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Ambush by spikespetslayer R
After the events on the tower, Malfoy never expected to be ambushed in the Forbidden...


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Granger Enchanted’s Visions of Sugar Plums Challenge

Hello to all of our fabulous authors. This year instead of an exchange we have decided to issue Granger Enchanted’s Visions of Sugar Plums Challenge, which...

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Our featured author of the month is ----- ThornedHuntress!!!!

In our month of giving thanks (at least in the United States), we are giving thanks for the fabulous fics that she writes.  ThornedHuntress...

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Featured Author of October

Our featured author of the month is ------- ARTICCAT621


She does all sorts of pairings and they are all wonderful....give her lots of love and while we were unable to feature each...

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Sweets and Sleeplessness by ThornedHuntress R
 Draco always knew his sweet-tooth would someday get him into trouble. He just didn't realize quite how much.
A Sense of Endless Possibility by ThornedHuntress NC17
Hermione Granger's life has fallen into a predictable, mundane pattern. Is her malcontent enough to force her into the company of her childhood enemy? Draco Malfoy thinks it is, and he's going to make it happen. So much thanks to SusanMarieR for the beautiful banner!  
Sparking A Fuse by ThornedHuntress NC17
Scorpius Malfoy is getting into trouble at Hogwarts, a fact that concerns his professor enough to call in his father. But what happens when it isn't Draco Malfoy who shows up in Professor Granger's office?
The Serpent and the Swot by ThornedHuntress NC17
Hermione Granger works in one of the finest houses in England, her life quiet and ordinary, as she likes is. All that changes, however, when pirates land at Gryffindor Hall. AU
Of Charms And Charming by ThornedHuntress M15
Hermione's new office was perfect, except for one aristocratic, blonde issue.
When Goblins Err by ThornedHuntress M15
Poker night ends early when Draco Malfoy's solicitor pays Hermione Granger a visit. 
The Keeper and A Cake by ThornedHuntress R
Hermione is surprised by an unexpected visitor with a surprise of his own. Huge thanks to LadyStiff for the beautiful banner!
Death, Dying, and Ghostly Happenings by ThornedHuntress PG13
Death changes everything, no matter how hard you fight it. One-shot
Something Wicked by ThornedHuntress PG13
When Hogwarts falls under attack, it is the resident Charms Apprentice who must save the castle, with the help of a certain snarky Potions Master.
A Vertical Expression by ThornedHuntress PG13
Dancing is nothing more than a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

11/22/14 07:21 pm
elsewhere for a long while, and was proof read. With chapter 4 currently in the pipeline, would it still be acceptable to post 3 despite its lack of "official" beta credentials?
11/22/14 07:17 pm
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement. I have returned to the writing world. Now, question. Ch 3 of the Magic Shop, while not been "officially" beta read, has been posted else
Snarky Granger
11/22/14 03:59 am
The smutty pairings are Lumione, Harcissa, and Druna with a splash of Abraxas/Dorea and the married couples are Harmony, Lucissa and still Druna. Sorry I didn't see this right away.
11/22/14 01:34 am
Is it Hermione centric, Snarky Granger? We host stories in which Hermione is one of the main characters and if the multiples are paired with Hermione then you can submit it here!
Snarky Granger
11/22/14 01:26 am
I wrote The Lovegod Curse on for the Samhain Smut fest and it has multiple pairings. I don't know if I can post this on here. I have it posted on ff.net under the same name. Can someone help? Than
11/19/14 03:21 pm
I loved reading Secret Princess. Such a good story!
11/13/14 07:23 pm
@amazonlady- Secret Princess is finished on fanfiction, just not completely uploaded here
11/11/14 04:07 pm
Thank you for your service to our country Lovespell it is very much appreciated!!
11/11/14 02:00 pm
To all my fellow American vets, I'm raising a beer for you! To GE, thanks again for this site. It kept me going while I was deployed, a small slice of normality in an armpit of a place.
11/11/14 01:59 pm
To all my fellow American vets, I'm raising a beer for you! To GE, thanks again for this site. It kept me going while I was deployed, a small slice of normality in an armpit of a place.
11/09/14 02:05 pm
@obrten How to play the baby game in 365 days by Little_Miss_Moonlight85 is really good (wip). And The Dragon's Bride by Rizzle is excellent. I would also check the marriage law challenge fics.
11/05/14 11:02 pm
Congrats to Thorned for being the featured author this month!
11/01/14 10:08 pm
Hey everyone, the featured author for November is up, go check it out!!!
11/01/14 04:29 am
OMG can't believe that my most favorite author is back!!! Snapes_Goddess!!! blessed be to everyone!
10/31/14 08:52 pm
Happy Halloween Enchanters!! and Blessed Samhain!!
10/31/14 05:36 pm
Any recommendation where mione and draco are marriee but don't like each other?c:, happy halloween!
10/31/14 03:29 pm
Does anybody know if "The Secret Princess" by Audrey414 is ever going to be finished? I started reading it a year ago and would love to hear what happens!
10/31/14 03:24 pm
Does anybody know if "The Secret Princess" by Audrey414 is ever going to be finished? I started reading it a year ago and would love to hear what happens!
10/19/14 06:33 am
Hello, I´m in Lanzarote, can use facebook as I can't remember pass word!reading some fics until its time to fly home! :)
10/16/14 07:24 pm
Black Devil Car- thank you!
Black Devil Car
10/16/14 12:21 am
Audrey414 the story you are looking for is "When Love and Hate Collide" by Rzzmg. She pulled the story to rework it and is putting it back up. It's at chapter 38 right now.
10/15/14 06:25 am
saw the trailer of 50shades and it made me think that there are more better and kinkier stories in GE than that movie. and you get to pick your own choice of men, Lucius,Draco,Sev, Remus, Bill, etc!
10/12/14 12:36 pm
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.
10/11/14 10:28 am
Have any of you read any good James/Hermione stories... Besides MistressMalfoy's outstanding piece.
10/09/14 04:25 pm
...put it in the bag so that they can find each other again after they read what they wrote
10/09/14 04:24 pm
...by giving a bag to Ginny with an expansion charm on it because somehow that negates the effects of the memory wipe- they write down what happened in their relationship and put it in the bag...
10/09/14 04:22 pm
Looking for HG/DM, Hogwarts years, they have a relationship and a child but it is taken away by some other magical creature and all their memories are erased but HG finds a way around it by giving...
10/08/14 11:06 pm
I remember two scenes from that story; Luna acting a rabbit to show that she knows about the couple's sex life and LUna's wedding on a mountain.
10/08/14 11:04 pm
I recall a Harry/Hermione story, they have been married for 5 years or so but as friends. Then, they started to like each other..
Violett Dolohov
10/06/14 10:01 pm
I need more of blaise zabini fics
10/06/14 07:51 pm
It was my bday yesterday and my oldest said mom u get the day off but u have to feed us first. Such a nice boy he is.
10/03/14 09:01 am
Reading the wonderful stories of articcat621 today. Perfect activity for a rainy day with my kitty. Join me? I am leaving some review love as well because a good story deserves some love!
10/01/14 09:47 pm
All right everyone, the featured author for Oct is up....go check it out
10/01/14 08:08 pm
Someone has been listening to Tears for Fears.....
Maria Lynette
10/01/14 10:54 am
Shout! Shout! Let it all out!
10/01/14 09:55 am
Hey guys, Looking for a story set in Australia .Severus is there illegally and Hermione is trying to find her parents.They try to get rid of his mark but turn it red.
09/28/14 09:09 pm
On that note, big thanks to Mistress Malfoy for bringing us all together with her hard work and dedication. <3 <3<3
09/28/14 08:14 pm
Also, fic is more like a serial novel, for the longer ones, written as-can. When a block hits, it's a lot more obvious than a finished, published book, which the reader never sees in production.
09/28/14 12:28 am
Personally, some of my favorite stories are unfinished, and I enjoy reading what's available. I'm not paying for them, so I don't feel I have a right to complain.
09/28/14 12:27 am
I agree LilMissCee. Writing fanfic is a hobby. We have no idea what real life situations authors are dealing with. If you don't like unfinished stories, don't start reading them.
09/27/14 10:48 pm
@ithilwen no because as annoying as it' can be a lot of the unfinished stories are good and it's understandable when real life gets in the way for the authors.
09/27/14 04:39 pm
Does anyone agree with me that stories that are incomplete and haven't been updated in over a year should be deleted? It's really annoying to find a promising story and it hasn'tbeen updat
09/25/14 10:54 pm
@dmandhg, Making A Marriage by Mihnn is a HP/HG fic where they started as a 'marriage between friends', only 3 chapters so far though
09/24/14 11:54 am
@dmandhg I think that's it!! Thank you!!!
09/24/14 03:41 am
Belong to nowhere, a harry/Hermione fiction and through the eyes of a child, draco/hermione are two that comes to mind.
09/23/14 09:35 pm
Any good Ginny bashing stories?
Violett Dolohov
09/22/14 05:53 pm
I need more new stories!!!
Violett Dolohov
09/22/14 05:49 pm
I need more new stories!!!
09/22/14 05:09 pm
One that immediately comes to mind is prodigal witch.
09/22/14 12:44 pm
Thanks @arasoftheworld. There was one more I vaguely remember where she married four of the Slytherin men at the end. But she was only good friends with Blaise. There were some kind of rituals?...