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All About Us by LuciannaMalfoy NC17
Depressed Head Auror Potter realises that he is attracted to his best friend...


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Granger Enchantedís Visions of Sugar Plums Challenge

Hello to all of our fabulous authors. This year instead of an exchange we have decided to issue Granger Enchantedís Visions of Sugar Plums Challenge, which...

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Our featured author of the month is ----- ThornedHuntress!!!!

In our month of giving thanks (at least in the United States), we are giving thanks for the fabulous fics that she writes. †ThornedHuntress...

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Featured Author of October

Our featured author of the month is ------- ARTICCAT621

She does all sorts of pairings and they are all wonderful....give her lots of love and while we were unable to feature each...

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Christmas Crackers by articcat621 M15
Hermione attends Christmas at the Burrow, where Charlie Weasley is clearly up to something.
Walking In A Winter Wonderland by articcat621 M15
Hermione and Severus take a stroll on Christmas Eve.
Operation Grinch by krazyredhead0317 M15
Hermione has just finished her degrees in archaeology and curse breaking from the Oxford's Muggle and Magical schools respectively and is off to Egypt on behalf of Gringotts Bank. Within days she notices that the surly Bill Weasley she sees now is a far cry from the young, carefree wizard she knew from...

12/16/14 09:09 pm
Hey there everyone! Check out the first three Visions of Sugar Plum fics! Thanks to everyone who participated. There are more stories to come.
12/16/14 06:25 pm
I think you're looking for Harry Potter and the Gift of Merlin by CordeliaHalliwell
12/16/14 05:49 pm
I think you're looking for Harry Potter and the Gift of Merlin by CordeliaHalliwell
12/16/14 06:22 am
Sorry, I don't know that one.
12/15/14 11:03 am
Draco finds Hermione at cedrics grave and informs her of her heritage. there is some weird test at gringots that proves to goblins she is the heir weird orb thing that turns different colors
12/15/14 10:57 am
but cant remember the story title nor author name I believe it was on fanfiction .net can u help again
12/15/14 10:56 am
along with the malfoys and I guess dumbledor new and gave her to get muggle parents she was given to dubmledor by the lady of the lake. The writer got sick but I wanted to check her/his profile page
12/15/14 10:55 am
I found it ty Lilbitbord her got another one for you lol this one was never finished it was about Hermione being the heir of pendragon I believe and cedric was a member or a secret order
Mistress Snape
12/15/14 08:38 am
Thinking of the people of Sydney this morning.
Mistress Snape
12/15/14 08:11 am
Thinking of the people of Sydney this morning.
12/13/14 07:53 pm
If it not that it could be The Wedding by LaBibliographe. I know the Multi orgasms come from A new Order of Wizards, but I think Hermione as control of Malfoy's money in The wedding.
12/13/14 07:42 pm
Desiraes0220- I'm pretty sure that's A New Order of Wizards by LaBibliographe
12/13/14 02:11 am
does that sound fimilar to anyone?
12/13/14 02:11 am
at one point Harry bitches to Hermione about telling lies about multi orgasms Hermione tells him off. Eventually I believe they have kids at the end and Harry loses polularity I think
12/13/14 02:10 am
they start having great sex multipule orgasms are metioned and Ginny get jealous because herminoe say she has multi orgasms but ginny is not with Harry.
12/13/14 02:09 am
in this story Hermion has 100% control over Malfoy money and somewhere a small fight happens Hermione gives him some money (his money really) back.
12/13/14 02:08 am
another need help finding story. If I remember correctly its a Lucius / Hermione story. They were kind of forced to marry by non other then Harry potter I belive he is the minster.
12/12/14 11:34 pm
I wish I could write and write good but I just can not. See if I could then I would finish all loved unfinished stories for my eyes only hehehe
12/10/14 03:23 pm
I think it is finished at the Manor
12/09/14 02:47 pm
It was finished here for a while I guess she took it down hum ill search for it thanks
12/09/14 01:37 pm
I think you're right Hit50!
12/09/14 12:45 pm
I think it is finished at the Manor
12/09/14 11:32 am
You're looking for Through the Eyes of a Child by Jamies_lady. It's not finished on this site right now and I can't remember where else she has it posted.
12/09/14 11:06 am
also they bring Sirius back from veil there is a phyniox dark markish type thing and scales tattoos to show who was on what side during final battle. Of course Molly is not the most nice of people
12/09/14 10:49 am
looking for story. Hermione is unicorn animagus, slowly gets involed with draco after helping represent his dad and others after war. child from future visits Lucius and narcissi can u help please
12/05/14 05:23 pm
Omg! Shut up and take my money! I volunteer as an organizer.
12/05/14 07:11 am
Hahahaha! That sounds great! The magical LeStrange Brothers and the men of Slytherin!! WHOOT!!
12/05/14 02:26 am
DHLane, I agree. I wish we could have our own GrangerCon or something. I'd love to meet everyone. A nice ladies weekend. And maybe a Magic Mike type thing, but with wizards? :p
12/04/14 10:44 pm
You should try, pelemelee and ForeverFalling. GE has the best readers and reviewers on the web!
12/04/14 10:28 am
Yeah, I've never posted but I've been thinking more and more about it. Maybe my 9 month old will give me a little writing time for once...
12/04/14 08:46 am
i would, but i've no beta etc. when you don't usually post here, it can be a process
12/03/14 11:04 pm
I am writing a Christmas story for the Vision of Sugar Plum Challenge. Are you pelemelee?
12/03/14 09:56 pm
Waiting for Bespoke Witch to update is like waiting for Christmas when you're five....
12/03/14 10:46 am
Anyone writing Christmas stories this year?
11/27/14 01:44 am
lately and I was just concerned about the well-being of the strangers that bring me entertainment and distraction from my everyday life. Hope everyone is doing well, authors and readers alike!
11/27/14 01:42 am
I've been here lurking since the summer of 2011. I was just wanting to check in on the Hermione/Severus authors and see if you guys are ok. I've noticed updates have been few and very rare lat
11/25/14 05:08 pm
Thanks Audrey414!
11/22/14 07:21 pm
elsewhere for a long while, and was proof read. With chapter 4 currently in the pipeline, would it still be acceptable to post 3 despite its lack of "official" beta credentials?
11/22/14 07:17 pm
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement. I have returned to the writing world. Now, question. Ch 3 of the Magic Shop, while not been "officially" beta read, has been posted else
Snarky Granger
11/22/14 03:59 am
The smutty pairings are Lumione, Harcissa, and Druna with a splash of Abraxas/Dorea and the married couples are Harmony, Lucissa and still Druna. Sorry I didn't see this right away.
11/22/14 01:34 am
Is it Hermione centric, Snarky Granger? We host stories in which Hermione is one of the main characters and if the multiples are paired with Hermione then you can submit it here!
Snarky Granger
11/22/14 01:26 am
I wrote The Lovegod Curse on for the Samhain Smut fest and it has multiple pairings. I don't know if I can post this on here. I have it posted on ff.net under the same name. Can someone help? Than
11/19/14 03:21 pm
I loved reading Secret Princess. Such a good story!
11/13/14 07:23 pm
@amazonlady- Secret Princess is finished on fanfiction, just not completely uploaded here
11/11/14 04:07 pm
Thank you for your service to our country Lovespell it is very much appreciated!!
11/11/14 02:00 pm
To all my fellow American vets, I'm raising a beer for you! To GE, thanks again for this site. It kept me going while I was deployed, a small slice of normality in an armpit of a place.
11/11/14 01:59 pm
To all my fellow American vets, I'm raising a beer for you! To GE, thanks again for this site. It kept me going while I was deployed, a small slice of normality in an armpit of a place.
11/09/14 02:05 pm
@obrten How to play the baby game in 365 days by Little_Miss_Moonlight85 is really good (wip). And The Dragon's Bride by Rizzle is excellent. I would also check the marriage law challenge fics.
11/05/14 11:02 pm
Congrats to Thorned for being the featured author this month!
11/01/14 10:08 pm
Hey everyone, the featured author for November is up, go check it out!!!