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Together by lilyqueen777 PG13
We are in this Together said Hermione. Inspired by the quote from OtoP Movie...


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For your reading pleasure and mine, I would like to present to you our featured...

--DHLane on 04/09/2014 - 07:12 am 3 Comments--

Final Fortnight Foray Prompts

Well, it has been a lovely summer and I have enjoyed reading the offerings inspired by the weekly potsed prompts. We have two more weeks to read the stories but are the final prompts.

If any...

--DHLane on 11/08/2014 - 09:58 pm 2 Comments--

Fortnight Foray Seventh Week Prompt

Story Prompt: Like the flower that grows in the crack of the sidewalk, she blossomed in the midst  battle, tempting and dangerous.


--DHLane on 04/08/2014 - 08:51 pm 0 Comments--

When You Least Expect It by margaritama NC17
What happens when a woman goads a man who wants to be . . . well . . . goaded?
Accidental Magic by margaritama NC17
Trying to stay apart, only pulls you closer together.  A Marriage Fic with a twist - a fun experiment in marriage, contrasts and distaste.banner by hermionelovesharry07
Silk and Gossamer Things, Dainty Sandwiches, Decadent Desserts and Aromatic Teas by margaritama M15
Mothers in the Wizarding world have banded to trap young witches. Hermione ducks, avoids and runs until she's well and truly caught.
The Plan by margaritama NC17
Draco Malfoy keeps showing up at Hermione Granger’s house completely pissed for six months.  What’s a girl to do?
Her Shoes by margaritama NC17
Draco Malfoy has demanded Hermione Granger head up an important new Wizard and Muggle venture he's funding. They'll be working at his home. Why would he do this? It's clear he can't stand her. Isn't it?Banner by silverotter1. 
Halo by margaritama PG13
He was alone and broken. No one saw him.
Who Trumps Who? by margaritama NC17
Draco remembers what it is to be a Malfoy.  He has every intention of destroying Ron Weasley, slowly and methodically. 
Predicting the Future Brightness by margaritama R
A night among the stars brings two unlikely people together.
Tingles, Chills and A Heart's Desire by margaritama NC17
The book was a myth. Or so it was believed. The book's power wasn't real. They were wrong. And Hermione Granger was about to find out how wrong.

09/28/14 09:09 pm
On that note, big thanks to Mistress Malfoy for bringing us all together with her hard work and dedication. <3 <3<3
09/28/14 08:14 pm
Also, fic is more like a serial novel, for the longer ones, written as-can. When a block hits, it's a lot more obvious than a finished, published book, which the reader never sees in production.
09/28/14 12:28 am
Personally, some of my favorite stories are unfinished, and I enjoy reading what's available. I'm not paying for them, so I don't feel I have a right to complain.
09/28/14 12:27 am
I agree LilMissCee. Writing fanfic is a hobby. We have no idea what real life situations authors are dealing with. If you don't like unfinished stories, don't start reading them.
09/27/14 10:48 pm
@ithilwen no because as annoying as it' can be a lot of the unfinished stories are good and it's understandable when real life gets in the way for the authors.
09/27/14 04:39 pm
Does anyone agree with me that stories that are incomplete and haven't been updated in over a year should be deleted? It's really annoying to find a promising story and it hasn'tbeen updat
09/25/14 10:54 pm
@dmandhg, Making A Marriage by Mihnn is a HP/HG fic where they started as a 'marriage between friends', only 3 chapters so far though
09/24/14 11:54 am
@dmandhg I think that's it!! Thank you!!!
09/24/14 03:41 am
Belong to nowhere, a harry/Hermione fiction and through the eyes of a child, draco/hermione are two that comes to mind.
09/23/14 09:35 pm
Any good Ginny bashing stories?
Violett Dolohov
09/22/14 05:53 pm
I need more new stories!!!
Violett Dolohov
09/22/14 05:49 pm
I need more new stories!!!
09/22/14 05:09 pm
One that immediately comes to mind is prodigal witch.
09/22/14 12:44 pm
Thanks @arasoftheworld. There was one more I vaguely remember where she married four of the Slytherin men at the end. But she was only good friends with Blaise. There were some kind of rituals?...
09/22/14 05:08 am
I remember a harry/Hermione fiction where they got married but it was a marriage between friends. Then at one point, they allowed themselves to fall in love. I tried finding it again but no luck. Help
09/20/14 10:13 pm
Invisible Fish Eats Robot?? lmao... It's the Lumione currently called 'TBD' for to be determined. XD
09/20/14 05:28 pm
@Pelemelee, there are some great ones by bunnyhops. I love Return to Grace and Lunch...and Other Things is really good as well :) The Season is pretty fun too. Those are the ones I can think of :D
09/20/14 04:06 pm
There was a recent Draco/Hermione story on here but it has completely vanished can anyone remember the title?
09/18/14 05:58 pm
Happy birthday to Hermione. Where I am, it's past midnight. So congratulations to you, may you get many presents and enjoy all wonderful fanfics written in honour of your birthday =)
09/18/14 04:26 pm
Oh, and I'm reading Harem by Scifichick right now but I'll probably be done in a day or two :p
09/18/14 04:20 pm
So I've read Ten to Many and The Calling, any other recs for HaremHermione type fics?
09/17/14 03:59 pm
@Nathaniel -- Can't wait to see it! So…is the robot-eating fish going to survive? Inquiring minds want to know!
09/15/14 06:34 pm
Looking for a fic where Hermione is dating a slytherin and they break up because he's "unhappy", but really he's trying to go slow cuz she's muggleborn, and she's upset cuz h
09/12/14 02:19 pm
This outlander craze has me in a ginger stud mood.
09/12/14 10:49 am
Thanks Nathanial! :) xxx
Nathaniel Cardeu
09/12/14 07:39 am
Ey-up MM, nice to see you again! Hope you've been well :)
09/12/14 06:41 am
yo bitches wassup
09/12/14 05:14 am
Oh hello GE. It has been far too long.
Nathaniel Cardeu
09/12/14 03:52 am
Also, just want to wish my writing buddy, imtrouble, a very happy birthday. I know she might not see this but still... Happy Birthday, chook :)
Nathaniel Cardeu
09/12/14 03:49 am
@Tarnished - Gah! So awesome! lol I'm *totally* referencing this in the fic I'm writing at the moment :D
09/11/14 10:11 pm
ForeverFalling, I'm totally hooked on Case Histories :) It's brilliant!
09/10/14 04:15 pm
@Nathaniel - Ingesting Robot Makes Fish Visible (the vengeful sequel)
09/10/14 04:14 pm
@mononokeprincess - ff.net has over 35 in the M rating, more with every rating; can't guarantee quality, but I know I've read some of the longer ones and they weren't cringeworthy. Fun, m
Nathaniel Cardeu
09/10/14 03:26 am
Ha! Invisible Fish Eats Robot... new to SyFy! :p
09/08/14 11:33 pm
R there any good Hermione/Marcus fics? I have read all the ones in the categories. D:
09/08/14 09:56 pm
Watching jason isaacs in case histories. he goes shirtless often, has a scottish accent, built like a god, and is covered in tattos.
09/08/14 09:39 am
Ugh. Woke up to snow this morning. We were +25 yesterday.
09/07/14 04:56 pm
I'm trying to find a story where Hermione has a soulmate(I think it was Severus or Lucius) but it's not a romantic bond. I don't remember much else. Any help finding it would be appreciate
09/06/14 08:15 am
Go for it, Pikku! I came up with the title, so the hard part is done. :-P Or DH, if you're feeling inspired, take a stab at it! I will happily read it...
09/05/14 05:05 am
If Scripturient dosent use the title someone else needs to write a fic with it!
09/04/14 09:54 pm
I would totally read Invisible Fish Eats Robot!!
09/04/14 09:38 pm
@Scripturient: I'll help, but I need a little something to go on, otherwise, you'll get a title like Invisible Fish Eats Robot or other random silliness…
09/04/14 09:36 pm
@Scripturient: any hints for the summary? theme?
09/04/14 09:31 pm
My new fic needs a title... Any suggestions?
09/02/14 09:22 am
Looking for a good fic to keep me busy. In fact I was hoping to find an old fic abouthermione not being muggle born.
Kathryn Conrath
09/01/14 08:31 pm
Bespoke witch is a rocking story, lm/dm/hg :) love it. Its not finished yet but fab so far
08/27/14 08:34 pm
Looking for a good fic to keep me busy. In fact I was hoping to find an old fic abouthermione not being muggle born.
Scharfen Leid
08/27/14 01:37 am
ForeverFalling i think you may be thinking of My Brother Blaise.
08/25/14 12:09 am
Thanks DHLane....sad to hear that!
08/24/14 06:00 pm
Mkm- Harem? It's by Scifichck. Or Ten Too Many by Flibhins. There are more in the Hermione/Multiples category that I can't recall. Hope that helps! :)