Fic Exchange Interest

We are thinking about having our third annual fic exchange starting soon.

Please register your interest here :)

For those that are uninformed, a fic exchange is where you sign up to write a gift for someone else and you in turn get a gift back from another author :)

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January/February Challenge


The Jane Eyre Inspired Challenge


There once was a castle, a beautiful sprawling castle set amongst the gentle rolling hills of the Cotswolds. A man lived there, a gentlemen who lived a life of luxurious importance, he was joined by a team of loyal servants that relished in the mystery surrounding the man.

And then she came along, a tiny slip of a witch, uninspiring in looks, short in stature but bubbling with magical power.

She intrigues him to the point of madness, turning his perceptions of the world inside out, she is everything to him yet one thing stands in their way of happiness...a deep dark secret he has harboured for years, one that will tear their world apart.

The boring rules!!

1. Must be set to the Jane Eyre (2011 movie) theme

2. Your male character must be one of the following


  • Married openly and his wife is insane or :

  • Married in secret with his insane wife hidden away


3. Hermione must be the following :


  • Employed by your male character

  • Early 20's

  • A virgin

  • Innocent in terms of intimacy with a male

4. Your story must contain the following

  • An insane wife

  • A fire set by the insane wife that Hermione rescues her man from

  • Another woman (in Jane Eyre Miss Ingram is the love interest but you can make it whoever you like)

  • An almost marriage (between your male character and Hermione)

  • Hermione leaving her male when the truth comes out (but return when another male takes an interest in her)

  • Angst

  • UST

  • A Happy Ending

  • Your male character should be impaired by the end, as in Jane Eyre but it does not have to be blindness.

More boring rules:

  • Fic should be complete by the 14th of February

  • Fic has a minimum count of 5000 words

  • Fic should not be submitted to the archive until a beta has made corrections

  • Fic can not be submitted unless it in complete (for wips, proof will be required)

Any questions? Wikipedia has the entire plot for both the movie and the original book, please only use the adult Jane storyline when changing it to the HP universe :)

--MistressMalfoy on 06/01/2013 - 10:32 pm 12 Comments--

Happy new year!!

Happy new year to all our wonderful authors, readers and friends. We hope 2013 brings you luck, happiness and the love of those close to you.

We are now taking requests for 2013 challenges!

We look forward to bringing you a whole new year of wonderful fics and amazing authors as we enter in Granger Enchanted's 7th year!

Much love,

MistressMalfoy, sirsevchick, lupinswolfie and dhlane xoxo







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Christmas Hols

Hello loves!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that between the 24th of December (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and the 3rd of January, the lovely witches of GE will be on hols!

As you are all aware, everyone who works at GE is a volunteer and needs a much deserved break away from validating, wonderful stories and dunderheads (lol)

If you submit your story during this period please do not expect it to be validated until after the 3rd of January.

If my beautiful witches get bored they may come and validate but please don't get upset if your fic sits there until after the new year.

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Be kind to your family, don't pout and have lots of fizzy pops (lol) to get you through the hols heehee

Much Love!

MistressMalfoy, DHLane, Sirsevchick and Lupinswolfie xoxoxo

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Annual Beta Reminder

Hello, everyone!

Once again, I am reminded that I must post my annual news post to inform you that:



Now, that being said, your beta must have a basic understanding of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and canon knowledge amongst the many other things that are necessary for a good beta.  (<--- See, run on sentence..BAD BAD)

Please keep in mind that the submission rules are not there just to take up space on a page, but are there to assist you as an author and member to submit your story successfully.  Also, while having a beta increases your chances of being validated it is not a guarantee of validation.  We look at everything; plot, characterization and the list goes on and on.  No one wants anyone to fail, but please follow the rules.

I post this every single year and every year, I receive pledges of support and love. What I really want is action and follow through.  The submission witches read through hundreds of submissions yearly.  We enjoy many of them and would like to see all of the authors posted, but if there is not compliance with the rules, there is no validation.

I don't want to be rude, but I send out this news article yearly and in countless rejection letters. I want the authors to succeed and I want the lovely members to enjoy a good story.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

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Happy Birthday Mistress Malfoy!!

Tis the anniversary of the birth of our darling Mistress and we want to wish her the happiest of days that spill over into the next year. We are hoping that all your most hearfelt of wishes come true (served on a sterling silver tray by Lucius wearing naught but a tea towel while Loki serves you grapes. Lol.)

So may oodles of starshine and moonbeams and hugs and love come winging your way from across timelines and oceans, through forests and foul weather to bring you the good wishes of all of us.

Love you lots,

DHLane, Sirsevchick, and Lupinswolfie


PS - Check out the featured stories and more of her stories. They all are amazing!!


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Christmas Prompt Table!!

Hi my loves! It is that time again- CHRISTMAS (yay cheers claps ew lol) and our Christmas challenge will be starting early. The prompt table is something we haven't yet tried but have been participants in other prompt table exchanges.

So how does it work?

1. Each author is allowed to pick two words from the prompt table. Each word can only be picked once. As the word is claimed, it will be struck through and your name placed next to it.

2. Fics must be in by December 20th (no exceptions this is Christmas fics remember?)

3. The minimum word count is 2000

4. Lucky Dip words can be chosen in place of ONE of your two words. There are five lucky dips to choose from and we are allowing two authors a chance at each lucky dip, so there will be ten lucky dip words in total. (No lucky dip word will be the same)

4A. If you ae having trouble deciding you can request the random number generator to pick for you! :D

5. Happy endings are an absolute must, (yes nottonyharrison I am looking at you!)

6. All fics must be beta read!

7. HAVE FUN!! :D :D :D

Comment here to pick your words or be given a randomly picked word set!!



NO TIME WASTERS! If you do not think you can submit a fic on time, have let me down in the past then please don't bother. Let someone who will actually write a fic have a word instead.

--MistressMalfoy on 29/10/2012 - 04:34 am 48 Comments--

Fuh-Q-Fest results and reveal!

First let me say thank you to all the authors who got their fics into the exchange on time, you certainly kept my stress levels low :D

For those who did contact me and didn't get their fics in, I appreciate your efforts and really hope to see the fics up soon in the archive xoxo

For those who ignored my emails and didn't bother to contact me at all yet still clogged up my time with chasing and begging for your fics to come in- you really suck.

Now onto the winners!!

Best Overall Fic in the Exchange

Of Wolf and Man by Nathaniel Cardeu

Best Original Use of Prompt

Parallel to the dark by nottonyharrison!

Guess the Author!

Brandy01 lol she guessed 12 out of 14!!

Now onto the big reveal!

1. A bit of this and that Author: bunnyhops
2. Arithmantic Love                                   Author: MistressMalfoy
3. Assumptions, the mother of all...            Author:  ImTrouble
4. Atramentum                                          Author: brandy01
5. Battle of Wills                                       Author: Miss Fantastic
6. Butterfly                                               Author: Savva
7. Common People                                   Author:  nottonyharrison
8. Desidero                                              Author: DHLane
9. Greener Pastures                                 Author: Mihnn
10. Inheritance                                         Author: Brandy01
11. No more mistakes                              Author:  RustyWeasley
12. Of Wolf and man                                Author: Nathaniel Cardeu
13. Parallel to the dark                             Author: nottonyharrison
14. The sword of Gryffindor                       Author: Brandy01

--MistressMalfoy on 18/10/2012 - 03:21 am 11 Comments--


Hello darlings!! As promised Fuh-q-Fest voting is now opened and you can vote by following the link below!! Voting will end in three days time!



--MistressMalfoy on 15/10/2012 - 06:00 am 4 Comments--

Fuh-Q-Fest and Challenge Information for 2012

Hello my buttons!! I hope you're all enjoying the fuh-q-fest fics! As the remaining stragglers slowly drip in I wanted to make this news post to let you know a little about the voting, how it will work and the remaining challenges for this year!

Fuh-Q-Fest Voting

Voting will be conducted on LJ again to be fair to every voter and ensure no one is making fake accounts and cheating. (We've had this before in the past)

Categories will be as follows:

1. Best In Fic (Best overall fic)

2. Guess the Author

3. Best use of Prompt

(Guess the author will list the fics and then the authors who participated and readers have to guess who wrote what!)

Voting will commence on Sunday Australian Eastern Standard Time and will run for three days before I will reveal the authors on LJ and GE!

Rest of the year challenges!

November is Indecent Proposal Month!

The challenge will be based around the following prompt:

One Million Galleons to sleep with him/her for one night, then they can leave, no strings attached.

We've all seen the movie, Demi Moore and Robert Redford but of course we need a Hermione Granger Twist!

Points for including the following:

1. Hermione is the rich witch indecently proposing to wizards

2. Hermione ends up with the rich wizard at the end and not her poor lover

3. The indecent proposal can include debt repayment, life debts etc


(Indecent Proposal challenge will begin on October 20th and finish on November 20th)

Christmas Challenge!

It's beginning to look a lot like...a Hermione Granger Christmas!

It's Christmas, time for celebrations, presents and a roast with all the trimmings...right?

Well no- this is Hermione Granger and nothing ever goes to plan!

Themes for it's the HG Christmas Challenge are being accepted and you can post here or contact me on email with your ideas!!

Any questions, post them here! xo




--MistressMalfoy on 11/10/2012 - 06:56 am 4 Comments--


Hello all :) I just wanted to bring a problem we've been having to everyone's attention.

In the Fuh-Q-Fest alone I have had to remove six reviews that were borderline flaming, nasty, cruel or just plain critical.

You have every right to your opinion, but please remember that the authors here at GE do not get paid, they are generally not mainstream published authors and have worked hard to bring you a story they enjoyed creating.

You are not an armchair critic, you cannot tell an author how their story should be written, argue with them in reviews or accuse an author of plagiarism (see me for that before you go off at someone) and the worst of all- criticise the author on their writing style etc when your review resembles a pre-schooler's homework.

In saying that, authors appreciate reviews, they are oxygen to every author and without them most authors just won't bother posting anymore.

GE survives on authors, we survive on new stories and older updates, if we don't show our appreciation to the authors of this site then they will go elsewhere.

So remember that when you read a story you've enjoyed or liked even a little bit, leave some love, tell the author you appreciate their story.

Leave the nastiness for the playground or your personal lives, we do not want it here, I won't stand for my authors being harassed or made to feel terrible if they (and we) have missed grammar errors, a full stop here and there etc.

And if you think you can do a better job, do it and stop complaining :)


If anyone has any complaints or problems with a story I would advise you to contact me directly using the contact feature at the bottom of the page.


--MistressMalfoy on 03/10/2012 - 06:21 am 20 Comments--


Hello everyone!

The fest has been extended until the 7th xox

Please remember that authors survive on reviews and love, so if you've read it an enjoyed it, please leave a review!


--MistressMalfoy on 28/09/2012 - 11:18 am 0 Comments--

Fuh-Q-Fest Submissions

Fuh-Q- Fest dates are getting super close and now is the time to be contacting me if you need an extension or a beta/cheerleader!

Please remember a few things when submitting your fic for the Fuh-Q-Fest

1. All fics will go through the general submissions queue and are subject to our terms and conditions
2. Just because the fic is for the Fuh-Q-Fest does not guarantee acceptance into the archive
3. All stories must be read by a beta. If you are a beta yourself you still need a beta for your story.
4. Only word document will be accepted anything else will be returned to you unopened
5. All stories must contain the following template


DO NOT PUT HTML TAGS IN YOUR FIC! If you are using word, we are able to simply copy and paste your story already formatted!

Comments/Author's Notes: (Please remember that even beta names should not be referred to when submitting your fic, but thanks are always welcome to those who helped you!)

Email stories to xo

--MistressMalfoy on 17/09/2012 - 02:01 am 0 Comments--


Round two signups for the Fuh-Q-Fest is now active. Those wishing to grab a prompt (from what's left) or those who wish to adopt a second or third prompt are now invited to come across to the Live Journal and request a prompt.

For those of you without a Live Journal Account, please feel free to message me at with the subject heading ADOPT A PROMPT! (please include the template that is on the following link)


--MistressMalfoy on 25/08/2012 - 07:16 am 0 Comments--


The Fuh-Q-Fest Sign up post is now open on Live Journal! You need to be a member of Live Journal to participate as as author in the fest!

Please consider the rules carefully before joining in the fest!

All rules, sign up dates etc are now available on the live journal post...




Much Love,

MistressMalfoy xo

--MistressMalfoy on 15/08/2012 - 04:15 am 14 Comments--

Hermione Fuh-q-Fest Signups!!

As Fuh-Q-Fest is winning in the poll, I am going to open up this news post for people to express interest in the up and coming fest.

How does a Fuh-Q-Fest work?

1. During a week long period we will accept prompts for the fest. Prompts should be in the form of a detailed sentence. (If more clarification is needed I will post examples leading up to the prompt requests)

2. Prompts will be released on our live journal account and authors will 'claim' a prompt- the prompt is then crossed out as 'claimed'

3. You have a month to write your fic and email it in.

4. Fuh-Q-Fest entries will be posted under an anonymous account until after the voting period has finished.

5. Prompts can be volunteered by readers and authors alike, but cannot be claimed by the person who volunteered the prompt.

6. Fuh-Q-Fest is an adult fest, R-NC17 fics only, no M15 or below.

7. They must feature Hermione as the main character.

8. Prompts can include a requested pairing but the author does not have to fulfil that request if they do not wish to.

9. Once you have signed up for a prompt you must complete it! Please don't bother signing up or requesting a prompt if you will not complete.

Any questions, concerns or clarification needed? Comment here.

Expressions of interest should also be left here. I will only commence the fest once I have fifteen authors willing to participate.

--MistressMalfoy on 05/08/2012 - 06:52 am 37 Comments--

Email Etiquette



It’s that time of year again!! Admin will sound like a broken record, you will painfully head desk at the thought of reading another tedious news post regarding being nice! But here it is…so enjoy my loves!!

Emailing admin is simple and you can make the process a lot simpler and positive if you follow these easy steps!!

1. Have you checked the help file?

Yes? Wonderful all your questions should be answered there, if not feel free to email us!

No! Okay then, first step is to click the help file- this is located at the top of the page in between ‘browse’ and ‘top tens’. You can also find a link to the help file at the bottom of the site, on the left.


2. You want to change your username?

If you are a registered and published author, we are more than happy to do this for you. If you were simply drunk, high on life, feeling a bit silly or a teenager when you created a username and now BigRump99 no longer suits you- well I’m sorry we will not change usernames because you have outgrown it or now hate it. We receive around fifty requests a day for this and I do not have time to sift through usernames to change yours.

3. My password doesn’t work raaawwwwrr it’s all your fault, fix it now or I’ll go somewhere else!! ROAR

Um… LOL! The passwords are GENERATED! I do not sit behind my laptop all day, rubbing my hands together in glee just at the thought of your head going bald in pulling-out- hair- frustration because the password is slightly difficult. Copy it letter for letter, number for number etc. Make sure your caps lock is not turned on and you’re not using a foreign language keyboard! Heehee!

4. Are you sure you want to threaten me?

Threats are taken extremely seriously. I have a life, a nice full happy one- as do my beautiful admin witches who have better things to do than read through your angry rant filled, poorly spelled emails.

Any member who threatens admin in whatever regard will have their IP blocked from our system, never to be released again. *This is where you should insert the evil maniacal laughter*

5. We haven’t answered your email!

Oh noes! 1. Check your spam email for the auto respond email- it contains all the answers to your questions 2. If you are in desperate need of help we will respond to you after placing your email in a priority queue. 3. Telling me to go fuck myself will not work- I have a husband for that thank you very much!

6. Do you have manners?

Well, we do. And in return we expect a modicum of polite behaviour when sending Admin an email. Be concise, list your problems and you will be answered as soon as humanly possible.

Some examples of how not to email admin…

“Lost my password get me a new one.”

“You need to delete my account now!”

“I don’t know my username you need to delete my old one so I can sign up again.” *coughs* If you don’t know your username how am I supposed to?

“I am now a professional and want my account deleted because I am soooo terrified my real life friends/workmates/family/homeless guy on the street, will Google search my username of FreshBananasAreAwesome and ruin my perfectly wonderful life!” I mean honestly? Do you truly believe people in your life have nothing better to do than search for your random username and then taunt you for being a member of a Harry Potter FF site? Ever heard of Deny Deny Deny?

“I’m on my phone and you need to build a mobile site just for me.” At this time we will not be making a mobile site.

<--- Blank emails… I won’t chase after you asking what you need, want or wish to complain about. If you are using Internet Explorer you won’t get a message through, this topic has been beaten to death and is also in the auto responder email that you receive! If you read through it carefully you will not need to follow up your initial blank email with a rude demanding one.

7. Can you type or understand the English language?

Whilst this bothers me less than rude emails, the language barrier can sometimes be very demanding and hard to get around. Please be aware that if we send you a reply asking you to be more specific, we are not having a go at your country nor are we teasing you for not having a solid grasp on the English language. We want to help you, please remember this when emailing us back and being obnoxious.

8. Netspeak?!!

I grew up in a world of books, pencils, dictionaries/thesauruses therefore I barely understand netspeak. Please recall your wonderful English language when constructing an email because if you write in netspeak, use numbers instead of letters- I really don’t want to spend the next ten hours using an online decipher tool to figure out what you need :D

9. “You need to fix the website.” Nine times out of ten there is nothing wrong with our website. If we are having server problems it will be listed on the Ge Facebook Page.

10. Complaining about a rejection. We do not sit here – again- rubbing our hands together in glee at the thought of rejecting you. All of our validators are accredited Betas with enough degrees and education to put everyone else to shame (including me). Please take their advice seriously and remember WE ARE NOT YOUR BETAS, we will not list every single mistake in your fic for you to fix easily. This is your job and most importantly your beta’s job.

11. I am looking for a fic. Where is this fic? I think you should write this. I think this story can be improved how do I contact the author to tell them so?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities for Fic Recs but we do have a nifty search feature that will help you search for titles or authors. If you wish for a more specific search, please head to the forums!


12. You send us a rude, horribly condescending email about how terrible our site is, how badly we phrase our submission rules, how the news has some spelling mistakes, how we haven't used correct punctuation, grammar etc yet your email is filled with the same above complaint.


My replies tend to be well thought out and I generally run through about ten drafts until I am happy with my response (trust me when I say you wouldn't want to read the drafts as they usually tell you just what your complaint can do with itself). In saying that, emailing me back with claims of having an 'illness' 'mental deficiency' or 'bad eyesight' will not help your case. If you have the balls to call us out on so called mistakes, be prepared to receive an email back correcting your email in the politest way possible. (you would be surprised with the amount of these emails I receive and then have an illness thrown in my face as the reason)


Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my yearly rant and to those who send beautifully crafted emails, with manners, correct spelling and not a lick of netspeak in sight. These emails are generally answered first as they are a pleasure to read.

With Love,

Admin xox




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Happy Birthday to Sirsevchick!!!

Our dearest Sirsevchick is celebrating another year of brilliance and we here at Granger Enchanted would like to wish her the happiest of special days!!! This place couldn't operate without you and we just want you to know how much we adore you, bebe. Huggles from all of us!

We love you,

xoxoMistress Malfoy, Lupinswolfie and DHLane

--DHLane on 27/07/2012 - 12:17 am 9 Comments--

We're up to week four!!

Show your support for those epic Malfoy family! Head to Malfoy Manor and read and review all our wonderful fic war stories!!! :D <3

Head over to Malfoy Manor <--- CLICK Me!! to read the fantastic stories!!

--MistressMalfoy on 05/07/2012 - 07:43 am 5 Comments--

Malfoy Manor FIC WAR SIGNUPS!!

To those of you who follow the news on Enchant and Malfoy Manor, we are now opening up signups for the Malfoy Manor Fic War!!

So here are the rules!!

1. The war runs for seven weeks, you may contribute to every week, or just select weeks you'd like to participate in.
2. You may sign up at any time during the war
3. Points are graded on the following scale: 10 Points for first place in the voting poll, 7 points for second place, 4 points for third place and one point for 4th place.
4. Each week the points are tallied and at the end a winner will be announced with a parade through the GE family (lol)
5. This post is for signups, once you have signed up you will receive the first weeks prompt in your inbox before Wednesday.
6. First weeks entries are due by the 7th of July and signups for the first week will end on the 30th of June.
7. Subsequent weeks, prompts will be available from Malfoy Manor News section only on the Saturday morning (Australian time) and then due in by the following Saturday 12pm (everyone else's time)
8. Voting commences Saturday 1pm after all the fics have been validated.
9. Fics must be a minimum of 1000 words, beta'd and adhere to GE submission rules to be qualified as entrants.
10. First time authors are asked to give our submission rules a thorough read through before submitting fic to the archive.
11. Seven day resubmit will not be relevant in this case, any editing that needs to be done, can be resubmitted as soon as the fixes are complete.
12. Any Malfoy is welcome for the Fic War!

If you have any questions/queries/concerns please do not hesitate to comment here, at Enchant News or Malfoy Manor news

Much love,


FIC WAR Entryform

Name: (Penname)
Age consent: I am over the age of 18
Submission conditions: I agree to follow Malfoy Manor rules, by having my work seen to by a beta before submission


Alternative signup links:

Live Journal

Malfoy Manor News

--MistressMalfoy on 24/06/2012 - 01:53 am 24 Comments--

Malfoy Manor Challenges!!

I am looking for Dramione/Lumione/Scorpione authors to participate in a one shot war I'm going to start on Malfoy Manor, if you could leave your expressions of interest here in this news post or in an email to me directly (not the admin email) then I would be most grateful.

In light of the Dramione exchange dead in the ground, we're looking to reignite fandom and using the Malfoys as our tools!

Even if you haven't written a Malfoy before, cheerleaders and baton twirlers are always welcome!

The basic premise of a fic war...

1. You sign up for a six week one shot challenge (I know it seems extreme but that is a minimum of 1000 words, come on we can all do that!)

2. We give a prompt, one word, several words, a whole sentence or a theme

3. You write the one shot and post within a week

4. The second prompt is issued and before the deadline arrives, the site votes on which fic they like the most (from the previous round),with points given to the top five

5. Any author can join the war, at the 1st week, 2nd week or 6th.

6. At the end of the six weeks, whoever has the most points wins and gets a lovely (yet to be determined) prize.

Now to get this off the ground we will need at the bare minimum, ten authors willing to sign their names to the war so we can revive the Malfoy fandom and bring some love back to the Malfoy Manor site!! :D


Remember the more authors we have and the more frequent updates, the more people will flock to read your stories!!

Comments, questions? Ask them here! <3

--MistressMalfoy on 19/06/2012 - 08:18 am 26 Comments--

Happy Birthday Lupinswolfie!!!

Everyone at Granger Enchanted would like to wish our beloved Lupinswolfie a most excellent birthday!! For all you do and all you mean to us, we hope your day becomes a week and your week becomes a month and your month becomes a year in which you celebrate your life!! Love you oodles and oodles!!

xoxo Enchanted Admin

--DHLane on 12/06/2012 - 04:12 pm 13 Comments--

Rarepair Challenge extension!!

I've had a couple of emails in the last few days begging for extensions and since I haven't finished mine yet extension granted!


For those who need it an extra two weeks has been added before we start our animagus challenge!


--MistressMalfoy on 31/05/2012 - 06:06 am 1 Comments--

The RarePair Challenge!!

Since we don't really have a theme plotted out for this challenge, I thought it might be fun to drag out the old 'cliche' bag but do a Reverse Cliche Challenge.


1.Being the only Slytherin male at the age of 18 to still be a virgin is not something Theo wants to be known for... Hermione seduces Theo

2. Marriage law where Hermione is behind the whole thing

3. Hermione Older Male where Hermione seduces the reluctant older wizard


Pairings allowed...

Because we are quite well known for our love of rare pairs here at Granger Enchanted there wasn't many pairings to choose from with ten or under fics lol

Fics with pairings numbered 30 or below will be considered 'rare'.

So after my rambling what do  we have?

The Reverse Cliche Challenge!!

Find a Hermione Granger cliche and reverse it! (see above examples)


Pairings permitted (If you have a threesome pairing you wish to submit as a rarepair, please comment below and I will add it!)

Abraxas, Adrian, Adrian/Marcus, Anthony, Antonin, Arthur, Avery, Barty, Blaise/Draco, Blaise/Theo, Bill/Charlie, Cormac, Dean, Draco/Harry, Draco/Lucius, Draco/Severus, Evan Rosier, Fenrir, Goyle, Fred/George, George, Grindelwald, James Potter, KIngsley, Lee, Marcus, Moody, Neville, Oliver, Ollivander, Percy, Rabastan, Regulus, Rodolphus, Roger, Ron, Salazar, Scabior, Scorpius, Seamus, Terrance, Theo, Teddy and Viktor!

Phew lol

Fics should be in by May 30th

All fics submitted to 'Challenges - Reverse Cliche'

All ratings, genre etc permitted!

Any comments, please enter them below!


--MistressMalfoy on 06/05/2012 - 10:28 am 46 Comments--

New Author Workshop Team Worksheets

I'm lacking worksheets for two authors, and two betas. If you check your mail and for some reason don't have the worksheet... reply here and I'll make sure to get you one. I'd like to get the teams matched as soon as possible. Thanks!

--curse weaver on 30/04/2012 - 01:08 pm 10 Comments--


During a recent site glitch, the classification 'genres' was removed due to problems site wide. I have now reinstalled the genres but you will have to manually edit your fics back into the appropriate genres.

New genres:

1. Adult Hermione

2. Teenage Hermione

3. Adultery

If there are any genres you would like to see added, please comment here.

--MistressMalfoy on 30/04/2012 - 02:00 am 16 Comments--

NAW! Seriously!

We will be hosting our first New Author Workshop. Yes, GE’s first NAW. Seriously, we have heard so many loyal readers express the desire to put plot bunnies into fic form and it is time to put your stories where your mouths are!

Lately, the atmosphere here has been miles away from what MistressMalfoy intended when she started this amazing archive. I remember in 2007, discussing something like this with her and neither of us were able to actually implement it. Well, I believe it is time. The bottom line at GE and her affiliates is this: we value readers, reviewers, and authors the same. This archive as a whole wouldn't work without all of you, we recognize this and we aim to prove it! Granger Enchanted is an incredible place to read, archive, and simply get together in a productive way and if you would like to participate, or help mould GE’s newest authors... read on!

We are going to attempt to start small and this will operate almost like a challenge, only not. The first five new authors who sign up get in. Period. First come, first serve. We are only going for five to begin with and we are hopeful that many work up the nerve to attempt this. If you solely read here, and you have ever wanted to just bite the bullet and write, this workshop is for you!

We will also need five volunteer betas, and five volunteer experienced authors. By beta, we mean GE or PI accredited. By experienced authors, we mean you have been archived at Granger Enchanted or Malfoy Manor. We would prefer authors who have been writing a while and remember the frustration of getting that plot bunny archived. You will need to be helpful, attentive, and NICE.

Each new author will be assigned a beta and a mentor (experienced author). For you newbies, for the first week you need to be in contact with your mentor at least and ask questions. Figure out how to outline a story, how to map a story, how to plan a story. We are only asking for a one-shot in this workshop. We just want you to get your feet wet, so to speak but remember; this is an opportunity you might not get again. You will have a beta and a mentor at your fingertips. Use them. Hopefully after that first week, you will have the tools you need to begin a one-shot. There is a set deadline of May 26th for entries to be submitted. I firmly believe we can pull this off if we all work together!

Have no fear of signing up and being abandoned! If for some reason your beta or mentor has to bow out, DHLane and/or I will be there for you!

Sign ups begin NOW and will continue until we either have fifteen participants (5 new authors, 5 betas, and 5 mentors) or until May 5th, when we will admit defeat and say we tried. Either way, we hope you all participate and we hope this brings our GE family some peace and contentment!

All sign-ups should be sent to before May 5th. Remember, first come, first serve. If this is successful, we will be holding another so no worries if you do not get in!

--curse weaver on 29/04/2012 - 01:49 am 61 Comments--

please read...


It has been brought to my attention, via a member (and I thank you for alerting me to this) that certain members of our website believe us to be far too harsh or 'bullies'. I will not be naming names, suffice to say you know who you are and I have emailed you about this claim, requesting evidence of said bullying.

Let me be clear about a few things.

1. You don't have to archive your stories with us, if you find us harsh, cruel or bullies. You are not forced to be here and if you hate us that much, then you do not have to remain if you choose not to. I am not going to beg people to stay when they have made up their minds, you are all adults and if you wish to leave it is your right to do so.

2. We are a quality controlled archive. This is a fact, as of 2007 we stopped accepting submissions that were not seen to by a beta. We stopped allowing stories without disclaimers and we prevented an onslaught of fics that were poorly written and put (on a bad day) to shame.

3. Our rules are there for a reason. I have worked very very hard to build this archive to what you see today, I pimped, begged and pleaded for quality authors in the beginning and now the readers can enjoy a high level of quality in regards to our fics without having to go searching through dozens of archives. Our authors and our readers are what make us so popular today and we respect each individual that wishes to archive or simply read stories here.

4. We maintain a high level of professionalism, we do not 'out' authors who have misbehaved unless they out themselves or draw attention to themselves during action that has been taken against them. Our admins are all adults and we expect our authors to be adults as well. In that you need to respect that every person (including myself) volunteers in their own time, taking away from their families and no one feels that sting more than me.

5. We do not 'punish' authors and if you truly believe that enforcing the rules is a punishment, then you really need to reread our submission rules. Which by the way are some of the easiest ones to follow in the quality control archive fandom.

6. Our submission rules exist for EVERYONE! We do not discriminate or treat anyone different to another. If anyone feels that our emails are 'cold' or 'heartless' it is because as admins we cannot favour our friends or treat our friends differently. When we have our admin hats on, we are admins, we are not your close friends, facebook mates or besties, we are not your family or mentors. We are admins.

7. All of our admins are Beta Accredited (this does not include me because I do not validate on this site), if your beta has an issue with any of the comments our admins make to you via email, I suggest you speak as a group. All of our admins are open to reply emails; they welcome it as a sign of your maturity and willingness to respect our submission rules.

In conclusion I am very disappointed that I even have to make this news post. I hoped to avoid it but since no one else seems to care how rudely they treat admin (and let me tell you we get daily abuse before we've even sent a rejection letter, this is from 'Get me my password now' to 'I'm not 18 and going to sign up and you can't stop me.' etc), I have always been open and honest with every email I have sent. I maintain my 'coldness' and 'stand offishness' because it is necessary.

My admins and I have been taken advantage of too many times in the past because we have grown too friendly with people and for anyone to suggest my admins are bullies when they freely give up their time to help out at GE and go above and beyond to help not only new authors but seasoned long time authors- well frankly I am disgusted.

Never in my six years of owning GE have I been put in this situation or had such nasty things said about myself or my admins. The maturity level shown in the emails/reviews and lack of ownership in regards to breaking the rules, not only hurts the reader, it brings down the whole feel of our archive.

In future, if you have a problem with me or my admins, think rationally and without your emotions before taking the fight public. I will always be available to anyone who has a concern or problem. I send out over thirty emails daily, with password changes, pen name changes/requests, and a myriad of other problems. My email inbox is always open and although it may take me a couple of days to get back to you, know this- I have never once let this archive down in the past, I might be behind the scenes mostly, but the bills always get paid on time and you are never without a friendly face at Granger Enchanted.



p.s before this blows up any further, let me say this, this news post is directed at the entire archive. My disappointment is limited to a chosen few who I will never name, but I hope they know how cruelly they have hurt me and my admin in their callous and childish vendetta against the archive. What was such a tiny matter was blown out of proportion in ridiculous amounts. I will not stand for rumours and blatant claims of bullying, cruelty and harassment when I have the emails to prove otherwise.

--MistressMalfoy on 23/04/2012 - 05:14 am 50 Comments--

Owl @Tauri closing and Banner comp!!

Hello my loves!

A Message to any authors! Please email me at if you wish to archive with us, before the closing of Tauri! We are offering validated status to all Owl Exclusive Authors, so you can rearchive your stories as quickly as possible!! xoxo



Once again we are looking a bit tired so I am holding another banner competition!!!

The following skins after sunday will be deleted permanently (to be replaced with the default skin)

1. Riddle

2. Dramione

3. Enchantedtwo

4. Lumione (we are retiring this banner)

5. Moonlit Nights

6. Simmering Cauldron

7. Simmering Cauldron two

8. Snamione

9. Yule Ball

10. THe Burrow

If anyone has any suggestions/pairings they'd like to see bannerised and skinned please let me know xoxo



--MistressMalfoy on 12/04/2012 - 06:17 am 29 Comments--

Time Turner Challenge!!


We have several different scenarios for you to choose from :D


Hermione travels back in time.

Hermione finds herself sent back in time (by other means than a time turner) whether it be Founders, Marauders, Knights of Walpurgis, First/Second War or even ten days before etc


  • Hermione must save a life of someone who is deceased in the future

  • and/or must change a significant event that alters her own future to AU

  • She must end up back in her own time which is now majorly AU

Hermione Travels forward in time.

Hermione finds herself twenty five years into the future by magical means (again no time turners!)


  • Everyone believes that she was murdered by (Major/Minor Canon character who ends up in Azkaban for her murder)

  • She must fall in love/lust with one Next Gen Character

  • and/or rekindle a long lost lover affair with her now married mystery lover

Someone else comes forward in time

A person from the past travels forward in time and falls for our witch.


  • Can be any canon character from the HP series as long as they are from the past

  • Ending: the decision should they stay or should they go, is ultimately up to you

Someone else comes back in time.

A person from the future (next gen or current gen) travels back to just after the war...their time line destroyed they now must live in a past where they will never exist/or live alongside their past self.

  • Canon next gen or current gen characters

  • Drama/Angst

  • A horrifying tragedy that must be remedied, this character is sent back on purpose to save someone else's life.

Fics should be a minimum of three thousand words and we will be accepting wips for this challenge.

Fics should be in by April 30th

Fics should be categorised : Challenges: Time Turner 2012

All pairings, ratings welcomed!! :D

ANY questions...ask them here and have fun my loves!! xoxo

--MistressMalfoy on 17/03/2012 - 10:02 am 56 Comments--