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No Answer by Vashtanerada PG
A short little ficlet that wouldn't get out of my head. Severus watches Hermione...


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Whenever anyone asks if I still miss him, I will answer them, "Always!"

There will never be another like Alan Rickman and I know you all...

--DHLane on 14/01/2016 - 10:46 am 17 Comments--

Epilogue Didn't Exist Exchange!!

Yes, we are resuming with the posting of the exchange fics for our Epilogue Didn't Exist Exchange! Check out the new story and stay tuned for quite a few more!

Happy August to all!


--DHLane on 02/08/2015 - 04:38 pm 2 Comments--

Raise Your Wands

It is with profound grief that we announce the passing of Ms_Figg.

For those who knew her, you had to know of her generosity of spirit and wicked gift for writing about her...

--DHLane and Sirsevchick on 21/07/2015 - 02:37 pm 38 Comments--