Valentine's Day

Ohhh if it isn't everyone's favourite time of the year! :D

Our next challenge will begin in the next few days and will of course be valentines day themed!

I look forward to reading everyone's entries.


p.s if anyone wants to see my HP picture holiday (lol) go to my lj for a giggle

--MistressMalfoy on 21/01/2009 - 10:41 pm 8 Comments--


Mistress Malfoy and the entire Granger Enchanted staff want to wish all of the wonderful authors and readers a happy, safe and prosperous New Year !!

--sirsevchick on 31/12/2008 - 06:42 pm 3 Comments--


I can scarcely believe that it has been two years since the conception of my beautiful site. From our humble beginnings of ten amazing authors, my constant begging in reviews of others to join, long hours pimping at various places and almost giving myself a heart attack when people actually started to join - to now, still the only successful Hermione Centric Adult FF site on the web, to thousands of loyal and darling members, dedicated staff on all our sites, the live journal pages (you girls are fantastic!)including the now defunct forums, and who can forget the amazing graphics girls, who keeps the site looking so beautiful (you know how much I love you seriously)

On a personal note- to sirsevchick my right hand witch, to Lupinswolfie my left hand (lol) to Punkindoodle, the captain at Pure Arrogance, to Shay, the best designer I have ever encountered, to Jackie for always being there for tech support and for her enormous help during the time we were hacked. To all our staff, past and present you are all fantastic!

Then of course it's our wonderful authors, who without this site would never have gotten off the ground. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. To those few who were our founding members, you guys were the glue that not only held me together but kept the site afloat and for that you will always be number one with me!

To everyone who has even had the smallest input over the past two years, you will always be a friend to me.

So... HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY GRANGER ENCHANTED! Two years young and still going mighty strong!!

Also I wish each and every one of you a fantastic Christmas, a fabulous Hanukkah and a safe and happy holiday.

With love...


p.s I am going away for three weeks starting Christmas day, enchantedadmin email will still be active and forwarded to sirsevchick who in my absence is in control *shivers* LOL


--MistressMalfoy on 19/12/2008 - 09:28 am 10 Comments--

Holiday Submissions!

Hello my darlings! Just a quick note about submissions over the hols.

You can still submit your stories but the black out periods for validating are as follows-

24th-27th Of December

30th to 2nd of January

Now you can still submit your stories during this time but they will not be validated until after our witches have a MUCH needed break!

So please be patient, any emails asking why your story has not been validated will not be answered. (Sorry)

Also while I am jetsetting (lol) around Europe, sirsevchick will be my replacement. All emails to enchantedadmin address will be answered by her, if you need to send me a personal email, do so through here via the contact author button, or if you know my email just send me lol



--MistressMalfoy on 08/12/2008 - 06:57 am 4 Comments--


Hi everyone and it is that time of year again! CHRISTMAS!! Which means our annual Christmas challenge!

The rules are simple and as follows.

1. Pick one prompt to work with.

2. The ending must be happy!!!! (Come on guys this is Christmas, low on angst high on HAPPY!)

3. All entries must be in and COMPLETED by December 25th 2008, we will not be accepting WIPS unless they are in and completed by Christmas day.

4. All regular submission rules apply.

5. When submitting your story choose Category- Challenges Sub Category- Christmas 08 then do the regular, characters etc.

6. This challenge will not be anonymous as it is just for fun, every participant will get a banner for entering the challenge.

7. You can post your story to other archives, journals as this isn't a competition but we would appreciate a link or mention that it is for the challenge!

8. Minimum word requirement is 1000, maximum is totally up to you!

Thanks to my wonderful bb, wickedswanz or not only single handedley brought back my mojo in about fifteen seconds but also helped with the prompts! lol


SO on to the prompts!!

1. The one gift she wanted was never under the tree...except this year it came by special delivery, wrapped in a big red bow

2. Their blood didn't matter in the magic that was Christmas.

3. Who knew Mistletoe could be used in such an interesting fashion

4. Everyone else was getting presents and she was locked in a broom closet with the one wizard who she wanted to hex into oblivion.

5. Christmas is the darkest part of her year, who could possibly show her that Her bad memories are past and that he is her Christmas gift forever.

6. Christmas was about why was she doing everything in her power to ruin hers, with the one wizard who could taint her for life.

7. Everyone thought he was dead. But for this one special Christmas, he is very much alive and all hers.

8. Hermione gets what she wants for Christmas, the one man she's always thought was out of reach.

9. She was happy with one, but getting two made all her Christmas wishes come true.

10. The night was perfect, friends and family gathering around the yule log. But for two guests the night is nothing but tense longing for the one who is forbidden.

11. It's Christmas and as always the Loving Weasleys jump through hoops to make Hermione feel welcome. But what if on this night she doesn't want to be part of the family, in fact she would like one or two particular redheads to see her as something quite the opposite.


--MistressMalfoy on 29/11/2008 - 05:57 am 19 Comments--


Once again, it is that time of the year when we pay homage to our fearless leader. The Mistress was born ? years ago on November 20. I am sure that all of our wonderful authors and members will join me and the rest of the administrative staff to wish Mistress a Happy, Happy Birthday!!

--sirsevchick on 19/11/2008 - 06:55 pm 19 Comments--


As I slowly bring the site back to its former glory I found myself missing the affiliates pages. So we are now taking submissions for anyone wishing to become an affiliate to Granger Enchanted.

Now this is free, but I should warn you that I will be combing through the content of your site and although ours is an adult site, your page doesn't have to be. In fact it can be practically about anything but there is two conditions...

1. The site MUST be a domain owned by you or permission given to you to pimp the site. We will not accept fansites on geocities or ISP given webspaces.

2. You must feature somewhere on your site (preferably the affiliates page) a button of ours in return. We won't pimp your site if you don't do ours! *smiles* sound fair? Comment here (members only!) and I'll pop you an email.


Kind Regards,

MistressMalfoy xox

--MistressMalfoy on 15/10/2008 - 11:54 am 3 Comments--

Submit now! :D :D

Hi everyone!

We are going to be holding a competition shortly for all those into graphics :D

The design will be for our main page (simple I promise lol) :D and the competition will run for three months, all those interested should apply for details to enchantedadmin at grangerenchanted dot com

--MistressMalfoy on 29/09/2008 - 06:11 am 5 Comments--

Betas and Submissions

Hey everyone! Just a few new (and not so new) things:

1) Per GE submission rules: All stories MUST be beta-read. There has been an influx of stories (though great plot-wise) that have multiple spelling, punctuation, grammar, and /or canon errors. We would love to validate these stories, but due to growing demands, we simply no longer have the time to correct them. Therefore, any chapter submitted to the archive with these errors will be rejected. GE strives for a standard of quality that our authors and readers have come to expect, and we appreciate your efforts in helping to achieve that goal.

2) It has also been brought to our attention that Perfect Imagination has put a halt on accepting new authors. With our forums undergoing reconstruction, many of our authors have been unable to find a suitable beta.

Therefore, anyone who would like to become a GE approved beta, or who is already PI certified and would like to offer their services to our authors, please contact us at Enchantedadmin at grangerenchanted dot com for more information.

3) Due to the amazing number of submissions, there is now an opening for a submissions witch. Anyone interested in applying for this position, please send us an email!

Thanks again!

--Lupinswolfie on 22/09/2008 - 09:37 pm 5 Comments--






Zero tolerance on anyone found to have plagiarised a story from another author.

There isn't any point really, because you will be found out, and then you will be banned.


--MistressMalfoy on 20/09/2008 - 05:58 am 6 Comments--

All Authors!

Please check your stories! I have sent out emails to everyone but there are still readers contacting me about missing chapters.

If you have contacted us and not received a reply it is because of the Yahoo/Aol issue we have with our new host. The mail servers just don't like those email addresses :D

In other news...the new challenge shall begin shortly and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful entries in Two turns should do it and More than one is always fun (it was a dead heat in the poll)

Love to you all!


--MistressMalfoy on 15/09/2008 - 08:17 pm 1 Comments--

Story problems

Okay first thing's first :D

1. We know some stories are missing chapters/text etc.

2. All author's have been contacted and asked tofix their stories as our files were corrupted and we did not have every chapter in our back up.

3. Emails originating from AOL are not liked by our webhost so please include an alternate email for contact because we cannot respond.


4. When contacting for support please use the following template:


Registered Email address:

Problem:- (Detailed, with links or pasted errors, not just 'Why can't I do this?')

We will no longer be answering emails demanding for help, that are rude or with 'I can't view a story' etc as problems.

Please be as detailed as possible and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can, but be patient! We are trying our hardest to get everything back as it was, but things like this take time :)

Thanks again to everyone who has helped and to all the authors for being so understanding and kind, we love you all!

With love,


--MistressMalfoy on 12/09/2008 - 05:25 am 3 Comments--

Welcome back Enchanters!!!

*peeks out*


Hello! And welcome back to the newly revamped and uncompromised Granger Enchanted!

I am so happy to have everyone back and to see your happy smiling faces.

The past week has been absolute hell for me and I am so grateful to all those kind souls who donated money to keep us afloat and the support I have received in the form of msn msgs, emails and comments to my frantic wailing on Live Journal.

Seriously if this past week has taught me anything it's never underestimate the power and friendship in fandom and to appreciate each and every one of you, which I sincerely do.

So we are back, on a new host (thank the gods) with increased security and a no tolerance policy for anything!

Glitches are probably going to be common place (touch wood because I hope not) if you find sections of your stories missing, or you cannot access your account contact me via the contact us button at the bottom of the archive. Please be specific with your problem, not just I CAN'T GET INTO MY ACCOUNT.

Include the following:

Username, email address and a detailed list of the problem you are having. I will try and get to each problem as it comes in so please bear with us.

Again I thank you all for your support, especially to Jacci the designer of our site who held my hand through all of this and helped me to locate a new host and set the site back up again. I am now confident if any issues should arise I will be able to handle them.

Anyone who uploaded stories after the Fifth of September should check their information because they might not have made it through the upgrade/reload. If you submitted a chapter within the past five days, resubmit thank you!

Love Jodes aka MistressMalfoy

--MistressMalfoy on 09/09/2008 - 08:50 pm 24 Comments--

Thankyou...and we are back!

Thanks to one kind support person at our domain (finally hearing my cries for WTF!) We are back and in complete email lockdown.

We were down for one reason, someone was using our id to spam people, lovely!

If you have received spam emails that were not GE news or the like please let me know immediately. I will not tolerate anyone being spammed and then being accused of it :)


Thank you to everyone for being patient and your lovely emails supporting me :D

With love,



p.s (no the mojo has still not returned heh)

--MistressMalfoy on 03/09/2008 - 10:54 pm 2 Comments--

Enchanting Fiction!

I'm pleased to announce that our newest archive Enchanting Fiction (Original Fiction Archive) is now open for business!!!

All authors must go through the application process or at least prove they can string two sentences together ie: meaning they already have published works as in fanfiction on this site or any other site or have a body of original stories for us to look over.

We welcome all authors over the age of 18 :)


--MistressMalfoy on 27/07/2008 - 10:12 pm 2 Comments--


I'd like to extend the warmest birthday wishes to one of our incredible administration sirsevchick. She tirelessly donates her to the archive and to dozens of fledgling and established author as a beta/confidant :)




For the next week (once she gets her picks to me) sirsevchick will be choosing six stories she'd like to see featured :)


MistressMalfoy and the Granger Enchanted Family!

--MistressMalfoy on 27/07/2008 - 07:39 am 7 Comments--


Voting in the Pure Arrogance Challenge has commenced.

You can vote either two ways:

1. Email: challenges at grangerenchanted dot com

2. By the LiveJournal live poll! Which can be found at the following address:

Rules can be found at the livejournal!

--MistressMalfoy on 10/07/2008 - 09:47 pm 3 Comments--

Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!

I know! I'm late on the Canada Day! But I didn't even know about it until today when I mentioned to a friend I was going to wish everyone a happy 4th of July (even though the only reference I have to that day is Will Smith in Independence Day, lol,) and they were kind enough to let me know that Canada Day had just passed :D


I didn't want to leave our friends in the north out so...


And to the North Americans...

HAPPY 4th of July!!

From everyone at Granger Enchanted Australia! (We hope you have a wonderful day/s)


--MistressMalfoy on 04/07/2008 - 12:21 pm 10 Comments--

Thank you! :D

Thanks to everyone for emailing me about the recent 'contact member' spammer. We have since dealt with this problem and hopefully it will not be happening again.

If you do find yourself targeted by this person inviting you several times to join their website please contact us an include the body of the email in your msg to us.


MistressMalfoy :)

--MistressMalfoy on 02/07/2008 - 09:46 pm 3 Comments--

Review Spamming and NEXT challenge!!

If anyone finds themselves the target of a review spammer, leaving pointless one line reviews begging for more chapters in any of their stories please contact admin immediately.

Spamming through reviews isn't any different to regular spamming and we have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour.

On another note (a happy one!) The next challenge is being born as we speak! It will be called Golden Gryffindor's and span several decades :D So keep an eye out for that one!

--MistressMalfoy on 01/07/2008 - 06:18 am 14 Comments--


I'm very excited! We have two new entries plus an update to Hydrotherapy over at Pure Arrogance!

The challenge entries are just brill so check them out HERE

--MistressMalfoy on 26/06/2008 - 08:32 am 1 Comments--

Challenge winners!



First Place.... *drum roll*(winner gets to choose six of their favourites or their stories to feature for the next two weeks)

Whatever it Takes by lilmisblack

Second Place...

The Darker Side of Love by lupinswolfie

Third Place.. (we have three tied for first place)

Wandpoint Wedding by Minerva's Revenge

Mastering The Magic by MistressMalfoy


The Last Gift by Flowersbecomescreens

Well done to everyone who participated! Unfortunately the final results on the Live Journal were altered somewhat by multiple voting and email votes so congratulations to everyone!

(Now pop over to Pure Arrogance and enter that Challenge too!)

So the big reveal...!

Whatever it Takes by lilmisblack

The Darker Side of Love by lupinswolfie

Wandpoint Wedding by Minervasrevenge

Mastering The Magic by MistressMalfoy

The Last Gift by Flowersbecomescreens

Living Hell by LadyLynn

Everything by tarrariddle

The Good Master by anamar

Opening Her Eyes by ajlove


All stories can now be found under their author's profiles :)







--sirsevchick on 11/06/2008 - 06:21 am 10 Comments--

Voting Closed

Voting for the challenge ended several hours ago and we shall be posting the winners shortly.

Votes are being checked and double checked, and subtractions being made for multiple votes.


Watch this space!!

--MistressMalfoy on 09/06/2008 - 02:20 pm 1 Comments--

Email Votes!

Hi guys :)

Due to a few suggestions via email in the last couple of days we are opening up EMAIL voting for those without Live Journal Accounts. Simply put CHALLENGE VOTE in the subject line and email enchantedadmin at grangerenchanted dot com and pop your votes to us.

Please be honest and do not vote twice or use multiple accounts.


--MistressMalfoy on 08/06/2008 - 11:53 am 1 Comments--


Voting has commenced in the Diabolical Death Eater Challenge.

Anyone found to have voted more than once (even though it says ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON) will have their votes discounted so be warned.

Thank you for everyone for participating!

Remember, one vote per person and no pimping allowed!



--MistressMalfoy on 06/06/2008 - 09:28 pm 1 Comments--


Voting will commence today June 7th in roughly a few hours over at the Live Journal. Again all votes will be carefully monitored to avoid any problems.

You are allowed to vote for yourself, however should any votes be suspicious then we will deal with it.

You may only vote ONCE for ONE STORY! Anyone voting for more than one story will have their votes discounted.

Happy Reading! (The challenge entries will remain in the featured section until voting is complete on the 10th June)

MistressMalfoy and the Enchanted Team.

--MistressMalfoy on 06/06/2008 - 12:59 pm 1 Comments--

Our Condolences

From behalf of our entire staff and I am certain the readership of Granger Enchanted, we wish to extend our sincerest condolences to one of our dearest friends and administrator Punkindoodle.

Her sister lost her long battle with breast cancer of the 21st of May.

Punkindoodle you are a beautiful woman and we all adore you so please accept our thoughts and prayers with you and your family at this tragic time.

With much love,

MistressMalfoy and the Granger Enchanted Staff.

x oxo


--MistressMalfoy on 22/05/2008 - 09:39 am 14 Comments--


Let me say this once, and only once! Any users found to have plagiarised a story (I don't care if you're the most popular down to a brand spanking new author), you will be BANNED instantly! No questions asked.

Do not think we allow plagiarised stories in this archive, because we do not.

Do not pass the hard work of others, off as your own. Especially when said author is published in this archive!

And when I say ban, I mean banned across the board, every archive, forum, server, EVERYTHING!

It. Will. Not. Be. Tolerated!

Now my rant is over...we have some wonderful new stories in the archive recently, so read up!


--MistressMalfoy on 21/05/2008 - 08:13 am 15 Comments--

Gmail accounts

Hi everyone!


Due to a recent spate of spamming, anyone wishing to contact any of the GE email accounts will not be able to use GMAIL. You may still register with this email but if you wish to contact admin or anything regarding help, jobs et cetera, gmail accounts will not be downloaded from our server.

Please use either, yahoo, hotmail or your ISP account.



--MistressMalfoy on 19/05/2008 - 10:14 pm 2 Comments--

Pure Arrogance Entry!

I'm very excited to tell you all that we've had our first entry into the Pure Arrogance Prompt Challenge!

Hydrotherapy by anonymous (of course) NC17


Now we are aware of the popup adult thingy problem:D and there is an easy way around it.

1. Check to make sure you're 'I am over 18' is checked in your preferences/bio

2. Click okay to the I am over 18 popup

3. It will take you to a page with the warning on it again (click the second line of the warning) and it will take you to the story!



--MistressMalfoy on 12/05/2008 - 11:02 pm 1 Comments--