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Oh hello GE. It has been far too long.
09/12/14 05:14 am [Delete] [Edit]

Nathaniel Cardeu
Also, just want to wish my writing buddy, imtrouble, a very happy birthday. I know she might not see this but still... Happy Birthday, chook :)
09/12/14 03:52 am [Delete] [Edit]

Nathaniel Cardeu
@Tarnished - Gah! So awesome! lol I'm *totally* referencing this in the fic I'm writing at the moment :D
09/12/14 03:49 am [Delete] [Edit]

ForeverFalling, I'm totally hooked on Case Histories :) It's brilliant!
09/11/14 10:11 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Nathaniel - Ingesting Robot Makes Fish Visible (the vengeful sequel)
09/10/14 04:15 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@mononokeprincess - has over 35 in the M rating, more with every rating; can't guarantee quality, but I know I've read some of the longer ones and they weren't cringeworthy. Fun, m
09/10/14 04:14 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Nathaniel Cardeu
Ha! Invisible Fish Eats Robot... new to SyFy! :p
09/10/14 03:26 am [Delete] [Edit]

R there any good Hermione/Marcus fics? I have read all the ones in the categories. D:
09/08/14 11:33 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Watching jason isaacs in case histories. he goes shirtless often, has a scottish accent, built like a god, and is covered in tattos.
09/08/14 09:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Ugh. Woke up to snow this morning. We were +25 yesterday.
09/08/14 09:39 am [Delete] [Edit]

I'm trying to find a story where Hermione has a soulmate(I think it was Severus or Lucius) but it's not a romantic bond. I don't remember much else. Any help finding it would be appreciate
09/07/14 04:56 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Go for it, Pikku! I came up with the title, so the hard part is done. :-P Or DH, if you're feeling inspired, take a stab at it! I will happily read it...
09/06/14 08:15 am [Delete] [Edit]

If Scripturient dosent use the title someone else needs to write a fic with it!
09/05/14 05:05 am [Delete] [Edit]

I would totally read Invisible Fish Eats Robot!!
09/04/14 09:54 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Scripturient: I'll help, but I need a little something to go on, otherwise, you'll get a title like Invisible Fish Eats Robot or other random silliness…
09/04/14 09:38 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Scripturient: any hints for the summary? theme?
09/04/14 09:36 pm [Delete] [Edit]

My new fic needs a title... Any suggestions?
09/04/14 09:31 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Looking for a good fic to keep me busy. In fact I was hoping to find an old fic abouthermione not being muggle born.
09/02/14 09:22 am [Delete] [Edit]

Kathryn Conrath
Bespoke witch is a rocking story, lm/dm/hg :) love it. Its not finished yet but fab so far
09/01/14 08:31 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Looking for a good fic to keep me busy. In fact I was hoping to find an old fic abouthermione not being muggle born.
08/27/14 08:34 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Scharfen Leid
ForeverFalling i think you may be thinking of My Brother Blaise.
08/27/14 01:37 am [Delete] [Edit]

Thanks DHLane....sad to hear that!
08/25/14 12:09 am [Delete] [Edit]

Mkm- Harem? It's by Scifichck. Or Ten Too Many by Flibhins. There are more in the Hermione/Multiples category that I can't recall. Hope that helps! :)
08/24/14 06:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

There is a story that has a multitude of men engaged to Hermione Granger and I cant recall the title of it. Can anyone help me?
08/24/14 05:20 pm [Delete] [Edit]

angiehooks81 - alliean left the fandom several years ago. I think she took all her stories with her. I miss her too!
08/23/14 02:39 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Searching...can anyone tell me what happened to alliean? Loved her stories...Macaroons, Macaroon Crumbs...etc. Can't find her anywhere...and can't remember which site I found her stories on.
08/22/14 10:40 am [Delete] [Edit]

@pelemdlee I highly recommend ladyofthemasque over on if you haven't read her fics yet! She was my into to HG/SS. For Someone Special is a long-completed-one
08/21/14 10:23 pm [Delete] [Edit]

If you haven't read the Fortnight Foray story for this week by TarnishedArmour - do yourself a favour and read it! Gorgeous writing!
08/19/14 10:22 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I just saw your post, E! I miss you, darling.
08/12/14 02:12 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@pelemelee check out laurielove's works
08/10/14 11:42 pm [Delete] [Edit]