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Only In My Dreams by blue artemis PG
Hermione's willingness to testify for Draco leads to so much more.


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This month's featured author is the incomparable ianthe_waiting.  She has been a valuted member and author of this site for over five years!!!

Ianthe_waiting writes different pairings and each...

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Granger Enchanted’s Visions of Sugar Plums Challenge

Hello to all of our fabulous authors. This year instead of an exchange we have decided to issue Granger Enchanted’s Visions of Sugar Plums Challenge, which...

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The Fool, the Emperor, and the Hanged Man by ianthe_waiting NC17
DH-EWE: Ten years after the fall of the Dark Lord, Hermione Granger leads of life of self-imposed obscurity, that is, until the day Headmistress Minerva McGonagall is murdered and a certain 'hero' is responsible. The Fool, the Emperor, and the Hanged Man has been nominated! Best WIP and...
Tyranny by ianthe_waiting NC17
Summary: Post-Hogwarts - ONESHOT - Lust's passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes. (de Sade) HG/??
Out of the Silent Planet by ianthe_waiting NC17
Post-Hogwarts - Hermione Granger fulfills Severus Snape's final wish, to journey to Japan to ‘retrieve' something of importance. Set eleven years after HBP.  Official Nominee of the Dramione Awards, Round 3 - Best Epic and Best Heart-Wrenching/AngstVoting on April 10 2008!
The Favor by ianthe_waiting NC17
Post-Hogwarts. Three years ago, Hermione asked a huge favor from the Weasley twins, and now they have come to collect what Hermione owes them in return.
Strengths and Weaknesses by ianthe_waiting NC17
When a lab accident sends Hermione Granger to the Hospital Wing, an angry Severus Snape wants to teach his lover a lesson she’ll never forget!
L'amore è tre quarti di curiosità (Love is three quarters curiosity) by ianthe_waiting R
Hermione literally collides with trouble in an alley in Northern Italy, which will lead her through a process called ‘falling in love.’
Whom the Gods Would Destroy by ianthe_waiting NC17
The end of the world has come.  Millions dead, magic waning, Hermione Granger and Charlie Weasley are the last people left in Britain—left to pick up the pieces of their once great civilization.  Why were they spared?  Who is responsible for the death of a nation?  These are...
Snape: Scoundrel or Saint? Or, The Autobiography of a so-called Byronic Hero, a retort. by ianthe_waiting NC17
‘Had to save him, said the one thing that made all the difference—almost sweet, but too sad.  Almost kissed him then…’ I dropped the book on the bed, falling face first into the mattress beside it.  There it was, in a tiny, penciled scrawl, the possible motive of future...

01/22/15 06:55 pm
How long does it take for a chapter to be validated? (Eagerly waiting)
Lady Lynn
01/19/15 10:06 pm
see, i was thinking of making something up, but my brain just wasn't working as to thinking of what that might be. thanks for your ideas, forever falling!
01/19/15 03:26 pm
or even a private joke or nickname like arthur has mollywobbles. but i's totally okay tto just make something up. you could do a favorite song or singer from a muggle band.
01/19/15 03:24 pm
she was forever a the burrow and bill was in and out, so chances are they had some itneraction that we aren't privy to in the books, if you give internal dialogue explaing it, it's legit
01/19/15 03:23 pm
lady Lynn, make somehting up between them. Like say Herminoe and bill had a conversation once about her favorte egyptian god or myth, or something like her favorite holiday or candy
Lady Lynn
01/18/15 05:26 pm
help! what is a security question bill weasley might ask hermione to verify her identity directly after ootp was done, before hbp started?? lol
01/16/15 06:19 pm
Found it was Behind Her Eyes... did wickedwanz close up her account here?
01/16/15 05:57 pm
Found it was Behind Her Eyes... did wickedwanz close up her account here?
01/16/15 04:09 am
James was accepting that Lily was just finding her place as a new wife... can't seem to find it anywhere...
01/16/15 04:07 am
Had anyone come across a james/hermione fic I'm liking for... hermione wakes in Lily Potter's body in a time when James was questioning his marriage to Lily. Sirius finds get behavior odd but
01/15/15 06:19 am
...'back' to Hogwarts (with the guys as wizards) all starting at age 11? Was part of a lot of cross-overs.
01/15/15 06:16 am
Does anyone remember a fic where HG's "mentor" took her & Sam&Dean (from Supernatural) to "the Real Fantasy Island" for HG's 'final test'-going 'back' to Ho
01/15/15 03:17 am
Hey guys, Does anyone know when Ashwinder will be back on line?
01/12/15 11:44 pm
Thanks, LoveSpell. With so many amazing authors it is difficult to choose just one each month. Happy New Year to you, too!
01/11/15 07:50 pm
Happy new year! I know it's been going on for a bit, but the featured author of the month doohickey is awesome.
01/10/15 01:21 am
DramioneLove's Adopt-A-Prompt Fest is now open for prompting Hermione x Draco fic & art here: dramionelove . livejournal . com / 115677 . html. Come join the fun! :)
01/08/15 12:20 pm
Potterfests . livejournal . com is listing a schedule for all fests/challenges for HP universe in 2015. Is GE doing planning fests/challenges this year?
01/06/15 05:09 pm
Happy New year from France:)
01/05/15 01:58 pm
HP-Deflower Fest 2015 still has a lot of Hermione-centric prompts available to try too! Check them out here: hp-deflower . livejournal . com / 3470 . html. Come signup/claim a prompt! 500 words min.
01/05/15 01:56 pm
DramioneLove Adopt-A-Prompt Fest opens for prompting on 10 January. Info: dramionelove . livejournal . com / 11326. Offer your old prompts up for others to use in your stead or prompt yours directly!
01/05/15 01:54 pm
HP-Kinkfest just posted their prompts. I compiled the Dramione prompts here: dramionelove . livejournal . com / 114. Check them out! Claiming starts on 6 January.
01/01/15 09:53 am
The sshg awards open for fic and art nominations today at sshg-ficawards dot livejournal dot com! Dash over and make nominate your favs!!
01/01/15 12:44 am
01/01/15 12:17 am
Happy New Year from Chicago!
12/31/14 07:50 pm
Happy New Year
12/31/14 02:14 pm
Curious... has wickedwanz removed all fics?
12/26/14 03:48 am
And gents!
12/26/14 03:42 am
Blessed Yule, ladies! <3
12/25/14 12:01 am
Happy Christmas and Joyous Yule to all Enchanted readers and writers!! I hope your holidays are wonderful!
12/16/14 09:09 pm
Hey there everyone! Check out the first three Visions of Sugar Plum fics! Thanks to everyone who participated. There are more stories to come.
12/16/14 06:25 pm
I think you're looking for Harry Potter and the Gift of Merlin by CordeliaHalliwell
12/16/14 05:49 pm
I think you're looking for Harry Potter and the Gift of Merlin by CordeliaHalliwell
12/16/14 06:22 am
Sorry, I don't know that one.
12/15/14 11:03 am
Draco finds Hermione at cedrics grave and informs her of her heritage. there is some weird test at gringots that proves to goblins she is the heir weird orb thing that turns different colors
12/15/14 10:57 am
but cant remember the story title nor author name I believe it was on fanfiction .net can u help again
12/15/14 10:56 am
along with the malfoys and I guess dumbledor new and gave her to get muggle parents she was given to dubmledor by the lady of the lake. The writer got sick but I wanted to check her/his profile page
12/15/14 10:55 am
I found it ty Lilbitbord her got another one for you lol this one was never finished it was about Hermione being the heir of pendragon I believe and cedric was a member or a secret order
Mistress Snape
12/15/14 08:38 am
Thinking of the people of Sydney this morning.
Mistress Snape
12/15/14 08:11 am
Thinking of the people of Sydney this morning.
12/13/14 07:53 pm
If it not that it could be The Wedding by LaBibliographe. I know the Multi orgasms come from A new Order of Wizards, but I think Hermione as control of Malfoy's money in The wedding.
12/13/14 07:42 pm
Desiraes0220- I'm pretty sure that's A New Order of Wizards by LaBibliographe
12/13/14 02:11 am
does that sound fimilar to anyone?
12/13/14 02:11 am
at one point Harry bitches to Hermione about telling lies about multi orgasms Hermione tells him off. Eventually I believe they have kids at the end and Harry loses polularity I think
12/13/14 02:10 am
they start having great sex multipule orgasms are metioned and Ginny get jealous because herminoe say she has multi orgasms but ginny is not with Harry.
12/13/14 02:09 am
in this story Hermion has 100% control over Malfoy money and somewhere a small fight happens Hermione gives him some money (his money really) back.
12/13/14 02:08 am
another need help finding story. If I remember correctly its a Lucius / Hermione story. They were kind of forced to marry by non other then Harry potter I belive he is the minster.
12/12/14 11:34 pm
I wish I could write and write good but I just can not. See if I could then I would finish all loved unfinished stories for my eyes only hehehe
12/10/14 03:23 pm
I think it is finished at the Manor
12/09/14 02:47 pm
It was finished here for a while I guess she took it down hum ill search for it thanks
12/09/14 01:37 pm
I think you're right Hit50!