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Original Title Not Allowed by scifichick774 NC17
A Dark curse, an embarrassing cure. She’d kill him if he told anyone.


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It is with profound grief that we announce the passing of Ms_Figg.

For those who knew her, you had to know of her generosity of spirit and wicked gift for writing about her...

--DHLane and Sirsevchick on 21/07/2015 - 02:37 pm 17 Comments--


The admins would like to welcome everyone back from our unexpected hiatus and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Currently, our beloved Mistress Malfoy is taking a break from the Internet...

--sirsevchick on 13/07/2015 - 02:12 am 10 Comments--

Exchange News!!

We want to thank all the participants of the Exchange for being in touch, submitting chapters, asking questions and in general being involved in this process. I will be reading your stories over the...

--DHLane on 26/06/2015 - 07:09 am 2 Comments--

What Was I Thinking Part 2 by Ms_Figg NC17
Severus has deflowered Hermione, who wanted her first time to be with a man of experience. Now they've gone their separate ways. But gods, the sex was sooo good!  Can they stay away from each other?  Ooh. We'll see.  Alternative Universe, M/F, Graphic Sex, S&M, Anal, Oral...
What Was I Thinking Part 1 by Ms_Figg NC17
Hermione is auditing a fifth year potions class and apparently daydreaming. Snape isn't above a little illicit mind-probing. Ooh. A bit of hunger. Hmm. Well, well, Miss Granger... Alternate Universe/Reality M/F PWP ORAL  WIP
A Turn for the Better by Ms_Figg NC17
Hermione Granger goes back in time to try and convince a young Severus Snape not to aid Tom Riddle.  Of course, Severus doesn't make it easy. The result is a very different wizarding world. Alternate Universe, Lemon, Violence, Adventure, Suspense and more.
Yuleride by Ms_Figg NC17
Severus Snape has decided to leave Hogwarts in search of meaning, adventure and glory.  He wishes Spells mistress Hermione Granger to accompany him, but there is the little problem of Ronald Weasley.  He and Hermione come to an intense understanding during the Christmas holidays, but . . ...
A New Beginning by Ms_Figg NC17
Did Snape really die that fateful night in the Shrieking Shack?  His body was never recovered and portrait in the Headmaster's office never moved. Twenty years later, a Hermione who has given up all her dreams finds herself widowed with two children and needing a job badly.  She receives...
In an Alternate Universe by Ms_Figg NC17
THE ROLES ARE REVERSED.  Young Gryffindor Severus Snape is head over heels in lust with his snarky Potions mistress Hermione Granger, a witch with issues.  Determined to fulfill his fantasies, the brave Gryffindor goes for the gold . . .Let's hope Hermione doesn't turn him into lead...
Daddy Dearest by Ms_Figg NC17
Severus Snape is not ready to be a father, and when a one-night stand with 20- year-old Hermione Granger results in pregnancy, he refuses to take care of or acknowledge the child. Eleven years later Mathias Granger is sorted into Slytherin and has a powerful destiny to fulfill concerning the Dark...
An Unlikely Savior by Ms_Figg NC17
An angry Snape saves Hermione from a grisly death by Fenrir Greyback during the final battle and claims a Life Debt. Nineteen years later, Hermione finds out that's not all he's claimed. You see, he has a daughter . . . WARNING: NOT A ROMANTIC PAIRING!!!
Through the Looking Glass by Ms_Figg NC17
Banner by Erica Zeschke Through an accidental influx of magic, Gryffindor Hermione Granger passes through the Mirror of Erised, and her Slytherin counterpart ends up at Hogwarts. The hated Albus Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and that honeybun Snape . . . he's a bloody Slytherin! Has...
Forgetting Ron by Ms_Figg NC17
Hermione discovers her husband has not only cheated on her, but gotten another witch pregnant. She tries to deal with it as best she can . . . Snape helps ;)
A Living Secret by Ms_Figg NC17
There was a method to Dumbledore's death, and Hermione Granger discovers Snape is not the murderer they believe. Harry and the Potions master must work together. Hermione's secret lust for the wizard is revealed.
A Looping of the Scales by Ms_Figg NC17
A potions accident gives Snape a new lease on life by taking part of it away.  More descriptions to come... .
In the Prefect's Bathroom by Ms_Figg NC17
Hermione is about to take a luxury bath in the Prefect's bathroom when she is interrupted and hides.
The Abduction by Ms_Figg NC17
Snape tries to save Hermione from herself by abducting her and giving her the "Treatment."
The Acronym by Ms_Figg M15
Hermione gets a quick lesson from Snape about the true meaning of fear.
A Matter of Linguistics by Ms_Figg PG
A very short scene featuring Snape, Hermione and the evil Voldemort.  Dark Humor.
A Number of Ways to Kill Ron Weasley by Ms_Figg NC17
A collection of one-shots killing off Ron and getting HG/SS together, taken from a compilation of stories from aff .net. Poor Ronald Weasley dies in many ways, thus ruining JKR's epilogue and saving Hermione. Ron Bashing at its highest.
Love Can Be a Battle or a War by Ms_Figg NC17
WARNING: Alternate UniverseWarrior!Hermione vs. Warrior!Snape.  Something is very out of order at Order Headquarters.  A feud between Hermione and Snape has been ongoing for the past three years.  Tonks and Kingsley decide to give the warring forces a bit of straight advice for the sake...
Lemons at Hogwarts by Ms_Figg G
Headmaster Severus Snape has a very special way of interviewing new applicants at Hogwarts.

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07/25/15 10:44 pm
Thank you, Kel! ❤️
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Three cheers for DHLane! The go to Mod to the rescue!
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07/25/15 09:47 am
I got the spam too, looks like it hit the exchange stories as well.
07/25/15 04:09 am
Yes, same here. I've got numerous reviews from zyt123. She/he left reviews for 7 of my stories.
the artful scribbler
07/25/15 03:50 am
cont - edit. Sorry, it's on my reviews page of Play Cissy For Me. I've reported it. Ta!
the artful scribbler
07/25/15 03:48 am
cont. They posted a long list of shopping outlets on it. I'll leave it there for you to check, but I want to get rid eventually! xox artful
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07/25/15 03:46 am
Dear moderators! I just got hard-core spammed by "member" zyt123 on my review page of Belonging To The Fog. Could you remove them asap. (They've posted a long list of online shopping out
07/21/15 05:56 pm
Everyone, keep the family & friends of Ms_Figg in your hearts. I'm torn up about this. A bright light has gone out. Thanks GE for the tribute to her.
07/21/15 02:54 pm
*hugs DHLane* What a beautiful show of respect.
07/21/15 02:53 pm
One of our own has passed. The exchange has been interrupted so that her stories may be featured. Exchange posting will continue next Monday. *goes to corner to curl up and cry*
07/20/15 03:59 pm
*face palm!* the title is Lay Me Low.... Sorry!
07/20/15 02:16 pm
If you don't have an Ashwinder account, it's also on FF.net under title Lay Me Low (same author name). :)
07/20/15 06:27 am
I know this story! What a great, epic, tale! It's by teddyradiator and titled, Lay Me Down. It's definitely posted on Ashwinder.
07/20/15 06:21 am
I know this story! What a great, epic, tale! It's by teddyradiator and titled, Lay Me Down. It's definitely posted on Ashwinder.
07/20/15 06:19 am
I know this story! What a great, epic, tale! It's by teddyradiator and titled, Lay Me Down. It's definitely posted on Ashwinder.
07/19/15 11:17 pm
Omg and Sirius tries to molest/rape her a couple of times I think? Ick, anyway, I didn't read it very long ago so I don't know why I can't remember anything about the title or author...
07/19/15 09:38 pm
..because she kills Albus in the end. And Regulis Black plays a big part... Ring a bell for anyone?
07/19/15 09:37 pm
He won't do anything till they're married. She knows about Dumbledores plot to have Snape kill him and gets really upset. They end up married and Snape is headmaster and everyone hates Hermion
07/19/15 09:35 pm
So, I need help. Thanks to my mom brain I've forgotten another fic title even though I loved it. I'm not even sure if its on GE. It's Snape and Hermione, they end up together around 7th ye
07/19/15 09:32 pm
Bespoke Witch was taken down. Not sure why or by whom, but if you Google it, it pops right up. It's complete now too! And she might eventually do a sequel.
07/17/15 07:38 am
Hi Savva, i wish i have the talent for that.
07/17/15 07:06 am
Dear Meldz, perhaps you should try to write a perfectly long fic by yourself.
07/17/15 03:35 am
Anyone knows what happened to The Bespoke Witch? I swear it was here in G.E.
07/17/15 03:33 am
After The Battle is definitely not NC17. I wish all the exchange fics will be continued and expanded even if the status is complete cause all are too short.
07/16/15 05:11 pm
Okay - pls tell me how to post so readers can change the text size. I must've flunked that lesson.
07/16/15 08:52 am
The Bringing Together of Three Souls is my favorite followed closely by Of Love, Wine and Priorities
07/15/15 06:06 am
F****** Unicorns is my favorite so far. Will the authors be revealed after the exchange?
07/15/15 04:17 am
Really enjoying the exchange fics so far! *internet hugs all around!*
07/13/15 11:22 pm
There is a new story up for the fic exchange!! Go check it out!
07/13/15 10:08 pm
I'm using the Enchants skin and it looks just fine to me.
07/13/15 10:07 pm
@T-W-O You can help replenish the coffers though using your PayPal account, make your donation and have it sent to this email address - hanted.com
07/13/15 09:35 pm
An outage this long drains the resources. How can we minions donate to help refill the coffers with galleons?
07/13/15 04:59 pm
I'm so glad that the site is back to normal! I can't wait to read more stories!
07/13/15 02:52 pm
Snamione works great too!
07/13/15 02:36 pm
Tomione skin is back to normal
07/13/15 12:20 pm
Moonlit Nights skin works perfectly.
07/13/15 12:04 pm
I am using Dramioneskin and everything is working for me. Apparently different skins are messing with it. Hmmmmm.
07/13/15 11:09 am
I haven't been able to open anything on the site for at least 2 weeks
07/13/15 06:26 am
Hmmm... Portions of the home page "disappear" for some skins... Not where they should be and not lower down... Can't seem to locate the challenges and exchanges (not fics themselves). Pe
07/13/15 06:23 am
Thanks, shinimamione.
07/13/15 02:17 am
Hello, loves. This is tinkwolfe. Just submitted the prologue to the tot redux to this website. It's already up over on ffnet if you want to check it out sooner. Frwllfrnknstn over there too. xoxo
07/12/15 10:47 pm
Check out the two new stories that have been featured above for the Epilogue Didn't Exist Exchange!
07/12/15 10:04 pm
@T-W-O The Exchange fics can be found at the Fic Exchange link on the left hand side of the home page as wel as the Featured Enchants on the top.
07/12/15 10:04 pm
@T-W-O The Exchange fics can be found at the Fic Exchange link on the left hand side of the home page as wel as the Featured Enchants on the top.
07/12/15 10:03 pm
@T-W-O The Exchange fics can be found at the Fic Exchange link on the left hand side of the home page as wel as the Featured Enchants on the top.