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Death or Death Eaters by SeverinKamana NC17
Hermione is captured and used in the worse way ever and now its up to Severus...


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Epilogue Didn't Exist Exchange!!

Yes, we are resuming with the posting of the exchange fics for our Epilogue Didn't Exist Exchange! Check out the new story and stay tuned for quite a few more!

Happy August to all!


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Raise Your Wands

It is with profound grief that we announce the passing of Ms_Figg.

For those who knew her, you had to know of her generosity of spirit and wicked gift for writing about her...

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The admins would like to welcome everyone back from our unexpected hiatus and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Currently, our beloved Mistress Malfoy is taking a break from the Internet...

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Shakespeare in Shlush - Gift for DistinctlyME by stronghermione R
When a Marriage Law is passed, the choices are either select a partner or go to Azkaban.  Hermione doesn't want to come between anyone and has no prospects - save ones she doesn't know - until she meets up with the man of her choice in a pub the night before the deadline.    
Ex Tempore - Gift for Meiri by MaryRoyale NC17
Summary: This was definitely not in her job description. And yet, here she was,Deputy Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of MagicalCreatures, and somehow doing a job better suited to an Unspeakable. How onearth did she get assigned to helping Salazar Slytherin get settled into...
After the Battle - Gift for Brandy01 by hiddenhibernian NC17
Summary:   Hermione knows there's a bright future waiting for them beyond the rubble of Hogwarts, she just can't figure out how to get there. 
Of Love, Wine and Priorities - Gift for Margaritama by Savva NC17
Summary: Sometimes, we lose our way and need a little help from our friends finding it again. Apparently, Pansy is just that kind of friend.        Gift For: Margaritama
Building Upwards - Gift for ThornedHuntress by distinctlyME NC17
Summary: The Ministry was meddling in their lives again, tearing people apart. The last thing he needed was a wife. The last thing she needed was to be used as a brood mare. When would the Ministry learn. What good could possibly come from this…
The Bringing Together of Three Souls - Gift for KrazyRedHead0317 by articcat621 NC17
Summary: When Hermione receives her letter concerning her intended as dictated by the recently passed marriage law, she's surprised to see that it has two names. Story Notes: This story was written for the 'Epilogue Didn’t Exist' Exchange.
F****** Unicorns - Gift for MaryRoyale by TarnishedArmour NC17
Summary:  The 2015 Summer GE Gift Exchange entry for MaryRoyale using all 5 of the given prompts in a way they were never intended to be used.
Getaway - Gift for DHLane by minervasrevenge NC17
Summary: Hermione has been invited to the grand opening of Draco's private island resort. 
Stuck On You - Gift for Articcat621 by krazyredhead0317 R
Prompt: 5: Hermione works at the Ministry and one day while opening her inter-office mail, finds that someone anonymously mailed her a curse/charm/potion. There's no obvious side effects so she goes to seek help. However, on her way, she literally bumps in him/them. Hermione is surprised when she...
A Leap of Faith - Gift for TarnishedArmour by 6277 M15
No summary provided at the time of submission. 
Problem Solved! - Gift for StrongHermione by smos R
Prompt: Hermione is content with her life. She has a great job, she owns her own flat, she has good friends and a fantastic relationship with her parents.  Everyone is so set on matching her up with a man though. Enter [author's choice from the pairing list]. He agrees to masquerade as her new...
The Seeker - Gift for ArtemisGodess by NixItAll R
 Hermione starts a secret underground society that commits acts of domestic terrorism and blackmail to the Ministry and Wizengamot and other people as necessary to make sure that the proper things are done in the aftermath of the war. [Leading Male] is charged to explore this underground group and...
Two Years Later . . . . - Gift for SnarkyGranger by Maevenly NC17
Hermione showed early up for the Fifth Anniversary Special Ceremony at Hogwarts. She was wondering around and saw the Weasleys and the Malfoys batting heads. She heads over in case they need her. Ron mouthed one too many and George had intercede in his behalf. Hermione stepped in and offered to help...
Seven Years Later . . .May The Best Man Win - Gift for SnarkyGranger by Maevenly NC17
Hermione is forced to take a vacation by Minister Kingsley. The reasons are yours to make. She decides to get away and go to explore Ireland or Scotland. She even decided to flirt with the locals since she wasn't having much luck in the romance department. She runs into an old chum and they flirt and...
Hermione Granger and the Hot Dogs - A Gift for Savva by Meiri PG13
Summary: As a field agent for the Spirit Division, Hermione normally deals with ghosts and ghouls, not fiery little beasts. [This story is based on the following prompt: They work together. They see each other every day. And yet … they don't really notice each other. It takes a crisis at work...
Wag The Dog - Gift for smos by krazyredhead0317 R
 Hermione is brought in to clean up the public relations mess made by Puddlemere’s seeker. She got more than she bargained for.