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Delicate by Savva M15
  To all those brilliant mathematicians, physicists and other scientists...


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St. Valentine's Day Fics

In honour of Saint Valentine's Day, Enchanted Admin are featuring some fics that were written expressly for this star crossed, chocolate covered holiday. So, grab your bon bons and cozy up to your...

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This month's featured author is the incomparable ianthe_waiting. She has been a valuted member and author of this site for over five years!!!

Ianthe_waiting writes different pairings and each...

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He Left Handprints on Her Heart by luvscharlie NC17
Ron plans a special Valentine's Day surprise for Hermione, and the sparks between them fly, culminating in intense passion.  
Conversation Hearts by Punkindoodle G
Draco and Hermione use candy to express their feelings. Fluffy and sweet, like cotton candy!  one-shot written for Valentine's Day 2007
Flowers in Flight by Nathaniel Cardeu PG13
Remember that scene from Peter Pan when Peter and the Darling children fly over London? Neville insists that Hermione join him on a night flight. Written as part of "A Musical Heart Valentine's Day" Challenge
Silence Screams the Truth by LadyDarkling R
Looking into her face now, he decided that his original assessment was right on the mark. Her face was screwed up in rage, lips running a silent litany of what he assumed to be curses.
In Seven Days by Mihnn PG
Co-workers Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger work well together as Partners of a firm. Can seven days change that?
Purple Mischief by JadeCharmer NC17
Inspired by Prompt #8 of the Valentine's Day challenge: She wouldn’t have minded the twins turning her that god awful shade of Purple it was the counter curse that bothered her.Hermione's Valentine's Day doesn't go at all as she had planned. But could a certain red-head make it...
The Death Eater's Valentine by Snapes_Goddess NC17
Hermione was planning on spending another Valentine's Day alone, only to find herself trapped over night with the man the ministry called The Last Living Death Eater
The Island by thelovelylela NC17
An explosion and a death-then they are injured and alone. This is what happens when 6th year Potions is transported to a deserted island and has only each other to rely on.  Betaed by Lady Lynn, TheRealSlimMalfoy and ForgetfulLove. Banner by ForgetfulLove. Submitted to GE by request of ilke.    ...
Beautiful Disaster by DarkRiverTempest NC17
Determined not to feel sorry for herself on a lonely Valentine’s Day, Hermione decides to indulge in a little reckless behaviour, catering to herself instead of others for once. So how did she get stuck ‘babysitting’ Lucius Malfoy? One would think he enjoyed the tortures she made him...
Cor Leonis by cocoartist PG13
All she wanted was to satisfy her curiosity about thelifeoftheenigmatic wizard. What she uncovered was something else entirely. Regulus/Hermione.Valentine's Day Challenge: prompt 14. Thanks to TinkWolfe for my gorgeous banner.
For Better or Verse by Reynardo PG13
Hermione is broke, but she's created a machine that might help her make some money. Draco is helping her market it. But who is the mysterious collaborator?
As You Were by angelically_devilish NC17
Valentine's Day - the bane of Hermione Granger's existence. Until someone unexpected shows her the finer points of the day of lover's bliss. Remus/Hermione
Bound by Lust by Vickie NC17
Drunk on Valentine's Day, Hermione performs a spell to find the wizard she desires the most. Convinced that the spell will not work, she is shocked at the outcome. 
The Dragoness and Athos by kyriaofdelphi NC17
Mystique is the new club for young Wizarding singles to find a mate. Hidden behind a Glamour, the person across from you could be anyone.
Life in Black and White by blue artemis NC17
Severus discovers his Muse, and Hermione discovers more about herself than she ever thought she would.  She also finds someone to share it with.
Fun With Floo by Rachelxdenise NC17
Sirius and Hermione are apart on Valentine's Day. Whatever will they do?

03/04/15 03:15 am
Pelemelee what ships do you prefer ?
03/03/15 04:54 pm
Y'all, throw a random fic at me! I'm waiting for my current favs to be updated and feel like I've read everything I might be interested in ship wise. Don't know where to look next..
03/03/15 01:34 pm
Polyjuice makes all plots possible! Mwahahahaha!
03/02/15 11:31 pm
Hahahaha boo prompt grab
03/02/15 09:03 pm
*Tips hat at the room* Hallo
03/02/15 07:13 am
Com'on prompt grab!!
03/02/15 07:12 am
Yay!! I'll happily take the blame... *smooches*
03/02/15 05:20 am
Come on epilogue didn't exist poll!!!
03/01/15 11:47 pm
It's minervasrevenge's fault lol
03/01/15 07:31 pm
Hi, MM! Long time no see! :) <3
03/01/15 09:16 am
Hi!!!!!!! <3
03/01/15 06:41 am
Hi everyone :)
02/26/15 01:46 pm
Reminder: if you're looking for a Dramione fic, Dramioneasks . tumblr . com has a community of fans who help you find fic searches for Dramione ship.
02/26/15 01:44 pm
Still plenty of prompts to claim at the Dramione Adopt-A-Prompt Fest if you're game: dramionelove . livejournal . com -- come play with us!
02/20/15 06:16 pm
Shoutout to Shealone for her amazeballs story The Debt of Time! It's a different take on a classic time-turner with some serious Sirius action ;)
02/19/15 09:43 pm
ISO a cheerleader for a Dramione. Please email me at my username at yahoo dot com. **smooches**
02/18/15 06:06 am
Choseandy, Could it be Snow in June by lucilla_pauie? It's a story in which Lucius and Hermione's mother get married (Post-Hogwats) and spark fly between Draco and Hermione.
02/14/15 05:54 am
I am searching for story where Hermonie is step sister of Draco but he still love her. i had seen one time in fanfiction.net but i think lost in somewhere. any one can help me. thank you for asking.
02/13/15 09:26 pm
What story are you waiting for, chosandy?
02/12/15 09:44 am
still waiting for story that i have been searching for while now. dont know what to do?
02/08/15 01:52 am
And I lost the last e...tragic really, the character limit on shouting. So, for the sake of my spelling compulsion "elsewhere"
02/08/15 01:50 am
That wasn't the one I was looking for, but brilliant story. Anne M is always a joy to read. I think in the one I was remembering they were living at Hogwarts for part of it and then moved elsewher
02/07/15 04:31 pm
@meldz thanks :) I'll check it out. It very well could be the one. I really don't remember the pairing. Thank you! :)
02/07/15 03:59 am
@arasoftheworld A Perfect Match by Anne M.
02/07/15 03:55 am
@arasoftheworld I remember a similar story but it was with Marcus Flint
02/06/15 11:52 pm
a child. I don't remember much else, just that one conversation. If you recognize it (or think you do) any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
02/06/15 10:42 pm
I'm looking for a story and I seriously can't remember the name. I think it's a Marriage Law fic. At one point Hermione's husband(Severus?) finds out she was abused by her neighbor as
02/05/15 10:36 am
DramioneLove Adopt-A-Prompt Fest - CLAIMING OPEN NOW! Come claim a Draco/Hermione prompt in this, DramioneLove's last fest! Check it here: dramionelove . livejournal . com
02/02/15 08:53 pm
i got a new dose of Hermione/multiples courtesy of SilverTippedTongue's Treasured Enchantment. so glad G.E. caters to stories like this. it's like a buffet really! THANKS G.E.
02/02/15 11:53 am
01/22/15 06:55 pm
How long does it take for a chapter to be validated? (Eagerly waiting)
Lady Lynn
01/19/15 10:06 pm
see, i was thinking of making something up, but my brain just wasn't working as to thinking of what that might be. thanks for your ideas, forever falling!
01/19/15 03:26 pm
or even a private joke or nickname like arthur has mollywobbles. but i's totally okay tto just make something up. you could do a favorite song or singer from a muggle band.
01/19/15 03:24 pm
she was forever a the burrow and bill was in and out, so chances are they had some itneraction that we aren't privy to in the books, if you give internal dialogue explaing it, it's legit
01/19/15 03:23 pm
lady Lynn, make somehting up between them. Like say Herminoe and bill had a conversation once about her favorte egyptian god or myth, or something like her favorite holiday or candy
Lady Lynn
01/18/15 05:26 pm
help! what is a security question bill weasley might ask hermione to verify her identity directly after ootp was done, before hbp started?? lol
01/16/15 06:19 pm
Found it was Behind Her Eyes... did wickedwanz close up her account here?
01/16/15 05:57 pm
Found it was Behind Her Eyes... did wickedwanz close up her account here?
01/16/15 04:09 am
James was accepting that Lily was just finding her place as a new wife... can't seem to find it anywhere...
01/16/15 04:07 am
Had anyone come across a james/hermione fic I'm liking for... hermione wakes in Lily Potter's body in a time when James was questioning his marriage to Lily. Sirius finds get behavior odd but
01/15/15 06:19 am
...'back' to Hogwarts (with the guys as wizards) all starting at age 11? Was part of a lot of cross-overs.
01/15/15 06:16 am
Does anyone remember a fic where HG's "mentor" took her & Sam&Dean (from Supernatural) to "the Real Fantasy Island" for HG's 'final test'-going 'back' to Ho
01/15/15 03:17 am
Hey guys, Does anyone know when Ashwinder will be back on line?
01/12/15 11:44 pm
Thanks, LoveSpell. With so many amazing authors it is difficult to choose just one each month. Happy New Year to you, too!
01/11/15 07:50 pm
Happy new year! I know it's been going on for a bit, but the featured author of the month doohickey is awesome.
01/10/15 01:21 am
DramioneLove's Adopt-A-Prompt Fest is now open for prompting Hermione x Draco fic & art here: dramionelove . livejournal . com / 115677 . html. Come join the fun! :)
01/08/15 12:20 pm
Potterfests . livejournal . com is listing a schedule for all fests/challenges for HP universe in 2015. Is GE doing planning fests/challenges this year?
01/06/15 05:09 pm
Happy New year from France:)
01/05/15 01:58 pm
HP-Deflower Fest 2015 still has a lot of Hermione-centric prompts available to try too! Check them out here: hp-deflower . livejournal . com / 3470 . html. Come signup/claim a prompt! 500 words min.
01/05/15 01:56 pm
DramioneLove Adopt-A-Prompt Fest opens for prompting on 10 January. Info: dramionelove . livejournal . com / 11326. Offer your old prompts up for others to use in your stead or prompt yours directly!