  • 1. Hermione/Rarepair(any listed/non listed canon pairing with less than 50 stories archived)
  • 2.  The knowledge that Hermione has one Pureblood Grandparent/Parent (she can find out during the course of the story, already know through her own past or be under a charm)
  • Families as follows: Mcgonagall, Dolohov, Rookwood, Rosier, Prince, Dumbledore, Bones, Boot, Borgin, Diggory, Fenwick, Flint, Higgs, Lestrange, Longbottom, Moody, Nott, Parkinson, Prewett, Rowle, Sinistra, Weasley, Vance, Potter and Yaxely(Please note if there is another Canon family you would like to use please let me know, these families are for Hermione's relative not her love interest!)
  • 3. Happy endings a must!
  • 4. Multi chaptered fics permitted but all chapters must be complete by  July7th
  • 3000 word minimum
  • No canon pairings for Hermione main pairing
  • No major pairings eg: Dramione (must be under 50 fics in the cats to be considered)
  • All ratings, All genres allowed
  • Must have a beta
  • Canon compliance not necessary
  • Submit to Challenges-->The Inheritance of Magic Challenge
Any questions/queries, msg me here!


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Happy Birthday To Our Dear Lupinswolfie


Join us in thanking our darling Lupinswolfie for all that she does to set and maintain the high standards that Granger Enchanted is known for!! We all wish you the best of Happy Birthdays this year. You rock this site and we could not do all this without you.

Much love to you!!

--Mistress Malfoy, Sirsevchick, DHLane and Curse Weaver on 13/06/2011 - 11:10 pm 13 Comments--