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The Other Witch by MistressMalfoy NC17
I'll want you in the daytime, I'll want you in the nighttime, I'll...


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A Call To Arms!!!

Over the next three weekends, our Beltane warriors will need some assistance polishing their drabble entries in time for the...

--DHLane copied from Meiri at Manor on 09/04/2014 - 07:10 pm 5 Comments--

Beltane Drabble War!

Beltane Drabble War

Stories should be no shorter than...

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Happy Happy April to all GE'ers and to our featured author of the month  - - - - - - - - - - - - CRMediaGal!!!!!!

Check out her amazing stories! She is an American with a talent...

--DHLane on 01/04/2014 - 09:52 pm 5 Comments--

Unquestionable Love by CRMediaGal PG13
Nineteen years have passed since the Second Wizarding War. Hermione's and Severus's world has drastically changed, but their lives are about to come crashing down again. Epic novel with angst, drama, mystery and, above all, love. First of a series, AU, Post-DH. * Banner by Savva
Unquestionable Love: The Problems of a Prodigy by CRMediaGal G
Jeannie has started her first year at Hogwarts, but what happens when the youngest Snape requests a visitation with Severus shortly after the start of term? Companion piece to Unquestionable Love. One-shot, AU, Post-Hogwarts. * Banner of Savva
Unquestionable Love: As Time Goes By by CRMediaGal PG13
Prompt for the 1,000th review of Unquestionable Love: The Prequel. Severus and Hermione are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, but what happens when the day finally arrives? Companion piece to Unquestionable Love. One-shot, AU, Post-Hogwarts. * Banner by Savva
Unquestionable Love: Late Night Reflections by CRMediaGal G
Severus is awoken from sleep to find unexpected comfort in a small being's company. Companion piece to Unquestionable Love. One-shot, AU, Post-Hogwarts. * Banner by Savva
Unquestionable Love: The Prequel by CRMediaGal R
The beginnings of an unconventional relationship between a professor and his student are tested by war, secrets, prejudice, and perseverance. Epic novel with angst, drama, and blossoming romance. Prequel to Unquestionable Love. HBP to Post-Hogwarts era.

04/23/14 07:54 pm
The drabbles this week are wonderful!! Check 'em out.
04/22/14 10:53 pm
If you haven't yet, read and review the Beltane Drabble Wars entries for round 2, then go to the LJ comm and cast your vote!
04/22/14 09:03 am
I have never heard of grape pie. *goes to google that*
04/21/14 07:03 pm
Yum Grape pie. <3
04/21/14 05:40 pm
04/21/14 04:26 pm
reviews have an author reply button, but we need a button to reply to the author reply!
04/21/14 03:24 pm
Kinda like grape pie is an Ontario thing?
04/20/14 11:15 pm
OOO, Kel, you sneaky bunny you! I hope your girls don't find out. I think Strawberry pie might be an American thing Meiri...
04/20/14 10:35 pm
OOOO sneaky bunny. Also strawberry pie? How is this the first time I've ever heard of such a thing?
04/20/14 09:18 pm
Strawberry pie was the most scrumptious but there is untapped chocolate in a secret stash left in the deepest part of the pantry by a stealthy bunny.
04/20/14 08:57 pm
The bunny brought my girls chocolate... that I will be 'borrowing' on occasion.
04/20/14 07:14 pm
I got chocolate too. And had my first dessert in weeks, it was a cannoli and it was amazing.
04/20/14 06:39 pm
To thine own bunny be true. lol.
04/20/14 06:07 pm
The bunny brought me chocolate, and gingerbread cupcakes, because I am my bunny lol.
04/20/14 08:15 am
Happy Easter to all! May the bunny bring chocolate!!!
04/20/14 01:59 am
@aras, if you go into the categories menu, and click on challenges, you should find the Inheritance of Magic challenge. Lots of pureblood!Hermione there.
04/20/14 12:55 am
Ok, any suggestions for a good story where Hermione finds out she's a pureblood? I really like By Reason of Birth and My Brother Blaise. Are there any others similar to these? (any rating) Thanks!
Paige Marin
04/18/14 07:44 pm
Dramione lovers, have you read Faultless? If not you really, really should... It can be found at fanfiction.net /s/9061483/1/Faultless
04/18/14 12:50 pm
*bows* Thank you! For my next trick... Um, I don't have a next trick. So thanks, Meiri!
04/18/14 12:17 am
Congratulations, TarnishedArmour, for your win in the first round of the Beltane Drabble Wars!
04/17/14 08:48 pm
Don't forget you still have a chance to read, review and vote for the drabble war!! Go! Go! Go!
04/17/14 06:21 pm
Prompts for weekend 2 of the Beltane Drabble war have gone live at the forum! :D
04/16/14 07:50 pm
I know! It was gone for ages...
04/16/14 03:49 pm
Welcome back to the Interwebs, GE.
04/15/14 12:04 am
Polls are posted at GE's LJ and the Manor's for the Beltane Drabble Wars. Two different entries for each archive, so two different polls! Links in the left side bar!
04/14/14 11:42 pm
Scharfen, I have, but we have a really amazing Early Childhood Center through our school district, and they have to take her at three, so it's only a couple months.
Scharfen Leid
04/14/14 02:26 pm
@ keelhaulrose, have you considered a Montessori. School? Rather amazing in design.
04/14/14 08:45 am
Thanks krazyred. For my next trick: picking those letters out of my teeth...
04/13/14 09:09 pm
*snickers* No, it's not, but that's a hilarious mental image Tarnished.
04/12/14 08:19 pm
I'm happy to see someone is as excited about the Drabble War as DHLane, krazyredhead0317 and I all are. :D
04/12/14 08:19 am
Sorry about that. Forgot this wasn't a nature documentary about writers in the wild and the hunt for prompts!
04/12/14 08:18 am
*pounces on prompt! grabs it by the commas! shakes around...sidesteps offstage with letters dangling from mouth*
04/11/14 06:36 pm
I don't mind, might as well put that English degree to some good use
04/11/14 05:35 pm
*bouncing in place. staring at Drabble War Post....waiting...ready to pounce...er...write...*
04/11/14 12:45 pm
@keelhaulrose: I hope that you'll have access to good supports now that you have a diagnosis for your daughter. *hugs*
04/11/14 12:42 pm
A few authors are concerned that they will not be able to find betas in time to submit their drabbles by the Sunday night deadline for voting.
04/11/14 12:41 pm
If anyone here betas, please consider leaving a note in our beta call to arms.
04/10/14 02:43 pm
going to be a very long road.
04/10/14 02:42 pm
Thank you. It's going to be crazy for the next few months as we prepare her for the move to the public preschool. I'm optimistic she'll talk eventually and make more strides, but it's
04/10/14 02:18 pm
Oh god how stressful. I'm so sorry. I would give you an almighty cuddle if I could.
04/10/14 01:47 pm
Honestly, coco, I feel like I need a hug. My younger daughter was just diagnosed as Autistic, and it's getting a bit overwhelming with all the info, meetings, and therapies
04/10/14 12:00 pm
Hiiii. I've been working on my tomione again but it isn't ready to post here yet. If anyone's curious it's over at ffnet. How is everyone?
04/10/14 08:11 am
Welcome cocoartist!!!
04/10/14 07:12 am
I'm back too, exciting times
04/07/14 11:46 am
whoooootttt!!! I love a challenge.
04/07/14 02:17 am
New challenge!
04/06/14 10:44 pm
Yay! I'm glad to see you Lou!
04/06/14 03:47 am
Thank you!! :)
04/06/14 12:52 am
Welcome back, Imtrouble!!!
04/05/14 02:35 am
Hey everyone! RL has been crazy lately but finally back on GE! :)