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Changing Minds by chaoticclara NC17
After the Dark Lord's rise to power, circumstances allow two people to change...


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Epilogue Didn't Exist exchange

Hi everyone and thanks for voting in our latest poll!!

The winner is...


So what does an exchange entail and how...

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Featured Rare Pairs

For the blustery month of March, the winds of the upcoming spring are blowing Rare Pairs into the archive for our consumption. Let us know what you think of our choices and suggest some of your favs!...

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St. Valentine's Day Fics

In honour of Saint Valentine's Day, Enchanted Admin are featuring some fics that were written expressly for this star crossed, chocolate covered holiday. So, grab your bon bons and cozy up to your...

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Betrayal by MistressMalfoy NC17
She was of the light, but her heart and soul thrived in the dark. Will she succumb to her desires and betray everything she holds dear? HGLV and HG/Rodolphus Nominated at the Granger Enchanted Gilded Grangers for best Hermione/Death Eater! Thanks to erincolien for her increasingly beautiful banners!...
A Vicis Obscurum by MistressMalfoy NC17
The fabric of time is torn when Hermione is betrayed by someone she has grown to trust, enemies become friends and lovers. Magic and blood play a hand in helping Hermione become the witch she was destined to be.Thanks to erincolien for the wonderful banner!!
Need the Storm by blacklotus NC17
Yet again, she awoke with sweat sliding down her spine, her heart hammering a tattoo in her chest, and his voice, an insidious susurrus in her head. You are mine, Hermione. And you cannot fight forever.Secrets are revealed and Hermione is left irrevocably changed and faced with a difficult decision –...
Still Waters Run Deep by Savva NC17
Theodore Nott, the best criminal investigator in Wizarding London is trying to solve a complicated murder case. His sudden desire for Hermione Weasley doesn't help. Theodore Nott/Hermione Granger. DH Epilogue complaint. Romance/Mystery. Adultery
Hunter and Prey by Seselt NC17
Hermione has a new job studying dangerous magical creatures. She thinks she can handle anything. But she is going to be put to the challenge by the wiliest quarry of all.
Theirs by atruwriter NC17
(AU) Hermione Granger's life takes an entirely different path when she enters Hogwarts a year early and is befriended by a couple of pranksters who know something she doesn't that will very much effect their future together. George/Hermione/FredStunning banner made by crimsonemeralds of The Dark...
Defututa by Svelte Rose NC17
Congenial, affable, intelligent, and handsome as the devil, Anthony Goldstein should have made the perfect Head Boy. At least everyone thinks so. Everyone except for the Head Girl.
Blendwerk by Lady of Clunn NC17
Hermione finds herself in a world she does not remember.  Great thanks to draconis23 for the awesome banner!
Cuff by DHLane R
Weekend Forum DrabbleDripping wet and heart sore, Hermione finds herself in the kitchen of her ex-boyfriends best mate.
Divine Redemption by Solas_Divided NC17
She was prepared to die that night in Malfoy Manor when she mysteriously Disapparated out of the clutches of death and into the arms of the last man she ever expected to protect her.     ***
Butterfly by Savva NC17
She was his butterfly, his unexpected present from the future, and he wasn’t going to let her go. Ever…
His Otter by krazyredhead0317 NC17
Who would’ve thought that working for Malfoy Enterprises would be so entertaining?  And who knew that mixing with pure-blood Slytherins would be this amusing?  Certainly not Hermione Granger! Written for prompt #49 of the Hermione Smut Fest on LJ under the penname, k_lynne317- Wandless...

03/28/15 06:15 am
I am really excited for the exchange! I'm not in it, but I was looking at the sign up list and I adore the writing styles of everyone who has signed up so far! I don't want to wait!
03/28/15 06:02 am
Lol I'm excited too
03/27/15 07:36 am
Down to six!!! *bounce*
03/27/15 02:35 am
So excited for this exchange!!! Only seven spots are left. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! It's going to be so great!
03/26/15 06:12 pm
does anyone know how to get a hold on Page394 the writer from The Witching Hour
03/25/15 06:53 am
Exchange spots are limited! Three already filled...
03/24/15 03:04 am
Sadly, I have been too busy for the past few weeks to do much reading. So, it wasn't completely intentional. I had just caught up with what she had done and haven't had a chance since then.
03/23/15 07:54 pm
OMG how could you stop? I'm dying for the next chapter and weekends kill me.
03/23/15 07:52 pm
@moony13 I started reading that and stopped around chapter 87 and wanted to wait until it was done. I agree it is a very good story though.
03/23/15 07:50 pm
Character limit kills me >.<
03/23/15 07:48 pm
understand, and sets her on a path that ends with a Time-Turner. (Pairings: HG/SB, HG/RL)
03/23/15 07:46 pm
By shealone. When Hermione finds a way to bring Sirius back from the Veil, her actions change the rest of the war. Little does she know her spell restoring him to life provokes magic
03/23/15 07:45 pm
@animebabe & @WoodenGrace Might want to hit up The Debt of Time. Its ridiculously good and over 700k words and 136 chapters atm and updated daily Mon-Fri. Ah-amazingly. It's SB/HG time travel
03/21/15 02:35 pm
Yay!! Exchange!!! *joins the happy dance*
03/19/15 10:43 pm
I love reading Pureblood!Hermione. 8D
03/19/15 03:41 am
@WoodenGrace I am reading that right now, it is such a good story!! Probably one of the best Sirius/Hermione I have read.
03/19/15 02:37 am
Yes, you're amazing! I didn't find it on my first run through of FFN so I thought it had to have been here where I'd read it! Much thanks!~
03/19/15 02:10 am
@WoodenGrace: Did you mean Roundabout Destiny be MaryRoyale? It's on ff.net :) Great story!
03/19/15 02:02 am
Lol Crap, I forgot these shout boxes duplicate messages.
03/19/15 02:01 am
Ugh, it's been forever since I've been on, but I'm tearing my hair out trying to find a certain fic. =/ Hermione is James' twin, and a seer, pretty distinctive story. Kind of time trav
03/19/15 01:23 am
Ugh, it's been forever since I've been on, but I'm tearing my hair out trying to find a certain fic. =/ Hermione is James' twin, and a seer, pretty distinctive story. Kind of time trav
03/18/15 10:57 pm
*happy dance*
03/18/15 10:06 pm
Hehehe! You crack me up, minervasrevenge! I have been assured that there will be an exchange or something pretty soon. Whooot! Whoooooooot!
03/18/15 09:40 pm
Am I the only lunatic that "shouts?" lol
03/18/15 09:19 pm
OMG hermione_smut is coming!!!!
03/17/15 10:46 pm
potterfan4evr - I think there is beta info in the Owl Post forum
03/17/15 09:35 pm
Is there going to be an exchange..? I'm bursting with plot bunnies...
03/17/15 09:21 pm
To you, too!
03/17/15 10:05 am
Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!!
03/13/15 06:14 pm
How do I become a Beta? I read all the stories that have a lot of grammatical errors and somehow I've decided I'd like to be one. Any help is appreciated.
03/12/15 11:57 am
Does anyone know of any stories where Hermione has a relationship end (or where he dies) and then finds happiness with someone else? The one I found was Raven-Haired Malfoy. Higher rating preferable.
03/11/15 02:58 am
Yes Ariah, you need to add the story as a favourite. On "my account" and "manage favourites" you can un-fave them or see them :)
03/10/15 09:48 pm
is there a way to get notification of a chapter update?
03/10/15 09:43 pm
is there a way to get notification of a chapter update?
03/09/15 10:20 pm
Hi there pumkin!! It is wonderful to from you! We are fine. I hope you are well!
03/09/15 09:14 pm
Hey DHLane long time since I've said hi. Hope all is well with u and the family.
03/08/15 06:53 am
Damn straight lol
03/08/15 01:13 am
Damn straight lol
03/07/15 08:51 pm
MistressMalfoy is a perv... <3
03/05/15 04:38 pm
@Pelemelee have you ever read anything by Loten over at FanFiction? I am currently reading all of her HP stories now...
03/05/15 03:39 pm
@Pelemelee have you ever read anything by Loten over at FanFiction? I am currently reading all of her HP stories now...
03/05/15 01:26 pm
Usually Hermione with anyone Slytherin, past present or future. Whenever I look through Snape or Lucius fics it seems like I've read all the best ones. I really like novel length stuff.
03/04/15 03:15 am
Pelemelee what ships do you prefer ?
03/03/15 04:54 pm
Y'all, throw a random fic at me! I'm waiting for my current favs to be updated and feel like I've read everything I might be interested in ship wise. Don't know where to look next..
03/03/15 01:34 pm
Polyjuice makes all plots possible! Mwahahahaha!
03/02/15 11:31 pm
Hahahaha boo prompt grab
03/02/15 09:03 pm
*Tips hat at the room* Hallo
03/02/15 07:13 am
Com'on prompt grab!!
03/02/15 07:12 am
Yay!! I'll happily take the blame... *smooches*
03/02/15 05:20 am
Come on epilogue didn't exist poll!!!