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The Little Black Dress by Ms_NomdePlume NC17
A short, songfic about a fashionable moment of freedom.


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Exchange News!!

We want to thank all the participants of the Exchange for being in touch, submitting chapters, asking questions and in general being involved in this process.  I will be reading your stories over the...

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A Little Fic Exchange Snack

For a while there was some confusion about submitting fic exchange stories and in the crossfire a really wonderful story was put up for your delectation! Please join me in reading StrongHermione's...

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Due Date Extension

We, the admin of Granger Enchanted, are granting an extension to the due date for fics being turned in just this once. Please have your stories completed, beta'd, and sent in by June 25th. Remember...

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Shakespeare in Shlush by stronghermione R
When a Marriage Law is passed, the choices are either select a partner or go to Azkaban.  Hermione doesn't want to come between anyone and has no prospects - save ones she doesn't know - until she meets up with the man of her choice in a pub the night before the deadline.    
Ex Tempore by Exchange Author NC17
Summary: This was definitely not in her job description. And yet, here she was,Deputy Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of MagicalCreatures, and somehow doing a job better suited to an Unspeakable. How onearth did she get assigned to helping Salazar Slytherin get settled into...
After the Battle by Exchange Author NC17
Summary:   Hermione knows there's a bright future waiting for them beyond the rubble of Hogwarts, she just can't figure out how to get there. 
Of Love, Wine and Priorities by Exchange Author NC17
Summary: Sometimes, we lose our way and need a little help from our friends finding it again. Apparently, Pansy is just that kind of friend.  Gift For: Margaritama