Malfoy Manor Exchange Extension

Hello my lovely ladies.

I know a few of you have been struggling to get your story submissions completed by the due date, so I am here to let you know that I am extending it by a week. So you have now got until the 17th of November to have your stories sent in.

Hope this is helpful. Happy Writing!

--brandy01 on 08/11/2013 - 01:35 am 23 Comments--


Happy birthday to my other long suffering beta, admin, validator and dear friend DHLane. I don't know what I'd do without your late night chats, giggles and secret squirrels.

i hope you have a splendid birthday xoxo

--MistressMalfoy on 18/09/2013 - 02:29 am 12 Comments--

Malfoy Manor Exchange signups!

Please note this is not the Enchant sign up exchange. This is purely for the Malfoy Manor signups!

Hello everyone! Malfoy Manor (a sub domain of Granger Enchanted dot com) is holding a Christmas Gift Exchange and we'd love you to join us!! Please click the image for information with sign ups!!

--MistressMalfoy and Brandy01 on 10/09/2013 - 05:58 am 14 Comments--

Malfoy Manor Christmas Fic Exchange

Greetings all!

This year for Christmas, Malfoy Manor is planning to host a Christmas Gift Fic Exchange.

The exchange will of course, be Christmas themed.There will be a minimum word count of 3000. Pairings are any Malfoy with Hermione, and any rating will be accepted. Sign-ups will begin on September 8th and will end on the 23rd - so make sure you start signing up as soon as soon as the link is up!

All fics will be due by November 15th.

Please note that this post is an expression of interest only - actual sign-up will be via email beginning on the 8th. (Sign ups for the Enchant - all pairings- Xmas exchange will begin a few days after this)

--Mistress Malfoy & brandy01 on 05/09/2013 - 09:11 pm 16 Comments--

Dark!witch challenge and Christmas!!

Hello my loves!! Due to several requests I have extended the dark!witch challenge to mid-October :)

we are taking expressions of interest now for a Christmas one shot challenge, sign ups will begin on October 1st and fics will be one shots only 1000 words or more.

This fortnights featured fics will be some of my favourite Dramione stories... So please enjoy!!!

--MistressMalfoy on 02/09/2013 - 08:01 pm 11 Comments--

The Big Reveal!!

Thank you to all our authors who participated in the exchange! It was an absolute joy to be the mod for this exchange and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!!

To my wonderful pinch hitters Nathaniel Cardeu and ArtemisGoddess truly you are amazing to find the time to knock up something so quickly! Thank you so much!

To DHLane for uploading so many stories for me and to everyone for nagging and being hilarious whilst waiting for me to upload :D

Now onto the Biiiiggggggggggg Reveal!!

Trembling I listened by Darkrivertempest

Myosotis by Nathaniel Cardeu

Lesson Learned by MistressMalfoy

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff by Blue Artemis

Close your eyes and see me by NocturnalWriter777

Deep Cover/Blind by Minervasrevenge

Pagan Moon by DHLane

Afternoon Break by AleysiaSnape

The YOung Adventurers Club by ArtemisGoddess

The Hit by Nathaniel Cardeu

Never Again by Mihnn

The Charred Crag by krazyredhead0317

Broken by Bunnyhops

Every you Every me by nottonyharrison

English Suite by Savva

Only the Strong Survive by ImTrouble

Through the looking glass by ArtemisGoddess

Under the Influence Keelhaulrose

--MistressMalfoy on 01/08/2013 - 08:46 am 11 Comments--


Happy Birthday to my longest suffering admin and my first ever beta Sirsevchick!! I hope you have a wonderful day gorgeous we all love you!

--MistressMalfoy on 26/07/2013 - 11:07 pm 17 Comments--

Dark!Witch August/September Challenge!

As per the poll vote (yay!) the August/September will be a Dark!Witch challenge. This will also double as a Hermione!Birthday challenge, so extra points (Brownie lol) for incorporating her birthday into the challenge!

The Boring Rules!

1. Fics must contain Hermione as the main pairing and can be with any witch or wizard or simply be a Gen!Fic

2. All fic must be submitted and completed by September 15th.

3. Fic can be multi chartered but must be complete by September 15th

4. Minimum word count is 2000

5. Fics should be placed in Challenges-> Dark Witch 2013

Hermione must be a dark witch in some form no matter which prompt you choose. Even the 'lighter' varieties should have Hermione be a witch of the darker variety.

The Prompts

If you have a prompt of your own you'd like to see listed, please contact me

1. Defence Against the Dark Professor. Hermione Granger Professor at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry has a deep, dark, tantalising secret...she didn't help Harry Potter defeat the Dark Lord by being the voice of light and reason, but treading a path a very fine path between dark and light. Now as an adult she has fully succumbed to her passion and about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting children of Hogwarts.

2. The Ambassador for the Deceased. Hermione Granger had thought after Hogwarts that she'd be a star in her own right. But after a few years and a few too many trodden toes she's swept under the proverbial rug and into the deepest, most horrifying room in the Department of Mysteries. She is the Ambassador for the dead, speaking directly to the souls beyond the veil and making their case to the Wizengamot for reinstatement. Always a champion for those less fortunate and sick of Ministry bureaucracy she takes matters into her own hands and brings back someone she least expected.

3. The Assassin. Recruited into a secret and very Pureblood organisation with the lure of a higher education in magic, Hermione unwittingly becomes their lead assassin with her ruthlessness to do what is right no matter the cost.

4. How the War was won. The war didn't go how everyone expected, the Light did not triumph over the Dark and Harry Potter chose not to return after visiting the waiting room. Narcissa Malfoy is murdered, Bellatrix Lestrange did not perish and Severus Snape was revealed to be a true soldier for the dark having tricked everyone. The spoils are rewarded, public executions take place yet one witch, one very lucky witch is ousted as a spy...a spy since her birth.

5. Badly Bewitched and Besotted. He shouldn't be utterly and undeniably attracted (painfully so) to such an awful lower class being as the Mudblood. But he finds her impossible to resist.

6. The Mistress of Slytherin. Forced back to Hogwarts when Professor Flitwick retires Hermione Granger finds herself the Head of Slytherin House as no one else wants the job. There she finds intrigue and mystery, very naughty (over 18) school boys and a den of sin hidden from the teachers for centuries.

7. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a witch alive. The war has long been forgotten, loves rebuilt, babies born, friends married and one Hermione Granger a willing slave to a wizard who wants to relive his dark past and taint a witch that represents everything that is wrong in their world.

8. The faulty witch. A year has passed since the final battle, and the flurry of media attention has finally calmed. Hermione has discovered some problems with her magic, beginning with an inability to cast simple spells and progressively getting worse. She eventually sees a dark arts expert, only to discover her soul has been tainted by a dark curse.

9. The Master and the Apprentice. Not happy with pigeon holing magic Hermione journeys to find the fabled Masters of the Eternal. The practitioners of the Dark Arts. There she finds her past was not all as seems and her life has been carefully orchestrated to lead her to a long awaited destiny.

10. When first we practice to deceive. Betrayed, abandoned and alone in a world she helped to create, Hermione turns to a strange group of allies, ones she made in secret during the Yule ball and enacts revenge on those who slighted her. (A Knights of Walpurgis meets an academic club, the smart and powerful take back the world, can be other houses and a mix of blood)


--MistressMalfoy on 21/07/2013 - 07:57 am 26 Comments--


Due to the increase in people placing horribly oversized ugly banners on their stories- banners will no longer be permitted on the site.

Any stories that have had their banners removed in the previous days will not be permitted to use banners again.

Any banners placed in stories- before today's date- that do not violate the size conditions will be allowed to keep them.

This goes for banners inside stories and placed in chapters - which will now no longer be permitted.

Not only are oversized banners revolting and take up valuable space but they cost the site in bandwidth every time they load.

If any has any problems with this you can contact me directly.

Site rules have been changed to reflect this change.

Kind Regards

MistressMalfoy and the GE Team.

--MistressMalfoy on 13/07/2013 - 09:01 am 17 Comments--

Hermione Smut time!!

Hi everyone! It's that time of year again- time for Hermione_Smut exchange. At this stage prompts can be submitted for adoption!

CLICK ME to visit the exchange!!

--MistressMalfoy on 08/07/2013 - 02:13 am 5 Comments--

Exchange News

Hi everyone :)

Just a quick update to let you know exchange fics will begin posting in the next few days. The extension date is now over and I am just waiting for the final fics to make their way to me :)

I haven't had access to my email for a few days but I will answer them all tomorrow.

Much love

MistressMalfoy (still without her beloved comma)

--MistressMalfoy on 21/06/2013 - 06:01 am 12 Comments--

Happy Birthday to our dear


We hope that your special day is absolutely wonderful, splendid and fabulous - Just like you.

With lots of love and hugs and kisses~

Your Granger Enchanted Sisters

--DHLane, Mistress Malfoy, Sirsevchick, and Brandy01 on 12/06/2013 - 11:49 pm 10 Comments--

Donations Welcomed !

There comes a time in a little site's life where it needs money to survive and unfortunately GE has once again reached that time.

Our last donation drive raised enough funds to keep the site going for an entire year and since then I (MistressMalfoy) have been funding the site myself.

Unfortunately this is a cost I can no longer sustain on my own and whilst it might not seem like a lot of money- when you have a small child to feed- clothe- water (lol) etc it does get a bit expensive trying to justify the indulgence which is GE.

With gentle prodding from my dear bestie (DHLane) she has encouraged me to post a donation button for a few days with the hopes that those who appreciate GE will be tempted (bribed) to donate even a dollar to help keep the site running.

Please do not feel obligated to donate but if you wish to and can (without financial hardship to yourselves) please feel free.

Your donation goes towards the running of Granger Enchanted. The hosting of the site and the domain registration. It also goes towards the increase in bandwidth as our site expands.

Thanks muchly for your time xoxo

With Love

MistressMalfoy and DHLane xoxo



--DHLane and MistressMalfoy on 08/06/2013 - 12:10 am 35 Comments--

Gifts all sent out!

To the 18 authors participating in the fic exchange please check your email!

Your recipient and all the juicy details (in two separate emails) should now be waiting in your inbox!

Please let me know asap if you cannot meet the requirements or if your muse is not co-operating and I'll do my best to help you.

Much love MistressMalfoy who is still without her comma key :(

--MistressMalfoy on 28/04/2013 - 08:37 am 12 Comments--

Fic Exchange News


Our lovely Mistress Malfoy is currently unwell and needs to rest. For all of those participating in the Fic Exchange, do not despair. As soon as she feels better in a couple of days time, she will be matching up all of the signups. In the meantime, send her some well wishes so that she might recover quicker and be patient with her. As with all of those who are admin here at GE, she has a busy real life and sometimes things just get in the way.

Happy writing and reading.

--brandy01 on 21/04/2013 - 09:37 am 21 Comments--


Hi buttons!!

The signup post for the fic exchange is now active!

Loads of commas because I used the onscreen keyboard lol


--MistressMalfoy on 06/04/2013 - 09:06 am 27 Comments--

Solid expressions of interest :)

Hello my loves! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Easter.

The previous post regarding the fic exchange was to gauge interest and this one is solid expressions of interest.

If you are wanting to participate please leave your details here and this time next week I will put up a post on Live Journal for registrations.

Just a few rules to note.

1. We will not be accepting newbies this round. As in previous rounds we have had several newbies who have not turned in fics and someone has missed out.

2. Only register if you are going to provide a fic. If you register then disappear I will delete your account. If you register and then change your mind please have the decency to let me know.

3. Please become a pinch hitter (see above point lol)

I am looking to have assignments sent out by the start of May and we will open up registration next week.

Mistress Malfoy

p.s if my news post is a bit rambly it's because my comma key on my laptop is broken lol

--MistressMalfoy on 03/04/2013 - 06:48 am 23 Comments--

Happy Easter!!

On behalf of myself and all the management I would like to wish you all a safe, happy and chocolicious Easter!!

--MistressMalfoy on 28/03/2013 - 06:17 pm 9 Comments--

An New Challenge at The Manor!


New Challenge New Challenge New Challenge New Challenge

Brandy01 has issued a challenge to all writers of Hermione centric fanfiction. It is exciting, new and really unique! Head on over to The Manor and check it out.

It is gonna be amazing to read what the talented writers of GE and Malfoy Manor come up with. xoxoKel

--DHLane on 25/03/2013 - 04:42 pm 0 Comments--

Just a few points to remember...

When emailing admin with requests and joining the site.

1A. UNDERAGE MEMBERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! We have a rather interesting kinship with several of the quality control and 18+ fanfic sites out there and one in particular has been a wonderful ally in finding underage users.

YOU WILL BE CAUGHT OUT! Trust me in the last week I have locked and blocked IP's of twenty underage members who foolishly list their ages on other sites for the world to see.

If I find you joined underage and are over 18 now you will still be deleted and shame on you for breaking the law and jeopardising what we've all worked so hard to build.

Underage users are not allowed here for the express reason, YOU ARE MINORS AND CANNOT MAKE A DECISION FOR YOURSELVES! Hence why all our stories of Hermione with an older male must be over 18! That is the law and we will abide by the law. I will not make concessions for ANY user. If you are underage PISS OFF WE DON'T WANT YOU! (but please do come when you're 18). If you are that desperate for fan fic, visit :)

I know a few sites out there, that have been popping up recently, allow members from the age of 15 up to join their site. However after consulting with my lawyer,who informed me it is illegal to knowingly allow a minor into my registered site where there is content deemed unsafe for minors (this is smut people!) I can be held accountable. Thankfully with all the disclaimers we have in place, we will never be held accountable for a member lying about their age.

Now onto the boring email stuff!

1. I do not sit at the computer all day (I know this might seem odd but I do have a real life) so I cannot answer your emails instantly and most times within a few days. I have a job and a family who needs more attention than your hysterical request for a password, account deletion, log in problem, reviews missing etc so BE PATIENT

2. We do not change pen names for regular members. I know, I know we are tragically mean, cruel, horrid and bitches for not doing so, but really do you think I have time to trawl through pages of members just to find one member name and to change it from funkylover12 to ILoveRon? I don't.

3. People don't care that much about you.

I know it's a cruel thing to find out, but you know what? When you were 18 and joined the site under funkylover12 and now when you type in funkylover12 your name and profile comes up and now your new job might find out that you're a closet nerd who likes fan fiction, doesn't rate highly on my care list. Do you truly believe anyone would google search your email and associate you with a harry potter fanfic site? Here's a small truth, we protect emails and unless you have all your personal details listed in your profile (and oddly enough some of them are like reading a resume) I'm not going to change the world for you.

Your account is your account and you are responsible for keeping it secure and anonymous.

4. I am not a punching bag or your agony aunt.

Strange but true.

Don't abuse me, don't be nasty, don't be demanding and most of all don't threaten me.

I don't take to threats kindly and you'd better believe every single one that crosses my email is not only logged with my webhost (who has an IP log of every single email sent to me) but I forward those email to your ISP.

If you have a story to impart upon my weary ears and I don't know you, I haven't the time to muster the emotions to care. This might sound horribly cruel but I am a stranger to most of you and you wouldn't stop a man on the street and tell them your woes. However if you have my personal email and I know you, feel free to email me ;)


IE doesn't work. I know okay? And I've been bloody bleating on about it for roughly four years now. I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

THe auto responder has some awfully handy tips on being nice to the admin, what we can and cannot do and to be patient. It's not that hard, you wouldn't yell at your mother for dinner being late nor at a librarian who couldn't find your book quickly. So don't get cross at me!

6. I love you all truly I do.

But a witch can only be pushed so far before her skin turns green and she's wicked!

Emails that are instantly deleted without even being read: Password requests, username changes, email changes, reviews missing, IE not working for reviews and last but not least frequent account deletion requests. I keep one, yes that's right- ONE of your emails and the rest get trashed so don't bother hounding me for account deletions because I will get to it I promise and if you do somehow receive a response it is because you've annoyed me :)

Now to those who are sweet generous souls it is really you who I love and will continue to do so. The lovely members who obey the rules and pet my head when I'm stressed :D

LOve MistressMalfoy

p.s this ranty mcrant news post comes to you after reading 212 requests for password changes, username requests, forgotten usernames/passwords/emails etc the list goes on...

--MistressMalfoy on 10/03/2013 - 07:58 am 16 Comments--

Welcome a new admin to The Manor

Please join me in welcoming Brandy01 to The Manor family. We are all very excited to inject new blood into the archive.

I hope you will greet her challenges and excitement with enthusiasm :D

Love MistressMalfoy xoxo

--MistressMalfoy on 10/03/2013 - 06:30 am 9 Comments--

Job Vacancy

I have a job vacancy at Malfoy Manor for an admin position.

The position requirements:

1. You must pass the GE beta test

2. You must have an excellent grasp of the english language and spag

3. Be responsible for bringing in new authors and advertising on other forums/sites etc

3. Be available to liaise with MistressMalfoy and other admins

Please register your interest below and I will contact you shortly.

--MistressMalfoy on 16/02/2013 - 02:23 am 9 Comments--

Fic Exchange Interest

We are thinking about having our third annual fic exchange starting soon.

Please register your interest here :)

For those that are uninformed, a fic exchange is where you sign up to write a gift for someone else and you in turn get a gift back from another author :)

--MistressMalfoy on 15/02/2013 - 11:28 pm 26 Comments--

January/February Challenge

The Jane Eyre Inspired Challenge

There once was a castle, a beautiful sprawling castle set amongst the gentle rolling hills of the Cotswolds. A man lived there, a gentlemen who lived a life of luxurious importance, he was joined by a team of loyal servants that relished in the mystery surrounding the man.

And then she came along, a tiny slip of a witch, uninspiring in looks, short in stature but bubbling with magical power.

She intrigues him to the point of madness, turning his perceptions of the world inside out, she is everything to him yet one thing stands in their way of happiness...a deep dark secret he has harboured for years, one that will tear their world apart.

The boring rules!!

1. Must be set to the Jane Eyre (2011 movie) theme

2. Your male character must be one of the following

  • Married openly and his wife is insane or :

  • Married in secret with his insane wife hidden away

3. Hermione must be the following :

  • Employed by your male character

  • Early 20's

  • A virgin

  • Innocent in terms of intimacy with a male

4. Your story must contain the following

  • An insane wife

  • A fire set by the insane wife that Hermione rescues her man from

  • Another woman (in Jane Eyre Miss Ingram is the love interest but you can make it whoever you like)

  • An almost marriage (between your male character and Hermione)

  • Hermione leaving her male when the truth comes out (but return when another male takes an interest in her)

  • Angst

  • UST

  • A Happy Ending

  • Your male character should be impaired by the end, as in Jane Eyre but it does not have to be blindness.

More boring rules:

  • Fic should be complete by the 14th of February

  • Fic has a minimum count of 5000 words

  • Fic should not be submitted to the archive until a beta has made corrections

  • Fic can not be submitted unless it in complete (for wips, proof will be required)

Any questions? Wikipedia has the entire plot for both the movie and the original book, please only use the adult Jane storyline when changing it to the HP universe :)

--MistressMalfoy on 06/01/2013 - 10:32 pm 12 Comments--

Happy new year!!

Happy new year to all our wonderful authors, readers and friends. We hope 2013 brings you luck, happiness and the love of those close to you.

We are now taking requests for 2013 challenges!

We look forward to bringing you a whole new year of wonderful fics and amazing authors as we enter in Granger Enchanted's 7th year!

Much love,

MistressMalfoy, sirsevchick, lupinswolfie and dhlane xoxo

--MistressMalfoy on 31/12/2012 - 08:41 pm 4 Comments--

Christmas Hols

Hello loves!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that between the 24th of December (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and the 3rd of January, the lovely witches of GE will be on hols!

As you are all aware, everyone who works at GE is a volunteer and needs a much deserved break away from validating, wonderful stories and dunderheads (lol)

If you submit your story during this period please do not expect it to be validated until after the 3rd of January.

If my beautiful witches get bored they may come and validate but please don't get upset if your fic sits there until after the new year.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Be kind to your family, don't pout and have lots of fizzy pops (lol) to get you through the hols heehee

Much Love!

MistressMalfoy, DHLane, Sirsevchick and Lupinswolfie xoxoxo

--MistressMalfoy on 10/12/2012 - 07:42 am 10 Comments--

Annual Beta Reminder

Hello, everyone!

Once again, I am reminded that I must post my annual news post to inform you that:



Now, that being said, your beta must have a basic understanding of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and canon knowledge amongst the many other things that are necessary for a good beta. (<--- See, run on sentence..BAD BAD)

Please keep in mind that the submission rules are not there just to take up space on a page, but are there to assist you as an author and member to submit your story successfully. Also, while having a beta increases your chances of being validated it is not a guarantee of validation. We look at everything; plot, characterization and the list goes on and on. No one wants anyone to fail, but please follow the rules.

I post this every single year and every year, I receive pledges of support and love. What I really want is action and follow through. The submission witches read through hundreds of submissions yearly. We enjoy many of them and would like to see all of the authors posted, but if there is not compliance with the rules, there is no validation.

I don't want to be rude, but I send out this news article yearly and in countless rejection letters. I want the authors to succeed and I want the lovely members to enjoy a good story.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

--Sirsevchick on 08/12/2012 - 12:26 am 5 Comments--

Happy Birthday Mistress Malfoy!!

Tis the anniversary of the birth of our darling Mistress and we want to wish her the happiest of days that spill over into the next year. We are hoping that all your most hearfelt of wishes come true (served on a sterling silver tray by Lucius wearing naught but a tea towel while Loki serves you grapes. Lol.)

So may oodles of starshine and moonbeams and hugs and love come winging your way from across timelines and oceans, through forests and foul weather to bring you the good wishes of all of us.

Love you lots,

DHLane, Sirsevchick, and Lupinswolfie

PS - Check out the featured stories and more of her stories. They all are amazing!!


-- on 19/11/2012 - 03:52 pm 17 Comments--

Christmas Prompt Table!!

Hi my loves! It is that time again- CHRISTMAS (yay cheers claps ew lol) and our Christmas challenge will be starting early. The prompt table is something we haven't yet tried but have been participants in other prompt table exchanges.

So how does it work?

1. Each author is allowed to pick two words from the prompt table. Each word can only be picked once. As the word is claimed, it will be struck through and your name placed next to it.

2. Fics must be in by December 20th (no exceptions this is Christmas fics remember?)

3. The minimum word count is 2000

4. Lucky Dip words can be chosen in place of ONE of your two words. There are five lucky dips to choose from and we are allowing two authors a chance at each lucky dip, so there will be ten lucky dip words in total. (No lucky dip word will be the same)

4A. If you ae having trouble deciding you can request the random number generator to pick for you! :D

5. Happy endings are an absolute must, (yes nottonyharrison I am looking at you!)

6. All fics must be beta read!

7. HAVE FUN!! :D :D :D

Comment here to pick your words or be given a randomly picked word set!!


NO TIME WASTERS! If you do not think you can submit a fic on time, have let me down in the past then please don't bother. Let someone who will actually write a fic have a word instead.

--MistressMalfoy on 29/10/2012 - 04:34 am 48 Comments--

Fuh-Q-Fest results and reveal!

First let me say thank you to all the authors who got their fics into the exchange on time, you certainly kept my stress levels low :D

For those who did contact me and didn't get their fics in, I appreciate your efforts and really hope to see the fics up soon in the archive xoxo

For those who ignored my emails and didn't bother to contact me at all yet still clogged up my time with chasing and begging for your fics to come in- you really suck.

Now onto the winners!!

Best Overall Fic in the Exchange

Of Wolf and Man by Nathaniel Cardeu

Best Original Use of Prompt

Parallelto the dark by nottonyharrison!

Guess the Author!

Brandy01 lol she guessed 12 out of 14!!

Now onto the big reveal!

1. A bit of this and that Author: bunnyhops
2. Arithmantic Love Author: MistressMalfoy
3. Assumptions, the mother of all... Author: ImTrouble
4. Atramentum Author: brandy01
5. Battle of Wills Author: Miss Fantastic
6. Butterfly Author: Savva
7. Common People Author: nottonyharrison
8. Desidero Author: DHLane
9. Greener Pastures Author: Mihnn
10.Inheritance Author: Brandy01
11. No more mistakes Author: RustyWeasley
12. Of Wolf and man Author: Nathaniel Cardeu
13. Parallel to the dark Author: nottonyharrison
14. The sword of Gryffindor Author: Brandy01

--MistressMalfoy on 18/10/2012 - 03:21 am 11 Comments--