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Coming Home by eilonwy R
Love is lovelier the second time around, so the old song goes. Hermione is counting...


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Granger Enchanted welcomes you to the first and only Australian and Worldwide  Hermione Centric Fan Fiction Site and Archive. We only accept stories where Hermione Granger is the main character. We allow all ratings, genres and all characters (besides Twilight) are welcome.

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Tomorrow, Monday - April 27th - Mistress Malfoy will send out our prompts and the Great Exchange of 2015 will begin! Are you ready for the challenge? Are you your ready for the adventure?


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Exchange Info

First let me apologise to those eagerly awaiting the exchange match ups to be sent out. Unfortunately I am still waiting for 13 of the Authors to send in their exchange sheets.

I have given...

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We have reached the number 30 for signups so the exchange is going ahead. We have some awesome authors, retired and active who have signed...

--MistressMalfoy on 04/04/2015 - 11:02 pm 12 Comments--

Betrayal by MistressMalfoy NC17
She was of the light, but her heart and soul thrived in the dark. Will she succumb to her desires and betray everything she holds dear? HGLV and HG/Rodolphus Nominated at the Granger Enchanted Gilded Grangers for best Hermione/Death Eater! Thanks to erincolien for her increasingly beautiful banners!...
A Vicis Obscurum by MistressMalfoy NC17
The fabric of time is torn when Hermione is betrayed by someone she has grown to trust, enemies become friends and lovers. Magic and blood play a hand in helping Hermione become the witch she was destined to be.Thanks to erincolien for the wonderful banner!!
Need the Storm by blacklotus NC17
Yet again, she awoke with sweat sliding down her spine, her heart hammering a tattoo in her chest, and his voice, an insidious susurrus in her head. You are mine, Hermione. And you cannot fight forever.Secrets are revealed and Hermione is left irrevocably changed and faced with a difficult decision –...
Still Waters Run Deep by Savva NC17
Theodore Nott, the best criminal investigator in Wizarding London is trying to solve a complicated murder case. His sudden desire for Hermione Weasley doesn't help. Theodore Nott/Hermione Granger. DH Epilogue complaint. Romance/Mystery. Adultery
Hunter and Prey by Seselt NC17
Hermione has a new job studying dangerous magical creatures. She thinks she can handle anything. But she is going to be put to the challenge by the wiliest quarry of all.
Theirs by atruwriter NC17
(AU) Hermione Granger's life takes an entirely different path when she enters Hogwarts a year early and is befriended by a couple of pranksters who know something she doesn't that will very much effect their future together. George/Hermione/FredStunning banner made by crimsonemeralds of The Dark...
Defututa by Svelte Rose NC17
Congenial, affable, intelligent, and handsome as the devil, Anthony Goldstein should have made the perfect Head Boy. At least everyone thinks so. Everyone except for the Head Girl.
Blendwerk by Lady of Clunn NC17
Hermione finds herself in a world she does not remember.  Great thanks to draconis23 for the awesome banner!
Cuff by DHLane R
Weekend Forum DrabbleDripping wet and heart sore, Hermione finds herself in the kitchen of her ex-boyfriends best mate.
Divine Redemption by Solas_Divided NC17
She was prepared to die that night in Malfoy Manor when she mysteriously Disapparated out of the clutches of death and into the arms of the last man she ever expected to protect her.     ***
Butterfly by Savva NC17
She was his butterfly, his unexpected present from the future, and he wasn’t going to let her go. Ever…
His Otter by krazyredhead0317 NC17
Who would’ve thought that working for Malfoy Enterprises would be so entertaining?  And who knew that mixing with pure-blood Slytherins would be this amusing?  Certainly not Hermione Granger! Written for prompt #49 of the Hermione Smut Fest on LJ under the penname, k_lynne317- Wandless...

05/25/15 02:26 pm
Rain, rain, rain, flooding here in Central Texas; now the tornado horns are going off. Watching the skies!
05/16/15 11:38 pm
Presque Toujours Pur is truly well-written. I'm loving every chapter and highly recommend it. :)
05/14/15 02:47 pm
05/14/15 02:46 pm
sesspunk - Hermione and Draco find a porn magazine in their teenaged son's bedroom. Can't remember the title off the top of my head, but try searching early stories in the Draco/Hermione categ
05/12/15 11:06 pm
does anyone know the title to this fic? Hermione finds something in her son's room, draco is her husband, she dominates draco and harry and ron interrupt, sound familiar at all?
05/12/15 11:05 pm
does anyone know the title to this fic? Hermione finds something in her son's room, draco is her husband, she dominates draco and harry and ron interrupt, sound familiar at all?
05/12/15 11:02 pm
does anyone know the title to this fic? Hermione finds something in her son's room, draco is her husband, she dominates draco and harry and ron interrupt, sound familiar at all?
the artful scribbler
05/04/15 07:42 pm
It's taken 3 hours but I think I've done it! Pelemelee and Mikomikitty hopefully you can read Belonging To the Fog on a mobile now, as I reformatted each chapter. Thanks for your advice, every
05/02/15 11:55 pm
Thank you arasotheworld!!!
04/26/15 01:36 pm
@kacebee The List by AnneM, By Reason of Birth by Lady Lynn, Lunch...and other things by Bunnyhops, and Prodigal Witch by Miss Fantastic all have great Hermione/Slytherin friendships :)
the artful scribbler
04/23/15 03:17 am
Thanks for your advice TarnishedArmour. pelemelee, the fic is archived in a couple of places if that helps. Visit my profile for deets. Wish I could be more helpful.
04/22/15 08:57 pm
I've used it w other sites and if the font can't be changed on this one. It's rare, but sometimes happens..
04/22/15 08:57 pm
@pelee and artful. You can also try the print button and see if it pops up that way. Or see if you can read it in a "reader" screen like some phones have. That font is not defendant on a si
the artful scribbler
04/22/15 12:24 am
...and doesn't show italics (which I use a lot!) I'll have a play with the font and see what I can do.
the artful scribbler
04/22/15 12:17 am
Thanks TarnishedArmour & MistressMalfoy. I'll see if changing the font helps. pelemelee I'm very sorry! I think it's a "phone" thing. It's tiny on my phone too, and doesn'
04/21/15 09:11 pm
...it doesn't make it much bigger and it doesn't realign the rows, so I end up losing my place. I'm so sad now, I really wanted to read it :(
04/21/15 09:10 pm
Hey, I'm the one that can't see the font! It comes up teeny tiny and won't get any bigger with the + button. I only have a phone to read on so I tried double tapping the screen but
04/21/15 09:10 pm
Hey, I'm the one that can't see the font! It comes up teeny tiny and won't get any bigger with the + button. I only have a phone to read on so I tried double tapping the screen but
04/21/15 09:09 pm
Looking for stories where Hermione becomes (best) friends with the Slytherin boys. Suggestions? Hope you're all having a great week!
04/21/15 04:30 pm
Depending on the monitor, readers can also zoom in for the whole screen, too. The serif font doesn't change with the font + button though. Only the San serif does
04/21/15 04:16 am
12pt is what we publish in as well and also what I write in. There's not much you can do except tell the reader to zoom in on their font via their browser.
the artful scribbler
04/20/15 07:54 pm
I need some advice! I had a complaint from a reader that the text of my fic is too small to read. But it looks normal on my laptop - about 12pt. Any ideas what might be the problem/ how to fix? ):
04/15/15 10:00 am
Happy Birthday Miss Emma Watson and thanks for being the face of our beloved Hermione Granger.
04/14/15 10:28 am
I can never remember what it's called on Mac. Thanks, Savva. :)
the artful scribbler
04/12/15 11:54 pm
Thanks so much Meiri and Savva!
04/12/15 11:26 pm
Artful scribbler, on Mac it would be the command key.
04/12/15 07:43 pm
artful scribbler, hold the control key and click on the different characters etc. :)
the artful scribbler
04/11/15 05:31 pm
Can someone help me please? I can't seem to select more than one character/ tag/ warning for my fic. What am I doing wrong? How do I select multiples of these? (Sorry if this is an inane question!
04/06/15 09:09 pm
I can't wait to get my prompts!! *rubs hands together*
04/06/15 04:15 am
can't wait for the flood of new fics! i hope they're all multi-chaptered. question: how come there is no Hermione/Fabian/Gideon stories/category?
04/05/15 03:33 pm
Somehow I can't seem to open the page with the betas, so I hope that it's okay if I ask here... Anyone up for beta-ing a gender-bender/swap story?
04/05/15 05:37 am
Sit up info is in news
04/04/15 06:04 pm
*happy dance* On it's way, thank you!
04/04/15 05:42 pm
Email on bio
04/04/15 05:40 pm
Minervasrevenge: I'm willing.
04/04/15 02:05 pm
Anyone want to beta a WIP Lumione..?
04/01/15 12:02 pm
Oh, then NM my email.
04/01/15 05:37 am
Lol we have 30 now. I'm leaving signups open until Saturday then I'll post the information.
03/31/15 09:02 pm
Woo hoo! That means thirty new fics!
03/31/15 09:00 pm
Pretty please, can I? - LoveSpell on 28/03/2015 - 02:59 pm
03/31/15 09:00 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Weasley Twins!
03/31/15 08:45 pm
If I counted correctly, we've got either 28 or 29… *insert squee here*
03/31/15 03:43 pm
I don't think so, LoveSpell. It is getting pretty full but Mistress Malfoy extended the cut-off to 30 participants. SIGN UP!!!
03/30/15 07:08 pm
Are all the exchange spots taken???
03/28/15 07:08 pm
Can I delete a review from a self-righteous twat?
03/28/15 07:41 am
Poison we've definitely got a great bunch so far and quite a few coming out of retirement as well
03/28/15 06:15 am
I am really excited for the exchange! I'm not in it, but I was looking at the sign up list and I adore the writing styles of everyone who has signed up so far! I don't want to wait!
03/28/15 06:02 am
Lol I'm excited too
03/27/15 07:36 am
Down to six!!! *bounce*
03/27/15 02:35 am
So excited for this exchange!!! Only seven spots are left. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! It's going to be so great!