Granger Enchanted is based in Brisbane, Queensland which is currently being ravaged by disaster and flood.

To put things into perspective 75% of our state is now considered a disaster zone. 

The flood water covers a region the size of Texas.

You can fit the country of England into the flood region three times.

We are currently experiencing our worst natural disaster we have ever seen, with the worst still to come. The King Tide and Brisbane River is set to peak this afternoon at three pm (in roughly seven hours)

I am posting this to urge you to donate, think of all those poor souls who have lost their homes, their loves one and will lose all their worldly possessions.

Donate now and make a difference!



--MistressMalfoy on 11/01/2011 - 04:21 pm 20 Comments--

REMINDERS regarding Submission Rules!

I still find it unbelievable that after all these years we are still needing to harp on about rules and regulations.

But here we go, let's hope it is the only news of this kind for 2011.

1. Posting to Granger Enchanted is a privilege, not a right, and although that sounds extremely snobbish, I find myself hardly caring. We have built this site with certain quality aspirations and if you do not meet out criteria then you will be rejected. Don't take it too personally, we have (and will continue to have) very high standards.

This does not just apply to new authors. Authors who are already posting must continue to reach new heights in their standard of writing and you may find your story/chapter rejected if we do not believe your story fits in with our archive.

2. BETA! I cannot fathom how authors do not understand this simple rule. We are a quality controlled archive which means each and every chapter at the site gets read once, twice or sometimes even three times by our validation witches to ensure it meets the archive standards. Not having a beta is an insult, not only to us but to our readers and to other authors who take the time, effort and respect to fix, alter, and edit their stories before submission. Again, this does not just apply to new authors- we have had a spate of seasoned authors submitting poorly written fics and ones that have not seen a beta. This is unacceptable! If you do not like our rules, regulations and standards then go post somewhere like or that have no standards.

2a. Please ensure your beta has a grasp on the English language. They do not need to have a beta certificate, but just because someone slaps a 'beta' sign on their forehead does not make it so. You can be rejected even if you have a beta.

2b. Your Beta is there to ensure typos and misuse of words get corrected before publishing. They are not correcting your story to be mean, but to get you published! Take their advice!

 3. Age restrictions! YOU MUST BE 18 TO JOIN THIS SITE! Please understand if you are caught (and you will be) using our site whilst underage, posting stories whilst underage or trying to join- your IP will be banned from our servers. Guess what? I can and will do it, so don’t push the issue. I do not want to receive emails ‘But I’m turning 18 in a month’ or the like, because turning 18 is NOT 18!

4. Poorly written/childishly written stories are not accepted. We are an ADULT archive, which does not necessarily mean we only accept stories that have adult content, but they need to read like they've been written by an adult. Granger Enchanted reserves the right to reject any fic based on poorly written chapters, badly spelled summaries/disclaimers and stories that make us fall asleep after the first paragraph. And whilst I agree this is a grey area as to what people enjoy/will read, we employ a cross section of submissions witches who all enjoy different pairings, ratings etc so we are more than qualified to know if something is poorly written.

5. Nicknames- although this is not a submission rule, please believe that Dumbledore would not call Hermione 'Mione', nor would the Dark Lord refer to Severus as 'Sev' or Rabastan 'Rabs'. Some believability needs to be seen in your stories or the readers will run away in droves and your story will be rejected.

6. Basic knowledge of grammar and punctuation is required and your beta (if qualified) should be adept at this. Although we are not grammar Nazis, you should respect our site enough to not submit rubbish.

7. Emailing Admin: Whilst I can appreciate waiting for your story to be published/rejected can be quite nail biting, there is nothing I can do to approve your story. The submission witches work hard to provide GE with quality fiction and sometimes it is a long process. Not to mention they have their own lives to lead and I do not expect them to be here 24/7. Waiting is to be expected, and if you do not receive your email from us, check your junk folder.

8. Usernames can only be changed if you are a published author. I will gladly change it for you. Contact Admin on (be polite).

8a. I cannot change passwords- stop asking.

8b. I cannot retrieve usernames if you’ve forgotten it.

8c. I will not change anything on your account unless you email me from your registered email.

8d. Read your rejection letter, all emails complaining about rejection (unless it is an extremely valid reason) will be deleted.

8e. Please stop replying to automatic emails. Review the stories instead of sending me congratulatory emails on how great my story is (it isn’t mine!), although I get a giggle, the author would appreciate your review instead!


I hope everyone will start to take the rules seriously. The few always seem to ruin it for the majority and my submissions witches will no longer be subjected to abuse or wading through rubbish to get to the good stories. Following the rules is simple, they aren’t hard, nor put there to annoy you.

MistressMalfoy xox

Edit to add: I want to thank the authors who actually do the right thing and continually make our jobs easier. Thank you for obeying the rules and being respectful. I didn't mean to say everyone was disrespectful just those who continually exploit the rules and ignore our emails. 

--MistressMalfoy on 09/01/2011 - 09:56 pm 26 Comments--


A Musical Heart Challenge


  • 1.       All fics must be submitted/complete by February 14th
  • 2.       WIPs are allowed but again MUST be completed by Feb 14th
  • 3.       All fics must be beta read/edited (no exceptions)
  • 4.       Everyone is alive (DH eppie does not exist)
  • 5.       Minimum word count 1500
  • 6.       Ratings – all open
  • 7.       Genre- all open
  • 8.       Pairings- all open but again we encourage rare pairs!
  • 9.       Happy endings!
  • 10.   Disclaimers
  • 11.   Submit all chapters to Challenges/A Musical heart Challenge
  • 12.   No threesomes/moresomes


His curse, his compulsions led him to her, the witch that made life into a song

He lay awake the whole night through, listening to them argue, desperate to comfort her, to finally let his feeling be known.

“You were meant for me,” He whispered and wrapped his long elegant fingers in her mass of curly hair. “And I was meant for you Granger, the quicker you come to accept it, the happier we’ll all be.”

She had always underestimated the simple umbrella, that was until she shared it with him.

“Jumping in puddles?” She smirked at the wizard before her, his beautiful face splashed with mud and droplets of rain. “Not really the Valentine’s Day I had in mind.”

His grin was feral as he cupped her cheeks and roughly licked a dollop of jam from her chin. “Who’d have thought mud would taste so sweet?”

Hermione Granger was not a cliché kind of witch so when a dozen red roses appeared at her doorway on Valentine’s Day eve she couldn’t help but wonder where all the unique thought had vanished.

He liked to collect the weird and wonderful of their world, and nature had fashioned Hermione Granger into the most unique witch he’d even fallen victim to...and now he wanted her.

She was like a plaintive melody, that never let him free. But he was content, delirious in his love and now she was his, forever.

“The angels must have sent you for me,” He whispered and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck. “Angels from hell.” She muttered and pushed his red hair aside. (This prompt is designed for Hermione to be miserable with her boyfriend Ron and seeks love elsewhere hahaa)

--MistressMalfoy on 09/01/2011 - 12:25 am 24 Comments--


Merry Christmas from all the staff at Granger Enchanted, The Manor and Pure Arrogance.

Please stay safe over the holidays, don't drink too much/eat too much lol and have a fabulous time with your families!

Since the majority of you are up there *points* I hope it isn't too cold, I'll be thinking of you sipping my fizzypop on my back patio and paddling in the pool on the hot day lol

Much love to you all (READ ALL THE CHRISTMAS STORIES!)

With love,

                Lupinswolfie, MistressMalfoy, Sirsevchick, Valady, DHLane and Solas Divided xoxox
--MistressMalfoy on 24/12/2010 - 09:00 am 3 Comments--


Happy Birthday to my dear little one, Granger Enchanted. What a wonderful four years it has been. Filled with love, amazing stories, life long friendships, douche bags, plagiarism and joy!

I have never been more grateful for the friends I have made through this wonderful journey and hope it brings many many more.

I would like to thank the submissions witches over the years for keeping the site running smoothly, wading through the crap and bringing only the best and well written stories for your reading pleasure, to our authors (whom at the start I begged and whined to get them here) I thank you for showing our site such devotion and loyalty to us <3

To the readers, keep coming, keep reading and reviewing and stay happy!!

 What started off as a tiny little site for fans of Hermione to gather, with Enchanted, MWPP, ELysium and the forums, quickly morphed into the biggest and the most popular and only Hermione Centric FanFiction Archive on the www, now incorporating three popular archives, forums, two live journal accounts and much more to come!

So Happy Birthday to my beautiful Granger Enchanted and don't drink too much lol

 With Love,


--MistressMalfoy on 18/12/2010 - 09:36 pm 12 Comments--

Christmas Holidays !

Hi everyone. Just to let you know the GE staff will be on holidays over the Christmas period.

24-26th of December there will be ZERO validating, There will be sporadic validating between the 27th-31st of December then we'll be back again on the 3/4th of January.

Please be patient as the girls have worked hard all year they deserve a few days off from validating :D

 Any emails wanting to know story status will be ignored (and deleted if you're rude!) as we try to enjoy ourselves :D

Have a merry Christmas, stay safe and don't drink too much!

With love,

               MistressMalfoy and the GE Staff.

--MistressMalfoy on 17/12/2010 - 04:05 am 7 Comments--

Christmas Challenge plus Rarepair Featured!

From now leading up until all the Christmas Challenge fics come in, we will be featuring a different Rare Pair each week!

Thanks to DHLane and Blue Artemis for helping out with the Prompts :) and to my devious mind lol

So here is our long awaited Christmas Challenge Theme!

A Love Actually Christmas!

The Rules!

1. Happy Endings!

2. Everyone who is dead, is ALIVE AGAIN!

3. Open season pairings!

4. One shots only (if you MUST write a WIP all chapters have to be posted by the 24th of December for you to be considered!)

5. Challenge entries should be uploaded before December 24th.

6. All Ratings etc

 7. Spoilers- Deathly Hallows and Epilogue can exist or not exist it's completely up to you! Include the standard disclaimers!

8. Minimum of 1000 words

9. Do as many prompts as you like!

And here are the prompts of AWESOME! lol




1.       Hermione doesn’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing she needs...and that is to see the man she loves released from Azkaban. (Open Pairing)

2.       She doesn’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas Tree, Hermione just wants the wizard wrapping them. (Open Pairing)

3.       “All I want for Christmas is you,” he whispered and pulled her close. But it was an impossible dream, a match made in hell for everyone but the lovers.

4.       I just want you for my own...He was sick of sharing her, watching the woman he had loved since that first moment on the train, being there for everyone but him. It was time for a change. (Hermione/Harry)

5.       ‘Make my wish come true,” Hermione murmured as a single tear slipped down her cheek. A wish, a wish so great it would change the very foundation of the Wizarding World itself. (Hermione/Severus, Sirius, Remus, James, Any canon deceased brought to life!)

6.       ‘I'm just going keep on waiting underneath the mistletoe.’ He would wait there forever if it meant finally obtaining that long awaited snog from the witch who plagued his every thought. (Open Pairing)

7.       He had known he was in trouble from the moment he had gotten to know Hermione again. She was perfect for him and he was ready to take their relationship to the next level.  The problem was, she was his best mate's witch.  (Open pairing)


8.       She has fancied him for a very long time and everyone knew it. Still, every time they have a chance to be alone together, they are interrupted by her needy and demanding friends. It was time to take action, and Hermione Granger always got what she wanted. (Hermione/Older Wizard)


9.       The holidays always remind Hermione of what she doesn't have in her life. This year, she decides to spend her Christmas away from the reminders of those she has lost and those who have chosen a life without her.  While away, she runs into someone she never expected to and discovers that love is all around. (Hermione/Rare Pair)


10.   Still mourning the unexpected loss of her beloved husband Ron, Hermione finds herself the target of some very aggressive and unwanted matchmaking by the meddling Gryffindors- but perhaps this Christmas their interference is just what she needs. (Open Pairing)

11.   Hermione’s happiness is shattered when her husband destroys their marriage by sleeping with another witch- angry, bitter and heartbroken Hermione finds companionship with a bottle of firewhisky and an even angrier Slytherin. (Hermione/Any Slytherin)

12.   Hermione is out of her depth as the social secretary for the new Minister for Magic.  Romance and hijinks ensue over plans for the Christmas Ball. (Hermione/Lucius, Hermione/Draco)

13.   "Don't give me something I need for Christmas.  Give me something I want." (Open Pairing)



--MistressMalfoy on 28/11/2010 - 07:06 pm 25 Comments--


Happy Birthday to Mistress Malfoy, the founder of our wonderful site.  We want you to have a great day and spoil yourself as you deserve it.  

P.S.  Are you going to slip up and say how old you are???


Much love and birthday wishes,

Sirsevchick, Lupinswolfie, Valady, DHLane, and the rest of the Granger Enchanted team

--sirsevchick on 19/11/2010 - 09:55 pm 15 Comments--

With revived muses (thank you Deathly Hallows)

...we would like to issue a challenge, in celebration of the release of Deathly Hallows Part I and the 10000th post over at our Owl Post Forums...

How Deathly Hallows Should Have Ended!

You should it have ended?

Epilogue different? Final battle erased? Remus Survives! Lucius kills Voldemort after retrieving his wand?

As long as it's Hermione centric we don't care!

Minimum word count ANY

Rating ANY

Pairing ANY! 



p.s we've almost finished the relocation, thanks from the bottom of my heart go to Valady, DHLane, minervasrevenge, Lupinswolfie and Sirsevchick for all their continued support, help and hours of dedication in helping me relocate and keeping the site crap free LOL Love you witches! <3

--MistressMalfoy on 19/11/2010 - 09:08 am 3 Comments--

Locked Categories

Due to a recent mass uploading I have to make this news item to let you all know the old categories are locked, until we relocate all the stories. If you are updating, please edit your original chapters into the new categories before submitting your new chapter, it will automatically go into the new category system.

The following categories are locked until further notice (all the sub categories can be found in the new category system, put your story into the appropriate category)

Threesomes/Moresomes (If there is a 3some/more category not listed please let me know and I'll create it)

Malfoy Manor (All five MM categories have their own separate category, please edit your story into the new cat first and then update your story)

The Burrow (with only 20 fics left to move, The Burrow will be deleted tomorrow permanently)

Hogwarts Years/Life After (Deletion will also be tomorrow, again if we have missed a pairing please let me know)

To edit your story please do the following: Account Info ---> Manage Stories ---> Edit the story ----> Highlight the current category your story is in (if we haven't already changed it for you) Click remove to empty the category box -----> Click the new category ----> hit the little arrow button and bingo! Your story has a new category, click add story to complete and move on to your next story!

Any stories added to the old categories can and will get lost when the category is deleted.Any stories currently in the submission queue for the old category system will not be validated until after all the stories have been moved.

--MistressMalfoy on 16/11/2010 - 06:57 am 31 Comments--

Please be patient! :)

Over the next few days my fellow Admin and I will be slowing editing every story to reflect the new category changes. What does this mean? Due to popular demand we are revamping the categories so it is not only easier to find fics you want to read, but fast track the pairings you desire. Wading through strange categories of 'before war' etc will now be gone and replaced with simple pairing categories. Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Adrian etc

If anyone has any questions please post them here :)

Edit: A lot of the new categories currently have ZERO fic count. This does not mean there aren't fics for that category, just that I  haven't managed to get to that one yet! :) 

Fics with multiple pairings should go in the primary category first and then subsequent categories- or just under threesomes/moresomes 

--MistressMalfoy on 12/11/2010 - 06:28 am 8 Comments--

Malfoy Manor One Shot Weeklies!

We have some amazing stories over at Malfoy Manor for the One Shot Weeklies comp! Also this Sunday is Halloween and our latest theme for the comp is Halloween! So please pop on over, check out our fantastic stories because voting commences Wednesday!

May the Spook be with you!

MistressMalfoy xox

--MistressMalfoy on 30/10/2010 - 09:57 am 1 Comments--

Happy Belated Birthday, Valady!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VALADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so so so sorry this is late.  We all love you and hope that you had a fantastic day, you deserve it!!  Val, you are a great friend and wonderful person, many happy years to come :)


With love, 

Sirsevchick and all of the Granger Enchanted family

--sirsevchick on 18/10/2010 - 08:41 pm 4 Comments--

Calling all qualified Betas!

Coming soon we will be listing all betas willing to offer their services in a special beta section of the site.

If you are interested in joining our team of betas you must be the following.

1. Over the age of 18

2. Perfect Imagination Accredited/GE Accredited (test available from Lupinswolfie)

3. Well versed in our submission rules


If this interests you please contact me at for more details!


--MistressMalfoy on 26/09/2010 - 07:19 am 8 Comments--

Malfoy Manor One Shot Weeklies and Drabble Prompts!

Head on over to the forums where brandy01, Meiri and myself have put together a smorgasboard of Drabble prompts for this weekend's challenge!!!

Also news from The Manor Malfoy Manor One Shot weeklies will be starting from October First! To get the insider tips on what the first prompt will be check out the forums and The Manor board!

--MistressMalfoy on 25/09/2010 - 12:28 pm 1 Comments--

From the forums and Drabble Weekends!

Some great new topics in the forums!

Deathly Hallows Pic Spam!

Area Five

Six Degrees of Celebrity in Games!

Cedric/Hermione Fans Thread

Drabble weekends are going fantastically! We now have Malfoy Manor centric weekends as well!!

We are now also accepting affiliates! :)


--MistressMalfoy on 23/09/2010 - 02:48 am 0 Comments--

Happy Birthday Hermione and DHLane!

Happy Birthday to the one woman who makes this site possible- Hermione Granger! <3 We hope your 31st Birthday is full of Malfoy, Potter, Snape, Lupin, Black, Pucey and Flint (lol and the rest!)

And to our newest admin and submission witch DHLane Happy Birthday my love and also welcome to the Enchant Family!! <3

--MistressMalfoy on 18/09/2010 - 08:32 pm 7 Comments--

Hard Core Pornography.

I am unsure why I am having to bring this to the attention of our members, but we do not accept Hard Core Pornography.

Porn without plot should still be somewhat tasteful and although it is a story with little more than sexual interactions, please be aware your story can still be rejected for unbelievable wording, strange situations and obvious americanisms. Remember, our characters are english, they speak with an english accent and would rarely say 'Give me your ass' et. PWP is not Hard Core Pornography, these are two completely different genres! 

Smut with substance should be exactly that- smut that has a substantial plot. Which means more words than smut.  More plot and character developement than insert penis into vagina etc 

We have been very open minded but only up to a certain point before we crack and now I've cracked :) If your story is little more than Hard Core Pornography with the HP universe characters inserted we will  unfortunately not be accepting this story into our archive.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any concerns about this news item. Stories already archived will notbe deleted and will remain in the archive. All new stories containing hard core pornography and little else will be rejected.


--MistressMalfoy on 17/09/2010 - 03:32 am 19 Comments--

Area Five!!

Our newest archive and welcoming our new Admin Vickie who will be steering theArea Five Ship to fanging greatness!!

Although we accept crossover stories we are primarily  a SouthernVampire Mysteries and True Blood Fan Fiction :D


Area Five
Area Five Twitter
--MistressMalfoy on 13/09/2010 - 07:59 am 5 Comments--

In Rememberance...11/09

To all our members who were deeply touched by the tragedy of September 11th 2001 I wish our sincere condolences. The loss of life not only affected the United States of America but the whole world and I'll always remember that horrible night (for us) as I sat up watching the news and unable to tear myself from the television until the early hours of the morning, too afraid to sleep and feeling deeply frightened of what this new world would bring.

To this day it still has me sobbing like a baby to see images, video and hear stories of that horrific day. And I know I am not alone in these feelings.

So we remember you, all those who lost their lives and the families left behind to cope with the grief that still touches the world today.

With all our love,

                         MistressMalfoy and the Granger Enchanted Team.


--MistressMalfoy on 11/09/2010 - 07:55 pm 8 Comments--

MLChallenge and A message from Pure Arrogance Admin!!

Hello my loves! First cab off the rank is our lovely new Admin at Pure Arrogance- Solas Divided, she has a sweet message for you all!!


Calling All Shippers To Port

Hello all!

As most of you might know by now, Mistress Malfoy has given me the honor of joining the other lovely ladies of Granger Enchanted as admin of Pure Arrogance. Yes, there is another site aside from Malfoy Manor. It’s located at the bottom of this page, on the left of the Shout Box under Links, or (bookmark/save link for future usage! Lol)

Now, I want to invite you all to come and help us show love to all those other pairs I know you guys write. At Pure Arrogance, we ship everything from Harry/Ginny, to Draco/Luna and yes, we even ship Draco/Harry. That’s right, I said it. Slash! I want to see more pairings, as rare and different as you can manage. If there isn’t a category for it, let me know and we’ll squeeze it in. We still accept, welcome and love Hermione, but here is your chance to expand and give love to all the other pairs I know you guys secretly ogle when you don’t think anyone is looking. Lol.

So, here’s hoping to see more of you guys and your stories!




And now onto our newest challenge! The Marriage Law or MLC!


Edict Marītus

By Order of the Minister for Magic

The following law now applies to all magical beings living in the combined colony of the British Isles.

The Reunification and Marītāre Law was passed this morning by a majority vote of the Wizengamot Government.

As of this date March 1st- 2005 all Muggleborn and Halfblood magical beings will be compliant to the newest law. Failure to do so will result in the binding of their magic and stiff monetary penalties.

By reading this edict- you submit to our law and agree to its terms.

Minister of Magic- Kingsley Shacklebolt.


The Marriage Law!

It is  2005 and the war has been over for years. Our Heroine Hermione Granger is happily persuing a career, engaged to one Ronald Weasley, living in a small- yet cosy apartment in the heart of London.

Due to a decline in the magical population and the increase of squibs amongst Pureblood families, the Ministry passes a law, with the majority of Wizengamot member’s approval. All Pureblood marriages with magically viable beings shall be dissolved and put in the ballot for the repopulation of our world.

Hermione struggles to come to terms with what this poses for her future, her blood is taken, tested against hundreds of wizards to find a compatible match(or close enough) to her own magic. The Ministry wants healthy, magically viable and strong children so need the pairings to be attuned.

Forced with a near impossible decision she must choose one wizard from a list of three, they can be Halfblood or Pureblood, as long as their blood is magically attuned.

One letter- the Ministry Edict.

Second letter- the terms of the laws, three wizards names, Hermione must choose one within three days or have her magic bound. Unfortunately for the dear witch, her fiancé is not on the list!

Third Letter- reminding her she needs to choose.

Fourth Letter- congratulating her on her choice



1.       DH Compliant (no one can come back from the dead!)

2.       Be creative, use the above mentioned plot points and twist them to your liking!

3.       Try a rare pair! (Remember a lot of people will choose Draco so pick someone else like Adrian, Marcus, Theo, Seamus etc)

4.       October 10th deadline

5.       Submission rules must be adhered to

6.       All ratings accepted

7.       All pairings (but like I said be creative!)

8.       No OC’s and all stories must be set in the HP universe

9.       Happy endings ! :D

10.   Minimum of five thousand words

11.   Harry/Ginny should not be married nor be partnered with each other, if you choose to have them in the story.

12.   There are NO children, this is including the Malfoy, Weasley and other families.


And most importantly HAVE FUN! Try and make your story unique as possible!


With love,



p.s thanks to Chelle as this was her original idea and for allowing us to use it! <3


 visit the forums for our discussion thread!All fics containing a Malfoy  as the main pairing should be cross posted to Malfoy Manor


--MistressMalfoy on 31/08/2010 - 08:46 am 28 Comments--

In Memoriam...

To all our readers and authors it brings me great sadness to inform you that one of our authors passed away recently. 

 Ms_NomdePlume was not only a wonderful writer but a beautiful, sweet lady. Our thoughts and love go out to her friends and family in their time of mourning. As a tribute to Ms_NomdePlume we have featured her stories...

You will be missed.

Love MistressMalfoy and the GE Team xoxox

--MistressMalfoy on 27/08/2010 - 04:43 am 24 Comments--

Exchange Pimps, Twitter and Affiliation!

We are pleased to bring back the Granger Enchanted Twitter! Please follow us at Granger Enchanted Twitter!

The following Fic Exchanges currently are affiliated with Granger Enchanted (if you want yours here as well please let me know!) We are happy to pimp Hermione Granger related exchanges if it brings new life into our fandom!

  • The Lucius Malfoy/Hermione Granger Exchange will be posting gifts soon (hound Valady if you want to pinch hit for her lol!) GO JOIN! The more Malfoy love the better! :D
  • The Hermione Smut Community is also currently underway and will be posting soon as well, everyone should join this comm because it's awesome! lol
  • Hermione Granger Crossovers is accepting signups now, they need people! (I've already signed up lol and cannot wait for my assignment!) Support Hermione Granger communities my loves! <3

We are also setting up an affiliations page for communities, websites and archives which are Harry Potter/Non HP related. Please be aware that we will only be accepting paid sites. We will not affiliate with free forums, websites or pornographic material sites. The only exception is Live Journal and other blog like communities.

Fic exchange will start shortly and we are also hoping to run a Marriage Law Challenge around the same time, so if anyone is interested please let me know! :)

Forums are still running wonderfully and our Drabble weekends are doing well also :)

Thanks for reading!

Love MistressMalfoy

p.s I truly appreciate the support I receive every single day from each and every one of you, it makes up for all the rubbish we have to deal with and leaves me feeling blessed for having started this archive <3

--MistressMalfoy on 22/08/2010 - 10:13 am 10 Comments--

Twilight Fics and Other News!

 DARK Hermione! Challenge! Well done so far to all the brilliant authors participating. The stories have been exceptional and fantastically written! I'm proud of all of you!

Forums: We have some great discussions happening atm, so check them out!

Hermione/Crossover Community at LJ needs your support! We are happy to be affiliated with that community and look forward to seeing more Rare crossovers coming to the site soon. 


 I feel like I have to clear up a little something with the new main category (Crossovers).

We are a Harry Potter Fan Fiction Site- not a Twilight Site. And I understand there are a lot of Twilight fans out there but we do not want this site to turn into a Twilight/HP site. Hermione Granger is our main character not Edward Cullen or any of those other characters.

I respect your right to want to read Twilight related fiction and there are plenty of Archives out there that can cater to your needs. But please respect my decision to not allow Twilight Fiction into this archive. It is my decision alone and if anyone has any complaints or problems with this- they should contact me personally.

 I feel our site is already set apart from the rest, not only for our high quality fiction, our family bonds but our unique look on Harry Potter fiction, being only Hermione Centric, and I wish to keep it that way.

So Twilight fics are not allowed, this will not be changing in the future nor will fics disguised as something else that morph into Twilight fiction be allowed.

 Kind Regards,

                      MistressMalfoy xoxo

--MistressMalfoy on 15/08/2010 - 01:48 am 35 Comments--

Story Banner Limitations

Just a reminder, and for those of you who haven't read the rules (really you should).

Submission Restrictions

5. Images are permitted to be posted AFTER your summary and should not exceed 600 x 200. Do not complain about this rule because it will not be changed nor will you be an exception to this rule. Stories archived and images posted before July 2007 are exempt. 

I know some LOVE those big in your face banners, but they do eat bandwidth and MistressMalfoy has to pay for that excessive use of said bandwidth. So, in order to keep GrangerEnchanted and its sister archives up and running, please abide by the rule.


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I am currently going through each category and removing banners that do not meet our submission rules. I will not be emailing those in violation (I would be here for hours) You will find one of these *BANNER REMOVED DUE TO SIZE VIOLATION.* in your story summary!

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To one of my favourite people in the world :)

To my dear friend (honourary sister really) beta and confidant, I adore you seriously and I'm sorry it's a bit late my time (but I've been a little unwell)but from everyone at Granger Enchanted we'd love to wish you a very happy birthday with many many more to come!

With Love,

              MistressMalfoy xoxox

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Dark Challenge!!

Just a quick update to see how everyone is going with their dark!Hermione fics :D we have a thread on the forums if you need help or ideas and we already have a few in production and one ready for posting!

Remember if you need help just ask! <3

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Honestly people we are all adults here and a bit of common courtesy EG-MANNERS! goes a really long way.

Do not email admins with threats and behaviour that is unbecoming of a human being, it will just anger us and increase the chances of you not being helped! 

I draw your attention to this lovely email I just received- if this is you contact admin IMMEDIATELY. You not only ruined my morning with your rudeness but failed to provide relevant details so we could not only delete you (gladly because we do not want people like you in our archives) but ban your IP so you can't cause my brain to explode.

this isn't really a violation of any rules, i just want you to terminate my account. please do so with haste as i could find no option to do so via any other means.

if my account is not terminated soon i will break various rules to ensure its termination, i don't wish to resort to such unpleasentness.

At least you used please, I suppose I should be grateful?



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July/August Challenge!

Hi everyone! Here is our latest challenge!!!

It’s much more fun in the dark!

I present (with much humour) The Dark!Hermione Challenge with some very special requirements.

Plot Rules

1.       Hermione MUST be dark in some way. Now she doesn’t have to be Voldemort’s consort and be murdering people all over the place so interpret this broadly. She can have a dark view on the world, she could be jaded with the Order, be ostracized from her circle of friends etc (But the darker the better!)

2.       Hermione MUST be with an older wizard. I do not mean, George and Fred Weasley old lol he must be of an older Generation (This opens your selection up majorly! To any of the Death Eaters, the Order members, Ministry Members, teachers etc)

3.       Hermione MUST be an adult (over 25)

4.       Hermione MUST kill Ron! (This is a special requirement for my twisted little mind lol) Now she can have help, her older wizard could assist but it should primarily be Hermione that kills Ron. (Why, you ask? Well this is Dark!Hermione and it wouldn’t be fun without a little bloodshed)

5.       The Older wizard should be an influence on her, whether it be good or bad, it should be a mentoring kind of influence, teaching her artfully to explore her magic.

6.       A Catalyst! There must be something that pushes her over the edge and turns her to Dark Magic, it can be anything from finding Ron cheating on her, to being neglected after the war due to her Muggleborn status. Hermione has always needed to prove herself and this time she will.

7.       Crossovers are permitted- TWILIGHT IS NOT 

8.    Marriage Law is also allowed! :)



Story Rules

1.       To make these stories lovely and meaty- 5000 is the minimum word requirement!

2.       This challenge is for August- so you have two months to get your stories in!

3.       Fics should be set in the HP world, no original characters allowed (unless they are HP OC’S!)

4.       Stories need to be submitted by August 31st (and be completed)

5.       M+ ratings only

6.       Multi Chapter permitted

7.       Cross Posting permitted (as long as the characters fit into the other archives)

8.       BETA’s a must! (see forums for a beta if you do not have one!)


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On behalf of all Admin, Staff, Readers and Authors I am sure I'm not alone in wishing Lupinswolfie a VERY VERY Happy birthday!!!

 I hope you have a fantastic day & get lots of love and presents!!!

With Love MistressMalfoy, Sirsevchick and Valady <3

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